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Friday, December 20, 2013

Tiny and Talented

Tiny and Talented
Dwarfs are highly gifted creatures. They may be small in stature
and also quite stout but they too are Magical Creatures. They can transform any type of basic metal or stone into precious objects-
These precious objects could range from the finest gemstones layered in pure gold and silver. The gemstones could be sapphire's, ruby's, diamonds, and even blue diamonds. The quality of their  weapons and armor were of the highest quality metals and some of the most powerful magic of the Norse Gods. Some of these legendary weapons were the legendary golden spear, golden ring and hammer. This would explain why they inspire such Awe. Dwarfs can choose to pass on some of their magic skills to humans-mortals if they choose to or if they feel the human is shown good qualities that a dwarf. If a Celtic
Smith were to find a dwarf at work on his anvil, he could be compelled to bless him with the secret of the craft or to attend him, when called to completing tasks. Alternatively dwarfs might curse the items they make, much like the other underground metal workers of Norse legend. The Dark Alf's who brings about only misfortune. 

In Germany, the tales of the dwarfs are generous & especially helpful to

Neighbors in need. In Germany it is said that mortals will come to the dwarf's mountains to borrow kitchen implements, tableware and
festive dress for weddings, which these dwarfs do provide for the mortals when the come, providing that they come before the sunrays that hit the human world. In return for their generous gifts to the mortals, the mortals would give great portions of a great feast to the dwarfs. Although in many of the German tales of this generosity of the dwarfs toward the mortals, dwarfs were mocked by mankind and forced to abandon their glorious underground palaces. 

Many hundreds of years ago... These dwarfed often would come out of there at the time/grotesque rocky places, and would seek out people in
house and field, in kitchens and spinning rooms, willing and ready to lend a helping hand in all sorts of household chores. Sometimes they would even help the very poor with gold and precious stones, raising them up from their poverty- 
Sometimes they provided helpful advice and told entertaining tales to the boys and girls, relating poetic mysteries, such as those of Paris. 

Further, more the harmless creatures the dwarfs would ask of the mortal  farmers and mountain inhabitants no other payment for their services than permission to come into the little corner of an inhabitant living room; 

Here these dwarfs could sit next to a warm stove, they could spend the night on a little bundle of straw or on their own mountain jar of asbestos when the winter cold would push into the deepest parts of their palace halls of the underworld and turn it all to Ice even the underwater springs would be frozen solid ice till spring.

Till finally in the first signs of spring they can return to their

underworld palace halls with the water springs now unfrozen.
I hope you all Enjoy my post on the Tiny & Talented/ The Dwarves
I did most Enjoy doing this post. And I am sorry about the Image being taken off for a bit, but they are on now for Good! I hope
Love you all my dear Friends and Followers! Much love and joy to you all Your Wendy-ooo)

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