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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enchanted Forest- Another lovely poem written by Cynthia By dear Friend

Enchanted Forest
For you, please don't feel blue! Let us Dance!
Please do not dishearten.Let us dance in the land of fantasy.
Where the land sparkles of fairy dust and fairy love.

Enchantment, and by the fairy magic that is everywhere in the air.
Like tiny lanterns flitting all over in the
enchanted forest do they come

To give blessing of happiness and love to all from the purest of faerie-ness
Let us reach out to distant lands and touch our distant fairy friends with ethereal hands!
And joyous shall we be when we come to know who we truly  are within ourselves.

 And to remember now far we have come and never again  to be separated from their angels,

faeries and other accompanying ethereal beings and denizens of the Enchanted Forest.
They are with us always whether we see them or not.
You need only quiet the mind and listen for the tiny voices within. Hear them speak

Happiness and joy through the lands;
So shall we feel  within our hearts and hands, with love shall we rejoice,
We shall stand forever with our friends in the Enchanted Forest.

Never again shall we have the need to leave.
Don't be sad, we love you, we are all as me.
by Cynthia
To My Friend
And my Sister
With love 

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