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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ashrays Fairies

Ashrays Fairies-
The spirit of the Scottish people  originates from a proud and turbulent heritage, with 
Ashray Fairy
 living and fighting their way thought the thousands of centuries. Their tales and
folklore is what's the core of their belief and the backbone of the small communities of
Scotland. I know very little, but I have Scottish heritage in my blood/ on my fathers side and
I am very proud of it. So I thought I would do a piece on the Scottish people and their
belief and the Fairies of Scotland.
Faeries play a prominent and very important role in the Scottish folklore. There are many different
kinds of faeries in Scotland, from the waterways, wells and the lochs. And through the many many centuries an ancient fairy has always been there to   protect them, even to this day in present time. The fairies are also very important in rituals and are believed to be responsible for failing farmers crops when someone has
violated or even upset the balance of nature where they live around the surroundings of these farm lands.
So before you ever decided to go walking into the fields or even a forest by yourself, it is advised to
educate yourself on the various type of faeries that may live within these areas you are walking.
In one reading of my reading on the faeries of Scotland and their folklore it tells, how you are to relate to these faerie's of Scotland, in their element- I found it interesting, but not what I believe what faeries truly are like in my own opinion but I thought it would be interesting for you all to have a different point of view:
 THEY  SAID:  <Never let a fairy overhear you calling them faeries, they do not take kindly to this. They prefer to be called fairy folk and are very sensitive creatures, so do not be rude or you might suffer the consequences. Always be honest with a fairy as they will know if you have lied to them and not surprisingly they don't take kindly to that either. Wear the color 'GREEN', is also not advisable, as faeries see this as a color that belongs to them. But you will be relieved to know that not all faeries  are impatient when it comes to humans and some even try to avoid us at all costs. Faeries are the balance between good and evil>

Asrais Fairy
For myself, I feel fairies[And the Ashray could be friendly we really don't know since they are such an ancient fairy and arent' very many around now days], are mostly all very friendly if you show them kindness to nature and that you mean them now harm. I really don't feel they have any feeling on what you ware being it GREEN- and I also don't feel that if you call them faeries instead of fairy folk as long as you are kind with a sensitive voice, and treat the nature of the forest that your in they will not be mean by causing you harm. And lastly I feel that faeries Enjoy humans and are curious about us. At least the ones that are kind and good to the forests, and fields, and gardens in which they live. What I am trying to say is you really have to make up your own mind on how you feel about the Fae. I just wanted to give you an example of one person opinion,  that wasn't mind so that you could see the differences and then you can make-up your own mind.
About the Fae..
Scottish Ashray Fairies-
The Ashrays Fairies origin is from Scotland where they are also known as Asrais or water lovers
These Asrais Fairies once heavily populated Scotland's seas centuries ago, however they haven't been 
seen in the recent years. These Asrais Fairies are both male and female. And their bodies are very 
translucent, which gives them the appearance that they are a sea ghost fairies. They can't live on land
and are completely nocturnal. Also the can be found underwater too.  
Ashrays are a water fairy found in Scotland, They are only seen at night
because sunlight will melt them into a rainbow pool of water.
Ashray Fairy
Their white bodies are almost translucent and they are often mistaken for sea ghosts.
Ashrays are both male and female and though they appear to be young looking,
they are in fact quite ancient. These faeries cannot live on land and it is 
believed that they may have been cursed to live underwater. 
These faeries should be approached with caution as it is not known if
they will harm humans.
I hope that you Enjoyed this post and the little discussion on Fae, where you can make your own mind
on how the Fae truly might be if you were to encounter one. I have always felt that in my own garden that I have faeries and that they are very happy and help my garden and protect my Rosy. 
love you all my dear Friends and Followers Your Wendy:o)

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