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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Vodianoy-An Slavic Folklore Magick Creature 2013

The Vodianoy - An Slavic Folklore Magical Creature
As I continue my quest one finding new magical creatures I found the Vodianoy which is a Slavic magical creature to is said to appear as a naked old man with greenish skin and long hair. His body is covered in algae and muck, usually in black fish scales. He has webbed pawed hands, a fish tail and his eyes burn like red hot coals. It is said that he usually rides along his river on a half suck log, making loud splashes and consequently he is often dubbed 'Grandfather or Firefather' by the local people of the town, because if there are any local drownings in the towns it usually means its the work of the Slavic Vodianoy. 
When they are angered it is said - that they break dams, wash down dams, watermills, and drown
hundred's of people & animals in the towns that are closes to to him.  (consequently, fisherman, millers and also bee-keepers make sacrifices to appease the Vodianoy - since they all work near the water) 
These Slavic Magical creatures are also been known to down people to his underwater dwellings to serve him as his slaves. 
I found these to be very interesting creatures as I found The Leshy - woodland spirit of the forest, that protects all wild animals and the tree's in the Slavic Folklore Mythology... I hope you enjoyed these two interesting Magical creatures that I have found. I hope to find more in the Slavic folklore in future blogs.. Wendy.

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