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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Well I know that many Bloggers have covered the Goddesses
Gaea, but I wanted to do my own interpretation of the Goddess of the divine Earth.I have heard many different version of the Great mother Earth. And what I find interesting
is that all of them are very similar in their ways of telling her story.Gaea was one of the primeval Gods who was born out of the Chaos, a careless deity who ruled over confusion in the void of emptiness. Born out of the Chaos, Gaea became on of the first of the immortals.These first primeval Gods or deities as they were called were inseparable from their native elements but, Unlike the chaos, they had genders assigned to each and every one of them. They were also described as a race of Giants or as we know them as the Titans. Gaea was a female deity who created Uranus - Heaven.
Gaea was the Protogenos the divinity of our Earth, the main and primal element who first
emerged at the dawn of Creation along with the Air, Sea and Sky. Gaea was the Great mother of all the Gods and Greek Gods combined. The heavenly Gods were descended from her union with
Ouranos -Sky, the Sea-Gods from her union with Pontos - the sea , the Gigantes from her mating with Tartaros - the hell-pit, and Mortal creatures were sprung or born from her earthy flesh.
This was Gaea beginnings, her Goddess divine Great mother of the Earth that watches over out
Ancient Gaea 
Great Blue Planet. In her legend Gaea appears as the prime opponent of the heavenly gods.
Gaea First and only husband as I believe it to become parents of the Titans as well as the Hecatonchires,
plus the one-eyed giant called the Cyclopes too. It is said that the Hecatonchires and the one-eyed Cyclopes
were so feared that even their own father Ouranos-Sky felt threatened by them and eventually imprisoned his very own offspring. Gaea didn't accept the fact that her husband had imprisoned their own offspring even
if they were Giant Monster Titans and and doing so she convinced Kronus, her youngest Titan, to deprive
Uranus his own father of his Godly powers. So what Kronus did to his own father was kinda crazy but the Gods and Titans were all a bit off anyway... Kronus had castrated his fathers testicles and then threw them
into the sea, but get this... when his blood met the sea foam, Aphrodite the goddess of love was born...
Pregnant Gaea 
This I've written about in another post which is kinda crazy, but that is what the Gods of Olympians and the Titans were all about! So after Aphrodite was born, Kronus seized the throne, however it seems that he was his father son! The genetic crazy was flowing fast thru his veins because Kronus felt the same as his own
father Uranus (Sky). Kronus to did not let his brother out of the prison, but fearing that he could repeat his
father's fate, he started to swallow his own children right after their birth.
Being pregnant again Rhea, Kronus wife ans sister, asked Gaea for advice of what they should do. Of course the Great Goddesses Gaea knew exactly what they should do. She told them to wrap a stone into a swaddling clothes instead of Rhea's new born son. That way Kronus will swallow the stone not realizing that
his son Zeus was in fact alive and well hidden and cared for. Of course the plan had work. And Zeus grow up to be the God of the Olympians later, but when the young Zeus grew up, Grandma Gaea would help in
his up-raising and his protection of his Grandfather Kronus too. She also taught Zeus how he would defeat his own father too. Its like history repeating itself again with this Titans and Gods. One thing that Zeus did do is set Hecatonchires and the  Cyclopes free, but he imprisoned his very own father Kronus in
Tartarus - which is an remote Island. So Gaea took her revenge by giving birth once again as a Grandma
to a terrifying dragon Typhoon who really complicated the lives of the Olympic Gods/Goddess her very own children.. So one should listen to Mother GAEA GRANDMOTHER!
If you think about it Gaea the Goddesses and Titan Giant is literally the Goddess of the earths- soil, rocks,
sand, forests, mountains, sand dunes, all bodies of any type of water, the wind, air, leaves, flowers, and so much more... Her presence is also manifested in the enclosed areas such as our house, a courtyard, caves,
deep thick forests, tunnels caverns womb and so much more... According to myths she has brought many
creatures into the world, often without any male participation. Ancient Hellenes believed in
parthenogenesis and the possibility of conceiving a
child just by the gust of a wind, sprinkling of water or the touching of a Magick plant. There were even Oaths sworn in Gaea's name that were
considered the most binding in the Hellenic lands. Gaea is said to had her own oracles who which were
highly appreciated, even more than that of the God Apollo.
I found that there are many versions of the creation of Gaea for which I never knew... I have already
told you one version above in the being of my post, but there are others. The two other versions that
I have heard of is Hesiod's and Ovid's ... First with Ovid, in his version of Gaea she has a parthenogenic
birth and also emergence's from the Chaos too. According to Ovid, after Gaea birth he sees the hand of a
creator at work meaning the filling of the necessary mountains seas, flower lake etc. I found that Ovid' version of Gaea birth was very vague or not much info if you will... I wasn't that impressed with his
writings about the great Goddess, Titian and Mother Earth as much as Hesiod's .... Now with Hesiod's
renditions of what he thought of Gaea beginnings were... first Gaea has a parthenogenic birth which is the same as of Ovid's and that Gaea emergence from the Chaos too. But after her birth it is very different and
this is why... According to Hesiod, the first beings sprang into existence without any cause. After
Gaea came Tartarus -the lowest level of the Underworld, also viewed as a sort of huge came or pit and then
came Eros the island. Erotic Love. Chaos continues continues her parthenogenic streak, giving birth to
Erebus and Nyx. It is said in her sleep, Gaea give a parthenogenic birth to Uranus - the Universe who
emerges as big and powerful as Gaea and Pontus - the Sea & the God of the Sea. Uranus, bursting literally with love for Gaea , showers her with fertile rain and this is how Gaea gives birth to the rest of creation -
all of Earth - Mountains, seas, forests, lakes, rocks caves leave, oceans, valleys icecaps etc. Gaea and Uranus also give birth to the Great Titans, the three Cyclopes and the three Hundred-Armed Giants too.
So there you have it two different version of the Great Mother Earth Gaea. You have to decide which version you like and how you feel about the Greek Gods and the Giants Titan's too. I feel they all were in a
class of their own.  Gaea was revered among the ancient Greeks and there as scarcely a city in Greece which didn't contain a temple erected in her honor. Gaea was held in such veneration that her name was always invoked whenever the later Gods took a solemn oath or even asked for assistance.

I hope that you all Enjoyed my Post on 
Mother Gaea 
I love you all very much my dear friends and followers
I enjoy all you comments and I try to get to all 
of them as soon as I can. I will always try my best
to come up with interesting stories for you all
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Here are two poems that I found that I thougt really discribes 
Gaea the beautiful rose up
broad blossomed, she that is the steadfast base
of all things, and fair Gaea first bore
the starry heaven equal to herself
to cover her on all sides and to be
a home forever for the blessed Gods

Oh Goddess, Source of Gods and Mortals
All-fertile all-destroying Gaea,
Mother of All, who brings forth the 
bounteous fruits, flowers
All variety Maiden who anchors the eternal
world in our own
Immortal blessed crowned with every grace
deep blossomed earth sweet plains and fields fragrant
grasses in nurturing rains
around you fly the beauteous stars eternal and divene
come blessed goddess, and hear the prayers of 
your children
and make the increase of the fruits and grains your constant
care with the fertile seasons your handmaidens 
draw near and bless your supplicants
no author couldn't find....
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ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´Love youƸ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ...•°*"˜¸..•´Ş€ŇĐƗŇǤ)) -:¦:-
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I thought you all might have some fun
with the Titans & Greek Gods Family Trees

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