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Monday, April 21, 2014

Tokoloshis Creatures

Here is another Creature from southern Africa that I found while 
Tokoloshis Creature
doing my last post one the Abatwas Tiny Creature of Southern Africa posted 
April 10, 2014 if you curious. These creatures also live in Southern Africa
and there are many of them unlike the Abatwas which are quite rare. There was 658 of these
Tokoloshis last count in Swaziland of Africa. They are very small creatures too are the
Abatwas.  The Tokoloshis standing about knee high to an normal size adult, but
the Abatwas's are even smaller standing at only 1/2 inch tall. Living among the
ants and ant hill all around Africa. I would image even so of the more dangerous
ants like the fire ants too. They are covered in very long hair and they look a bit like small monkey's.
They have eyes that are very narrow and black and small ears aswell. Their hands
and feet are like a monkeys. And also have a very longggggggggggg penis that looks like tail.
Hummm so what do you all think about this little creature Eh! hehehehhe.
Well now! These Tokoloshi can be found living in crevices and holes amongst the stones near
a river and in small caves on mountain sides. He/She are very shy and scared of humans and will
stay away from the humans. He has a bad reputation and has alot of enemies. The Tokoloshis only
friend is the lizard who will help him clean his house and they dance together.  These Tokoloshis's are
quite mischievous creatures and do many different tricks to stay live! If things get broken or sweets are
stolen in a homestead on the planes of Africa, then its usually blamed on the Tokoloshi ! The danger lies in witches or wizards getting a hold of one of these creatures, because they tend to turn them into their slave and use them for their evil deeds. These Tokoloshi people can also make themselves invisible and will send one of their own into huts to harm people in their sleep or even to poison their foo. Some witches will kill these tiny creatures if they can get a hold of one and then will kill the tokoloshi and then see the tiny body fat as a protective medicine. It is said that many people in Africa would put their beds on bricks or sticks so that the tokoloshi couldn't can't them in their sleep. It might be a good idea when yu check into your hotel in Swazjiland to ask if they can give yu a couple of bricks.. just to be safe!
The Tokoloshis Creatures 
Tokoloshi likes children though, they are the only ones he can trust and he will appear before them. They will entice human children to play with them, by preparing a delicious feast and they will all have a party. Note: if
any of the children's parents sneak up through to watch, the tokoloshis will put a magic stone into his mouth and disappear! They are also very scared of dogs, mousetraps and chameleons too.
Cows and goats milk, fresh are some of their favourite food and he will try to sneak into cattle kraal to drink as much as he/she can. When a farmer realises his cows are running out of milk he will know it is the tokoloshis fault and summon a sangoma.
A spell will be cast and if the Tokoloshi walks into it he will became paralyzed and visible, but if you shout 'Hey, I see the tokoloshi!' then the spell will be broken and he becomes invisible again.When you are visiting Swaziland keep a sharp look out when you sit on a stone near the river that you haven't disturbed a tokoloshis home.. and remember the advice about the bricks!
Note I found this post just by chance that had to do with these creatures the TAKOLOSHIS- Its called 
Witchcraft legalised in Zimbabwe-It seems that in Zimbabwe where witchcraft and wizardry was ban for about 107years has just been legal again after all those years in Zimbabwe. It is said to be a surreal Time in Zimbabwe for the people. But it seems that their President Robert Mugabe's new legislation is applied humanely then only good witches will find any solace in it, as the act prohibits the practice of witchcraft by anyone who uses their supernatural powers to harm others. The 1899 prohibition which made it illegal to accuse anyone of being a witch or a wizard was perhaps a wise colonial decree because to this day throughout Sub-Saharan African people accused of being witches are killed unpleasantly in traditional ceremonies which bypass national laws. Among the most recent recorded mass burning of witches were  
those organised by Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, who killed scores of women D and their children D on public bonfires after tapping into deeply held tribal beliefs about witchcraft. In reality,
the victims tended to be women who had refused Savimbi's sexual advances.But with inflation not at 
1200% and a loaf of bread costing more that one million Zimbabwean dollars, some agree that you need a bit of magic to keep body and soul together. 
Professor Gordon Chavunduka, a former Vice-Chancellor at the University of Zimbabwe and Chairman of the 50,000-strong Zimbabwe National Traditonal Healers' Association, were delighted at Mugabe's thumbs-up to Wizardry. OWitchcraft and Tokoloshe's are making a comeback, he said.
Tokoloshes, familiar to anyone living in Sounthern Africa, may stretch the imagination of even JK Rowling devotees, but Google has nearly 20,000 entries devoted to these tiny demons who cause  
havoc out of all proportion to their tiny size. First-time visitors to the regions are often puzzled by the fact that so many Africans have their beds raised on high piles of bricks to prevent Tokoloshes getting into their beds with them. Women have a particularly good reason to FEAR THE TOKOLOSHES AS SLEEPING PARTNERS IN AFRICA!
Have I got your attention! Cool and very interesting and very REAL! Eh!
These creatures arrive naked in the dead of night, though sometimes covered by a cloak which makes them invisible, and try to impregnate the Aftrican women or any visitors too! 
The Vendors of muti-traditional medicine all over Southern Aftrica sell and advertise products for 
protection against these TOKOLOSHIS CREATURES .
I found that even to day from different researcher's, one being that of Theodore Petrus who lectures on the trditional magic and superstions that have always formed around an integral part of Southern African Indigenous folktales, in which the tokoloshe is a common and significant charater in Africa. And is believed to part of their witchcraft, perpetuated throughout their myth and stories passed on from one generation to and other.  Which is widespread among most if not all African communities. If is mostly in the rural areas' but it  don't stop there. its just because of less access to tecnolgy and the modernized . And more focuse on the supernatural explanations for illnesse and mistortures.
Even today many rural and urban people of African still believe in the power of these mischievous and sometimes evil spirits. It is said that in the Zimbabwean newspaper some believe that the counselors at AlDS workshops have agreed that the evil spirits Tokoloshes have probably spread the Hiv virus by sexually abusing women during the night. Like I had said early in my post the people believe that these nasty creatures attack women in their sleep and that is why they have the beds up on bricks  and have extrordinarly long penis slung over the shoulder from climbing up and getting under the sheet beside the women of africa.
Well that is the Tokoloshis of Southern Africa which is very much alive today! I hope your found

this post interesting.. I hope to find more interesting true and fun stories to come..
Love you All my dear Friends and Followers 
The Magick Lady!

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