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Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello my dear Friends & Followers for my first post of 2015, I am going to bring you into the world of the Olympians. And The Greatest of the Olympians Gods, and the father of god and men, was the son of Kronos, brother of Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera and at the same time married his sister Hera! Yes Zeus! It is said that Zeus was the greatest of all the Olympian Gods, and the father of gods and mortal men/women and children of ancient Greece. He was the son of Kronos and Rhea, plus the brother of Poseidon and Hades. The eldest of the brothers and of all 6 of Rhea children that she tried to protect from her titian husband Kronos, who was determined to be the God & Ruler of Olympia forever, hence the gods have internal life. Well as you know in the story Zeus saved all his brothers and sisters (Hestia, Demeter and the youngest Hera for which he ends up marring a bit later. After Zeus had saved his brothers and sisters and were adults and had put their father in exile on an island for the rest of his days. The siblings, well Zeus and his brothers distributed among themselves the government of the world both heavenly and earthly by lot. Poseidon would obtained the seas of the earth and Hades the underworld and Zeus the Heavens and the upper regions, however the earth became common ground to all. It seems in the history of the great God Zeus, there were Mythologises the thought there to be three Zeus in their genealogies. Two Arcadian one and one Cretan. The first is said to be a son of an Aether, the second of Coelus (Uranus) and the third of Saturnus (Cronos). These writers at the time felt this so, hence since
The Great and Powerful Zeus
the King of the heavens Zeus could send - dew, rain, snow, thunder and of course his most famous lighting from the heavens itself in its physical sense. Of course this is all up to opinion and if or not it did happen, we will never know. However, it is a interesting thought...
The Mighty Zeus of Lighting 
It was believed, like that of all the other Olympian gods and goddess who dwelt on Mount Olympus that their home had lofty connected with the summit into heaven itself. Now this is just a matter of opinion, but he was the Great God Zeus too. Zeus was called the father of all gods and men - Aeschylus, the most high and powerful among the immortals whom all other obey. He was the Highest ruler, who with his counsel managed everything! The founder of kingly power, of law and order, hence Dice, Themis and Nemesis are his assistants.
It seems that his assistants help him with the meeting of the council as he presides over the whole state of these meeting. Zeus is the watcher and protector of every house and family of the entire world. Hence these meeting seem to help him keep watch over the sanctity of the mortals of Earth. Also the laws of hospitality, and protected suppliants that are provided for the mortals too. It seems that Zeus is quite aware of his people both on Mount Olympus and
the his mortal men/women on earth. He knew exactly what they all were doing at the time at every moment. He will avenged those who were wronged by some law that was broken and hence punished those who had committed a crime to do harm. In someways you could say the god is always watching the doing and suffering of all men. I did discover a little bit more about the character
of the great Zeus, it seems that to the Great God, everything good as well as bad comes from Zeus himself, and according to his own choice he assigns their good or evil lot to mortals and fate itself was subordinate to him because of this...
Hera and Zeus
On there Wedding night
As everybody knows his armor was thunder and lighting, plus the shaking of his aegis produces enormous storms and tempest lighting storms. It is said a number of epithets of Zeus in the Homeric poems is describe him as the thunderer and gatherer of clouds for his enormous lighting storms. As later in life Zeus decides that he need to have a wife to rule his kingdom of the heavens of Olympias. There aren't to many suitors Goddess that would even come close to his standards. So he had his eye on his youngest sister Hera. Feeling this would be a perfect match for him and for the Royal dynasty's of Mount Olympians. Well the Great Zeus was half
Zeus & Hera in the early
part of their Marriage
right. It was a big deal in the heavens of Mount Olympians. Everybody was very happy and joyous for the union. Even Rhea their mother was very please. There ever a few goddess that weren't but that is another tale... Hera was quite a bit younger than her older brother and had not been around men before so it was a bit awkward for them on there wedding night. But as the years went on she became quite the Queen of Mount Olympian.  As you can see in the early parts of her marriage to the Great Zeus she was quite
subservient, fearful, frightened yet a little alluring at the same time. After a few years, Hera, had two son,  Ares and Hephaestus and one daughter  Hebe with Zeus. Of course you probably have heard the rumors
of all of Zeus lovers that he had brought to his very wedding bed when Hera was not around. This is what made Hera grow-up fast and into a very cold hearted woman. Who would blame her... You can read more about the Goddess Hera if you would like if you just look at this link
Zeus and Hera in love making
The Goddess Hera basically having to obey
Zeus unconditionally in the beginning of the marriage
It seems even when they had their children Hera had to obey Zeus unconditionally even though she was the Goddess Queen of the Olympian. You could see how this could cause many confections between the two, as who had the most power of whom in mount Olympian and the mortals on earth. It was life time war between the two that never went away till the day they each died. Hera sometimes acted as an very independent divinity, she is ambitious and rebels against her lord & husband the Mighty God Zeus. However, she is nevertheless inferior to him(Zeus)and is punished for her opposition against his amours with other goddesses or mortal woman who are not concealed from her. Thought even thought it all, the two are quite generally rouses by her jealousy and
Hera on her Throne
revenge. During the Trojan war Zeus, at the request of Thetis, favoured the Trojans, until
Agamemnon made good the wrong he had done to Achilles.
Zeus Mother
Zeus, no doubt, was originally a god of a portion of nature, whence the oak with its eatable fruit and the fertile doves were sacred to him at Dodona and in Arcadia hence also rain, storms, and the seasons were regarded as his work and hence the Cretan stories of milk, honey and cornucopia, were a primitive personification of certain powers of Zeus himself. Well, a little bit on the up raising of the youth of Zeus. Some say the youth was born and brought up on Mount Dicte, however most believe that the great God Zeus was born on Mount Olympian with his mother Rhea and Father Kronos. Zeus was the only child of six children that his father had swallowed because of his father's pride of never wanting any of his offspring to overtake his throne. But Rhea was also a very cunning Goddess and wanted to safe her children, so with council from her high order, she was able to trick the Titan God into believing that his last born after swallowing the baby was really a stone rapped in blanket. According to most, people believed that Zeus grew up on the island of Crete after his birth. The history of Greek gods say that he was set to be raised at Delphi.  Mount Parnassus a mountain in central Greece. Iancient times, sacred to Dionysus, Apollo, and the Muses, with the Castalian Springs and Delphi on its slopes. This is where the mighty youth Zeus was raised in secret from his father Kronos. It was there that he learned his great power as a young god. It is also when the Cyclopes was delivered from the bonds that he was set by Zeus's father Kronos, which he was forever grateful to the mighty Zeus. Which in their gratitude provided Zeus with the thunder and lighting power and a deep friendship with the Cyclopes.  Later, Zeus liberated the hundred-armed 
Zeus Learning to Use
his new Powers of
Lighting & Thunder
Gigantes, Briareos, Cottus and Gyes that they might assist him in  his fight against the Titans. Because of this the Titans were conquered by the Olympians and shut down in Tartarus where they were henceforth guarded by the Hecatoncheires, including Zeus father Krones. It was then that Zeus obtained and dominion the world of both the heavens and the mortals of the Earth. Now that Zeus dominated the world, he decided to chose what I would call a second wife Metis. The reason I say this is because he has already taken a wife Hera, his youngest sister. But being the God of  the world and the Olympians he can chose to do what ever he pleased. I must say this, I havent' heard of his wife Metis till I did this post, so it is all very interesting to me and I hope for you! As the tale to Zeus continues its seems that when Metis, was pregnant with their first child Athena, Zeus took the child out of her body and concealed the child Athena in his as own, on the advice of Uranus who told Zeus him that thereby he would retain he supremacy of the world even though he was Married to Hera. For it seems that Metis had also given girth to a son, this son(so fate had ordained it) would have acquired the sovereignty. So After this happened, well it gets a bit confusing, but I hope to explain it as best as I can; by his second wife Themis(3rd from Hera) Zeus became the father of the Horae and Moerae of the Charites by Eurynome of Persephone by Demeter of the Muses by Mnemosyne of Apollo and Artemis by Leto and of Hebe, Ares and Eileithyia by Hera. Crazy enough Athena was then said to be born out of the head of Zeus - while Hera on the other hand, gave birth to Hephaestus without the co-operation of Zeus. Well I know its a bit odd and crazy family but then again what family

Zeus /Jupiter 
 doesn't have some sort of weird in their family. Then again the Gods did have it over the top.

It seems as I learn more about the might Zeus and his family, that according to the family of the Cronidae, they embraced all twelve of the great Gods of Olympus, Zeus being the head of the lot, then Poseidon, Apollo, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Hestia, Demeter, Aphrodite ,Persephone, Hera, and Athena.    
These twelve Olympian Gods, who in some places were worshipped as a body, as at Athens, were recognized not only by the Greeks but were adopted also by the Romans, who in particular identified their Jupiter with Zeus.
He was a very exotic God in my opinion being that he had so many lovers and wife plus he ruled the heavens and the earth of mortal men, women and children. Which he had quite a few of them both god, goddess and half god too. There is so much more I could write about the Might god Zeus but there are other gods, goddess and half gods that I haven't gotten to yet.
I hope that you all Enjoy the post on the Mighty Zeus of Olympian. I do Enjoy doing these
post on the Gods/Goddess and half gods of Greece Mythology.

I love you all very much my 
dear Friends & Followers 

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