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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Moka My Friend-
I thought I would show you some of my favorite photo's of my Friend Moka
He's my Fathers most wonderful Dog, for whom I miss a lot. He is also my father's dear friend too! These are just a few fun photos that make me smile when ever I am sad. I am so happy that Moka is part of my life. The photos with the wonderful captions are from my Dad who enjoys put captions with his beloved Moka. There is another reason that I am putting this post tonight so late. My dear Moka is having some problems with his eye, I can't remember which one but It really doesn't matter. He has been at the animal hospital and I ask only if you would send prays to Moka that his eye would get better soon. I know with pray God will answer with lots of pray. I don't usually ask this of you my dear friends and followers but Moka is a kind soul as you can see in the photos. I will give you updates when I get them from my Mom and Dad.. If you could only meet Moka in person you would just fall in love with him. So Enjoy the photos and the few home video's that I found ... Love you all very much ... Your Wendy..

Well I hope you well Enjoy my Friend Moka
As much as I do and as much a I truly Miss Him too!
He is Truly my Fathers Friend!
 And its a pleasure to share Moka  with all of YOU!
Love you all  WENDY!
¨´`'*°☆.❥•♪♫♥.(: ♥(◡‿◡)♥i❤*☆҉♡☆*☆҉❤
.•-:¦:-`•.¸ŦØ Ş€€ ¥ØỮ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ¥ØỮ

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