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Sunday, March 1, 2015

WendyTales-The Baby-Sitter Dog


Welcome to my New Post Called
Like TipsFromtheGarden~ This too will bring you
helpful tips for your Garden, Stories, Poems and
some of my own experiences in life. These which will include 
how my Garden/Hummingbird has helped put light and 
happiness in my life.  You will find its new home on 
Sunday's. So when I get myself together I hope that you all 
will come and visit me also on Sundays as well. 
For my Next post 
-Its an story about a Man and his bond with his dog-
Its a very touching story that I found called Animal Tales 
 The Baby-sitter dog

Since I love Animals and I know all of you do too
my dear Friends & Followers do too. I wanted to share this 
delightful story of Luck the rescue dog and his bond with
his  best friend FOREVER! 
So I hope that you all enjoy the beautiful story 
by Amanda Page.
It Starts with the young girl talking about her dad
being retired the year she adopted her dog, Brodie.
It seems in the story that her dad had 
renovated a rental property to occupy her dog Brodie,
he would take days off to baby-sit her little puppy.
They would play fetch, took long walks and ate 
bacon together. Her dad started telling the puppy 
stories to anyone who'd listen.
 It seemed one day her dad hired a young guy to 
help him with carpentry projects at the rental property.
The kid said he was getting a Rottweiler.
As the story goes it seems the boy that got the
puppy Rottweiler, after a week at home, started to 
complained that the original owner had lied to him
about the breed of the puppy. So the kid didn't want
the puppy anymore just because of the rottweiler for the 
status. And didn't even want the cute puppy for companionship.
So the next day he told Amanda's Dad about it, and said
he was just gonna have to hit the it on the head with a
rock. The Dad had said the heck you will and he drove
the kid home and found the puppy tied to a tree with a rope,
with less than a foot of space to walk around in or even to go
to take bathroom at the tree if need. 
Well you probably can figure out what happened next! 
I would have done the same!
Well her dad put the mixed Rottweiler puppy in his truck
and told the kid, to don't worry about ever coming 
back to work!
Luke is what Amanda's Dads called the puppy, which 
kinda looked  like Brodie with a short brown hair, a black
muzzle and a tail that looked as if it had been
dipped in black ink.
So Luke grew way passed Brodie, in less than two months.
The puppy got bigger and bigger. 
Very muscle and loved to run. They took Luke to the 
Vet to see what breed he really was? It turned out 
Luke was not a Rottweiler. 
The Vet confirmed that Luke was mostly part 
German Shepherd and part Mastiff too.
Her Father asked aren't Mastiff's huge?
The Vet said Yes! however, they are called
Mastiffs baby-sitter dogs. 
They are very gentle and kind animals said the Vet.
Here are a few stories of their Luke the gentle
Mastiff the baby-sitter dog.
One day when her brother started bringing his 
Yorkie (toy dog) and Schnauzer around the house,
Luke, took them both under his wing, If he wanted 
to take a nap, he would gently pull the Yorkie to his chest like
a teddy bear. If the little dogs started yapping, 
Luke nudged them gently until they stopped. 
There were many other story's to this tale
but mostly its about the kindness of of 
of most people in the world and how animals 
love us with unconditional love. 
As Luke does with Amanda's Dad
I hope You all enjoyed my Sunday 
I love you all very much
my dear Friends & Followers
I hope to see you all next Sunday with 
another story, poem, etc 

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