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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Good afternoon my dear friends and followers and I wish you all a wonderful day. For today's post I bring you Melusina an famous nymph that married the heir of the Lusignan family in France and gave birth to eight children with animal marking on their bodies. She was originally from France, Germany and Switzerland too.  Her race besides being from a famous water nymph, she is also an Dragoness/Serpentine too. The Melusina was also said to be a mythological creature found in the ancient Celtic and Medieval folklore too. She was part woman and serpent; her top half being that of a very beautiful woman since she was married to the Lusignan family in France and gave birth to eight children.
The myth of this beautiful creature is very old. And I just happened to come upon it. Melusina is derived from the Celtic waters of faeries and nymphs who were thought to be changelings. Even though some thought they came from France, Germany and Switzerland too. As all mermaids and sirens could use their voice with a most beautiful song that only men could here the luring tunes, that would be very deceiving to any unsuspecting man that happened to be anywhere near the sea's edge. This Magick song can lure all men into their world of underwater castles and caverns. Sometimes it can be a lifetime of a slave to being a husband but others it can be a tasty meal.  Well it seems that this Goddess was quite popular in the ancient Middle Ages both in the Celtic times of Ireland and in Northern France and England too. This Beauty was mostly popular in the Medieval times of Elynas , the King of Albania and the beautiful Fae, Pressina.
One day while the King Elynas was hunting, he came across a river where he stopped to get a drink. The man, a woman singing and this is when he found the Fae Pressina,(the Melusina) He then persuaded her to marry him and she agreed on one condition, that he never enter her Private chamber when she gave birth to their children, bathe, or when she gave the children at bathe. She told him if he did! there would be terrible if not horrible and possible fatal consequences if he did not follow her her agreement. During their marriage she gave birth to triplets, all girls named Melusina, Melior and Plantina. Well the King Elynas upon hearing the news that he just became a new father, and his newly bride had just gave birth to three daughters, forgot about the agreement and condition they had made about the private bathe chamber when she gave birth not to come in until she said it was OK to come in to see her and the new born babies. The King was so exited upon hearing the great news, he just burst into the private bathe chamber to see his new baby girls while Pressina was bathing the after birth off them.

Well you can only image what happened next... She cried and screamed out that he had broke his promise and that was the last time he saw his baby girls. Because that very day she took the three babies girls and fled to Avalon.
As the three girls grew into teenagers , the oldest Melusina asked her mother why they had been living in Avalon, so faraway from their father. So their mother Pressina finally decided it was time to tell them the truth, why they had move away from their father, and told them the story of what their father had did. Well this enraged Melusina. So she got her sisters involved and decided to capture their father King Elynas and lock him in a mountain. 
Well this of course backfired. And because of a curse placed upon her mother, Melusine is born to become half woman, half serpent on every Saturday. This is because her mother became so angry for what they did to their father the King. And since Melusine was the oldest and was the one who planned the whole thing. she was condemned to be the form of a serpent  from the waist don on every Saturday, until she should meet a man who would marry her under the condition of never seeing her on a Saturday and he should keep his promise too.
So the rest of the week, she could live as a normal human, however during the rest of the week she had to conceal herself from any sights when taking her bath on Saturdays. When she left the Castle of Lusignan, Why? because she was as much as a dragon as any! with her four heavily clawed legs, bat-like wings, doted serpent tail and a monstrous head.  
So on those days that she wasn't a monster dragon, she went out on her search for this man that would marry her, in hopes that her faith would work out better than her mum. 
Then one day she came across a man in the woods while sitting by a lake named Raymond of Poitou. Well again Raymond became enchanted by the beauty of Melusina and ask for her hand in marriage. And Melusina was so happy and said yes on the same condition, that her mother had did, but this was only for Saturdays. Again he promised to! never to go into her bathing chamber on Saturdays. And of course soon after their marriage they had many children just like her mother.  But in time even Raymond had to have a peek, and when he does its a bit worst for him then the king. Because he sees the whole transformation from a beautiful woman into a hideous creature with a huge fish serpentine 
tail. After that Raymond never sees her again, as she flies from the bath and came back to Lusignan with her children. She retired to the lost island and she was very lucky to have found it Why? well they say that it is only by chance that you are able to repeat the next visit.
However, maybe it was faith for Melusina, my own opinion. Once she did find the lost island she reared her children that she had brought with her, taking them every morning to a high mountain, and telling them that, if it wasn't for their father's breach of a promise, they might have lived happily in the distant land which they were before. 
She told them when she and her sisters were fifteen years of age, she asked her mother particularly of what their father had been guilty of? After she found out what her father had done, she told her children how she conceived and designed revenged on her father. After that Melusina, engaged her sisters to join in on her plans, and they set out for Albania. When they arrived there, they took the king their own father and all his wealth by a charm spell, enclosed him in a high mountain called the Brandelois. She told her children that she had several more sever judgements than her two sisters did. 
Now of what happened to the sisters of Melusina; Melior was said to keep a hawk in a remote castle in Armenia until the day of Judgment. and her other sister Palatina  is enclosed in the Canigou mountain with her fathers treasure until a knight, strong and bold to kill the monstrous guardians come to reconquer 'the land of promission'. Melusina now went roaming throughout the world in search of the man who was to deliver her.
So Melusina passed through the Black Forest and that of Ardennes, and at last she arrived in the forest of Colombiers, in Poitou where all the Fae's of the neighborhood came before her, telling her they had been waiting for her to reign in that place in her return. 
Raymond having accidentally killed the count, his uncle by the glancing aside of his boar-spear was wandering by in the forest of Colombiers too. When he arrived at a fountain that was at a high rock as the people in those times would call it 'The Fountain of Thirst/ The Fountain of the Fays' because of the many magick things which had 
happened at the fountain. Well it seems that Raymond and the Melusina meet again, for at one time she and her sisters were diverting themselves there by the light of the moon in the beautiful fountain, mainly the older sister Melusina.
Just like before her beauty and her amiable manners quickly won his love. She soothed him, concealed the deed he had done and married him once again, with him promising on his oath never to desire to see her on a Saturday bathe. Melusina also assured him that a breach of his oath would forever deprive him of her whom he so much loved and he followed by the unhappiness of both for life.
So again out of Melusina great wealth she built for him, in the neighborhood of the Fountain of Thirst, where he first saw her the castle of Lusignan. Melusina, also built La Rochelle, Cloitre Malliers, Mersent and many many other places too! However, even with all the wonder of the new love and beginnings with her Raymond; plus his oath to her once again, it would seem that her destiny would be always be alone. The marriage was again made unhappy by the deformity of the children born of one that was enchanted. But this time Raymond's love for the beauty of his wife that ravished both his heart and eyes remained unshaken. It was sad that their newly marriage would be damaged by Raymond's cousin, who had excited him to jealousy. And was able to get him to revel the secret fountain chamber, by malicious suggestions of the purport of Saturday retirement of the Countess his beautiful wife.
The Beautiful and Grace of the
Melusina. So beautiful yet forever
will be alone in life.
So the very next day Raymond hid himself; and saw how lovely the form of his wife/Melusina was. For the first time he say her as a beauty form of a lady ended below in a snake of great grace of gray, sky-blue and whites. However, it was not the horror that seized him at the sight of the beauty that he saw, it was the infinite anguish at the reflection in the water that his breach of faith he might lose his lovely wife forever truly now that he has just gain her trust.
Yet, if it this misfortune had not speedily come on him, were it not for his son, Geoffroi with the tooth - [A boar's tusk projected from his mouth], had burned his brother Freimund, who would stay in the abbey of Malliers with the abbot and a hundred monks. 
However, you would think that after that lovely comment that Raymond would never say a mean thing again to his beloved Melusina, well guest again. Some men what ever decade can be very cruel . Why? Well it seems that at which the affliction of what happened between father and son is what brought this out rage toward his beloved wife Melusina. So when Count Raymond was in their bedroom, and his wife was entering his closet to comfort him, he broke out into these hurtful words against her. ' Out of my sight, thou pernicious snake and odious serpent! thou contaminator of my race!' 
The Melusina former anxiety was now verified, and the evil that had lain so long in ambush had now fearfully sprung on Raymond and her. 
She know now that she would forever be alone. She would never or could never be with a man or husband ever! That she could never trust again. She kinda just fainted away and when at length she revived, full of the profoundest grief, she declared Raymond that she must now depart from him and in obedience to a decree of destiny, fleet about the earth in pain and suffering as a specter until the day of doom and that only when one of her race was to die at Lusignan would she become visible. Her words at parting to Raymond were these', But one thing will I say unto thee before I part, that thou, and those who for more than a hundred years shall succeed thee, shall know that whenever I am seen to hover over the fair castle of Lusignan Immediately, with wailing and loud lamentation, she left the castle of Lusignan, and has ever since existed as a specter of the night.' A few months later Raymond died as a hermit on Monserrat. After Melusina left the Lusignan prosperity  ended and they were the once richest families of their time and second-rank to nobles men and women. 
Geoffroi Melusina son who could have broke the malediction died before going to Canigou and deliver Paletina. Well I hope that you all enjoyed the tale of Melusina I found
it to be a interesting tale myself. I love you all very much 

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