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Friday, June 26, 2015

Protesters try to stop the Rig Polar Pioneer from leaving Seattle for Alaska

Protesters try to stop the Rig Polar Pioneer from leaving Seattle for Alaska-
Polar Pioneer Leaving Seattle for Alaska
June 15, 2015
As promised, I would do a second post on the Rig Polar Pioneer headed now for Alaska sadly. It happened June 15, 2015, out of the dock of Seattle. So we will see how long before it takes before the next enormous disaster happens again in Alaska. I though before I get into the major island and lowland area's around the world that are in very real trouble of the high seas because of Globe warming, I would talk a bit about the last days and how it affected the people of Seattle. How they tried to stop the Shell oil rig from going on to Alaska on June 15, 2015. It was very early on the morning of the 15th of June when the Shell Rig started their departure for Alaska.
Save The Arctic
There were many protesters that were standing on a barge as they watch the Shell oil rig, departed from Terminal 5 very early on Monday morning, June 15. The U.S. Coast Guard had to detain several of the protesters that were in kayaks that Monday who tried to block the 400-feet Royal dutch Shell rig as it left Seattle on its way to explore for oil in the Arctic Ocean.
Map of the Area's they will Drill
It was like seeing an enormous yellow monstrous Metal Creature flow through our oceans as it head up to the mostly untouched beauty of the Arctic, to drill once again in the clear air & and seas. I just know it's just a demon coming to blacken our Arctic Seas again. This petroleum giant has been using our Terminal 5 port to load & drilling rigs. Also to add a fleet of support vessels with supplies and personnel before they head up the Chukchi Sea; that stretches north from the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia.
Map of the Chukchi Sea
The thing that we all here in Seattle are very concern about is the so many risks that come with this the Shell Polar Pioneer drilling in Arctic. If another oil spill happens in the remote Arctic waters the effects to the Alaska and the Arctic will be so enormous when it comes to global warming.
Now for the first Global warming inhabited that is claimed~
Last look before the island 
went under the sea
It was December 27, 2006, the island Lohachara Char, India.
For the first time, in history, an inhabited island has disappeared beneath the rising seas due to Global warming. As promised, I was going to continue my 2-part on the rising seas due to Global warming. Well, its seems it has happened the small island of Lohachara, in India's part of the Sundarbans where the Ganges & the Brahmaputra rivers empty into the bay of Bengal will mark the first apocalyptic predictions of environmentalism and climate control scientists have started and Globe warming is TRUE!
This is just The U.S. not 
counting the
entire world
This won't be the end of the seas swallowing up low nation's islands it's just the beginning of the colossal storm. That will swallow entire islands nations, from the Maldives to the Marshall Islands, to the inundate vast areas of countries from Bangladesh to even Egypt. Submerging parts of all countries coastlines & cities too. Well in Dec 2006 when the island of Lohachara disappearance once home up to 10,000 people+. The rising seas haven't stopped there, Eight years ago, it was reported on Independent of Sunday, in the Pacific nation of Kiribati vanished beneath the rising seas.
Last days till the island 
was taken by the seas
Also, the people of the low-lying islands in Vanuatu which are also in the Pacific ocean have been evacuated as a precaution. It was the Carteret Islands off Papua New Guinea that were thought to be the first populated islands to go under the seas, but it was Lohachara that beat them to distinction. Well, since the seas took the Island of Lohachara and the disappearing of the Ghoramara island many refugees from these two vanished islands have fled to the island of Sagar. However, the island of Sagar has already lost up to 7,500 acres of shoreline to the sea. In all, there have been a dozen islands that are home to 70,000 people in the middle of the ocean, which are in very real danger of being submerged by the rising seas due to global warming. The number of "vanishing islands" in India's part of the delta: in the past two decades, four islands - Bedford, Lohachara, Kabasgadi, and Suparibhanga - have sunk into the sea and 6,000 families have been made homeless. The overall population of the Sundarbans has risen 200% to nearly 4.3 million. The seas are rising across the Sundarbans, the 100-islands every day and it seems an island is in danger of being swallowed down into the depth's  of the seas. I did discover one interesting fact about the people who fled to the island of Sagar. After their only homes they ever know was shallow up in the rising seas. Well of late, it seems in the last couple of years the sea levels have risen on the south side of Sagar Island. The seas around the island could go up as much as 3.5mm a year because of global climate change. As of today, the island of Sagar has lost about 30km of land now. The rising seas could wash out almost 15% of the existing island which has only 9,000+plus square kilometers left of the island said,  A director of the school of Oceanographic studies. 
In the next 14 years they are saying that the island of Sagar which has help over 10,000 people do to their island being shallow up by the sea and other neighboring islands; have all come to make Sagar their home. Also the Royal Bengal tigers and other wildlife too. So basically it over 70,000+ people and wildlife that is in very real danger due to climate change the Globe Warming.
Now I am going to go through the most threatened area's around the world do to Globe Warming & Rising Seas. Climate Change~
1-Palau- Is one of the main Pacific island nations that is
Palau-New Guinea
dealing with the Climate Changes of the rising sea levels. So far the Climate Changes have just been on the coastline by being eroded, its local farmlands have been tainted by the seawater and their local coral reefs are threatened for fishing, says the president of Palau. It's only a matter of time with the eroded area's moving more inland. They have appealed to the United Nations because they feel the damage is caused by the greenhouse gas emissions which are cause the climate change.
2-Kiribati- Is the second island that is feeling the effects of
The nation of Kiribati 
climate change. It is composed of 33 small islands in the Pacific and it too is facing an existential threat from rising sea levels as of today 2015. The average height of the islands of Kiribati is about 6.5 feet. The president of Kiribati said in the year 2010 with the rising sea levels this century it could ultimately lead to the demise of our island countries of Kiribati. It seems that the president's cabinet of the nation Kiribati have endorsed plans to purchase about 6,000 acres in Fiji for his Kiribati's residents. It was an$9.6 million purchase. However, he felt it could provide an insurance policy for his entire population of 103,000 he hopes if it ever is necessary for everyone to leave Kiribati.
3-Bangladesh-Then there is the country of Bangladesh
Country of 
which is less than 16 feet above sea level. Sadly every four to five years the country on average is up to 60% or 
So High will the seas go in
 the southern
part of Miami?
4. Miami - You probably never though I would but one of the
U.S states in the list but you may never have thought about all those beautiful beaches our really below the sea line. So that makes Miami very much in danger of of the rising seas. Even the organisation for economic and development has said that Miami is one of the most vulnerable cities to sea level rise in the world. They go onto saying quote,' sea levels have risen nine to 12 inches in Miami in the past century & they are expected to rise up to six+ more inches by 2030. Then 12 to 21 inches by 2060. And by three to Five feet by 2100. Scary! Well you think that scary According to the
South of Florida in the near future
Miami yes under the seas do to
climate change
chief operating officer of climate central, who told a conference sponsored by the florida atlantic university in June 'there's good reason to believe that all of Southern Florida will eventually have to be evacuated'! The City of Miami Beach is currently' vetting a $200 million storm water concept that is one of the first in the nation to respond to sea levels rise resulting from Global warming'
5-Tuvalu a tiny island of nine south pacific islands is also
Rising seas in the 
island of Tuvalu
threatened by the rising seas. It happens to be one of the islands of the front lines of the plant's climate change debate too. It seems that there have been studies on the island of Tuvalu and the current projections indicate that it will become unlivable within 50 years, resulting in an exodus & the erasure of a rich 3,000-year old culture. It seems that the Tuvalu's Government has repeatedly hammered its message to the world, that its 11,000 citizens have hardly done anything to the heat-trapping emissions
Folks Tuvalu
that have cause the climate change yet are among the first to deal with the consequences of it. At the same time the country is struggling this year-2015 with a drought and crippling with the fact that there is such a huge shortage of freshwater on the island of Tuvalu too. This is all related to the Global warming & more frequent la Ninas' too. There are truly 5 items that are tearing away at the Tuvalu islands today~
Flooding of the salt sea water

1-extreme weather has become far more frequent and more intense in the island of Tuvalu, with the ocean surges from cyclones causing flash flooding that has wiped away or even severely damage many homes; leaving people without shelter for very long periods of time.
2-The Traditional diet of the people of Tuvalu is based on all fish, coconuts & the starchy vegetables that the would grow like breadfruit, pulaka & taro. Sadly the fisheries part of their diet have been depleted in recent years by the increase water temperatures; erosion which has caused the loss of tracts of them being able to live along the shoreline, being just to dangerous & the devastating of their crops that is their livelihood.
3- Another problem for the people of the Tuvalu Islands is the soil inland has even suffered too from the erosion and salt water too. So with the failing crops for food, that is attributed to the increasing flooding and higher salinity within the soil - It seems that the island of Tuvalu has caught the eyes of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization which has financed an effort to introduce salt-resistant Banana Plants to the islands plus another involving salt-resistant Taro Root that is in the works.
Large Ocean swells the come onto
the island everyday 

4-Most of the folks that live on the island of Tuvalu rely completely on any rainfall that comes to the island. It is for their drinking and bathing too. They did have containment tanks during the drought seasons, however, the rain this year 2015 and last has been so sparse that the people of the island of Tuvalu are on the verge of running out all together. It seems that this month new Zealand and Australia has shipped emergency desalination plants to the island of Tuvalu to treat seawater, but strict rationing and  a state of emergency is continued for the entire island.
The small island of Tuvalu

5- The people of Tuvalu are in great fear because of the climate changes and the rising seas whose homes are in areas that are prone to the flooding and storm surges - are also more vulnerable to the water-borne diseases such as flu and respiratory ailments too. So what options do the Tuvaluans have in the long term when it comes to their home? I found that many of the locals have left for education or better opportunities because of the fears of climate change to their home & really not knowing if it will be there in years to come. However, it seems that most of the folks of the island of Tuvalu cling to hope and faith that the seas will stop rising and someday their children and children's children will get to remain the ancient traditions.
Children playing in the flooding
neighborhoods of Tuvalu island

Maldives Islands~
If you have ever seen or been to
the Maldives Islands
they basically look
like paradise on earth, with their 
turquoise atolls, sparkling water,
fish in
all the colors of the rainbow & the
best luxury hotels 
the world right
in the turquoise sparkling seas &
pure white sands. 
Maldives is a 
democracy with a dynamic young population & it's high-end tourism is
currently overtaking famous destinations such as the Mauritius & the
Seychelles as a top destination overall in the world. Now it seems to be 
the Maldives is the place to 
be if you have 
the cash! In 
the Chinese tourists
that were caught touring 
there & 
a number of 
British visitors to; It seems
the future of the Maldives seems to be looking 
so it seems?
However, if you go scuba diving you'll discover a 
slightly less romantic picture of the beauty islands. 
The reality is a seascape of 
floating bottles and cans, baby diapers etc. that are washing
out from the beach
landfills. Humans just don't know how good they have it till 
it's to late after they 
Humans just don't know how
they have it. 
Untill its to late after they
destroy the beauty of the earth 
no matter where
they happen to be. This,
of course doesn't in clued 
the folks 
that live 
where they really don't have 
much of a choice. Also, the coral at 
one time was
quite beautiful but not so good 
condition now, 
says an oceanographer,
Fabien Cousteau who check it out just recently. Another big 
part of the 
problem is over-fishing as it has deprived the coral reef of its 
cleansing the 
fish. The coral reef is also recovering from the huge El Nino's
last visit 
in 1998 from a terrible tsunami in 2004 that hit the 
Maldives islands with
an enormous hit as well as from a general warming of
waters in the past
few years.
The popular island of the 
has also been severely 
by the bleaching of the
coral reef 
due to the Higher 
temperatures in 
the oceans.
this year which has been the blamed
for many areas of beaching for 
beautiful coral reef. Some experts
fear this could be the worse bleaching 
of our time. 
There was an similar event in 1998 
which saw an estimated  16% of the world's
coral reefs being destroyed. I did find out that it takes about
coral to recover from
bleaching between 10 and 70 years. Also with the threat 
of climate change with
the change of the warming waters on the rise we could 
lose our coral reefs too.
So for now the bad side of 
the Maldives islands & 
what is really going on there!
As of right now! they are 
eroding due to rising 
sea levels... The country
is considering to add 
a green tax for 
all tourists at the Indian 
Ocean Nation's 
popular island resorts to help 
pay for a new homeland for 
their people. [$3Tax]. These rising sea levels are forecasting 
to submerge most of the Maldives 
islands by the year 2100. The Maldives economy grosses
up to $850million 
yearly and gets more than a quarter of it gross 
domestic product from the tourist.
They haven't taxed yet! However, they may very 
soon to help the fight in climate
change. So these famous Maldives for their 
high-end luxury resorts & white-sand
atolls are an popular place to be. Yet their highest 
point on the islands is only
2.5 meters above sea level. Not a good thing for such a beautiful place.
But through it all these folks of
the island of Maldives have 
truly made a name for
themselves as an advocate
for battling climate change too. 
It seems that they are
waiting on parliament to approval 
for the 3$ tax per each 
Tourist day. 
This is what the 
President Nasheed is thinking based on an annual
average of over
700,000 tourist who spend on average of three days on the 
islands that 
would translate to about $6.3million annually for his people. 
So in March of I 
believe this year the President Nasheed also a former 
human rights activist 
outlined his plans to make the Maldives the world's 
first carbon-neutral 
nation within a decade by launching a 1.1billion 
initiative to convert
the islands solely to  renewable energy from fossil
fuels & buy and destroy EU
carbon credits to offset emissions from the tourists flying to 
visit its resorts.
Well, I did discover that 
the President of the Maldives
efforts and his words were
also featured in the 
documentary U.N. Climate 
conference in 
Copenhagen in 2009. 
'The island President
of the Maldives.'  Now the former 
President [Mohamed Nasheed] 
he still 
been a tireless campaigner for the urgent 
need for the countries to take action 
against climate change & the rising seas
because with a three to six-foot sea level rise
predicted by 2100 the Maldives 
could Vanish all together.  

Maldives Erosion from the rising seas

Torres Strait Islands-
These islands are a group just
between Australia & New Guinea.
These are going to be the last 
group of islands that I am going to 
discuss in this post. I could 
go on forever on the thousands
to millions
of different islands all over
the world that will sink and vanish
into our oceans & all the people that have been living on these islands 
for centuries, generations to a point that many don't want to leave even 
though they have been told their home is sinking. The Torres Islands
are quite small and often are overlooked. They sit between Australia
and New Guinea. It seems that these low lying island with 
their sparkling are facing the same challenges that all the other 
islands in the South Pacific is such as Kiribati, Tuvalu & Maldives.
Few if any of the people of 
Australia have ever heard of the Islands
Torres Strait or even known that
 their home is in such peril of 
sinking. It is quite sad to think that their neighborhood country island
is that invisible to the people of Australia, sadly their time will 
come too. As for Australia's neighbor island the Torres they have taken 
steps to try to protect the home as best ways they can; even though in
the end many know their home will be swallowed up by the rising seas.
In the year 2011 the islands regional council requested $5 million from 
the country of Australian Government to rebuild the sea walls to protect
the island communities from flooding. I don't know if they were able 
to get the money from the 
Australian Government to help
 their people
of Torres islands. It does
seems that the Australian
Government has 
helped the people of
Torres island however 
they have made some points
to the very high risk that their neighbor island is in their own backyard.
The question is will these folks get the help they need before it's too 
late? So they can keep their heritage on the island that they have for 
so many centuries?
The Unstoppable Melting of the West Side of Antarctic Sheet Ice- 
Well,  this isn't good news as 
the whole post hasn't been good, 
what I am trying to say in this 
post is just information and awareness 
that globe warming is 
TRUE! For the last 10+ years,
folks haven't believe
me or others who have tried to tell people that it is truly happening 
like Greenpeace. Sadly it takes to this point for some people to 
get their heads out of the sand to finally believe that we are all
telling the truth
and have been for many years. 
There has been lots of research
done in the Antarctic Sheet Ice
and its not a pretty sight my
Basically what we 
have is a huge Sheet 
of Antarctic Sheet Ice that
is unstoppable to melting to the
ocean causing in a short amount 
of time rising seas between at least 4feet+ & 10feet+ within the next
two centuries 2020 & 2030.   
There have been many reasons to why, but the reason I have
written this long post is that I truly care about people and want every
body to be as ready as they can where ever they might live in this 
big world that might
turn into a big bath tub. 
change has 
triggered the west
side of the Antarctic
Sheet of Ice to start a 
unstoppable and 
in turn the accelerating
of global sea  
level rising too.
It is said that the seas could
 rise up to 10 feet in 2030. The question is
what will the U.S and the World
 look like with an ocean that is
 10feet+ or 
even higher? What I am trying 
to say is how much landmass 
will we
lose to the 28,8000 square
miles of land guessing with 
million people on that
land Scary Eh!
The Next Part of 
this post is how 
it's going to affect 
every coastal state-
The Cities with the most
 population & more than
half of the areas of the
40 larger cities that are
populated over 50,000+ 
people which is less than
10 feet above sea level
even with high tide.These
places can range from
Virginia Beach, 
South Miami to 
Hoboken N.J. which 
will be the largest 
affected by the rising seas. They say that 27 of the cities that are in 
the state of Florida where one-third have housing currently in this
area sits below the critical line below sea level which includes 87%
in Miami's Dade & Broward 
counties. These counties are 
more threatened than any 
whole state outside of the 
state of Florida. Why? 
because it sits on a bedrock
filled with holes rendering 
them all defenseless to 
the seawalls
or levees almost 
impossible to save
these places! Why? 
you might ask. Well, in the image map of the U.S above where
the dark red area's in both 
the states will be 
from 6-12 feet depending
on how much the west 
Antarctica  Sheet ice melts 
and if the warm water 
continue to melt over other 
areas of the Antartica - we 
could be looking at a world living on boats. It doesn't stop just
in the southern states of Florida . These rising seas by the metric
of most people living on land less than 10-feet above sea level 
and high tides are in trouble too.   
New York City. So much of 
the area's around 
Boston, New Jersey, 
New York and other cities are 
very much threatened due to 
surging seas. They even made
a few movies on the rising seas
in New York called '2012'. They
weren't far off from the truth.
However, if you want to know
the most threatened areas in the long terms with the low-lying 
population in the U.S. with over 700,000+ people in about 16 
different cities-Some of these great cities include; New Orleans, 
La, Norfolk Va, Stockton Calif, Boston Mass,
St Petersburg Fla & Jacksonville Fla.
Much of this list of the 16 states is with more than
100,000 people that live below the sea-level line and much 
of New Orleans is just that! 
However, they have taken steps to try to protect the fair city
by rising sea levels by levees. 
It seems with our coast
around the entire world 
and all the island at a 
major threat, also with 
the West Antarctic Sheet 
Ice melting faster everyday 
we might have to 
reimagination a life without our coastlines and islands one day 
very soon.
New York City-
Do you remember
any of the movies 
they did in
New York 
do you remember
the movie? I
believe it to be very 
closet to what might happen to New Yor
in the Next 10-years. I believe that we aren't due for a next Ice age,
however I do feel that we are headed for the next no land age or very
little of it. And the only way to get to what building that are left will be
by boats.
According to a 2012
report from
New Jersey which is
based on a nonprofit
climate for thousands
of New York City 
residents who
may be at risk for 
severe flooding
as a result of climate
It was said, by Climate Central' 
The NY meto area hosts the
nations highest-density 
populations vulnerable to
sea level rise.'
They argue', the 
funnel shape of
New York city 
Harbor has the 
potential to 
magnify storm 
surges which 
already supplemented 
by seal
level rise could threaten a widespread areas of the
New York City 
and the 
millions that
live there. 

 Last photo of what might happen one day
as waters continue to rise the highest mountains
the hymialmis as a young monk watchs the un-think able
California-Finally, we are at California my home state where I was

raised and  lived in Southern California
most of my life. I love 
to go to the
beach as a teen and
as a young
adult too. However, 
my home state 
is very 
much in peril
of all the coastline
swallowed up by the 
high seal levels 
because they are finding it impossible to stop the coastal erosion 
from the rising sea levels. So its happening everywhere around the 
world! They are even saying that along the California coastline it
is expected to be up
to 6 inches higher  in 
the next few years and
by the year 2030 it 
will be 3 to 6-12 feet 
higher it really depends 
on the melting of the
sheet ice in the


This is what is happening to our beaches
and to our coastline around the world
This is OUR WORLD after the flood waters have taken our land, people &
wildlife islands full of billions of people and so much more. We have to
Believe that Climate change is REAL!
[the light green is what's left of out land]

Well I know I have overloaded you all with lots of information
more than you probably ever thought of but this is 
very important to me because it involves everyone on this planet.
Also, all the wildlife to. This is the Tigers, elephants, polar bears
and so many more. All the folks on the islands all over the 
World and the different countries too. I hope that you understand
how important you all to me! all over the world I wish that 
there was a small solution to this huge problem, but there really isn't 
we have to do something now to protect our people that 
are living in area's that are below the sea levels first 
and then go from there.  It is going to happen it's just a matter of time.
So I pray that we will be ready all over the beautiful
Blue planet.  I love you all my dearest friends & Followers
so much thank you for visiting my blog the days when your can
I try to make interesting stories for you all. 
However once in a while I write about important items 
that I feel that involves all of us. 
You  are always Welcome here when you need a break 
from your daily lives to enjoy the music and fun 
stories too. I hope that you all are having a lovely summer
love and peace to you all

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