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Friday, June 7, 2013

Adhene Fairies

Adhene Fairies
The Adhene fairy is  known as the Manx Fairy. They are also called the Cloanny Moyrn Fairies - Which means Children of the Pride.
These fairies are not your typical fairy. You wouldn't find them in a old growth Oak forest or even your own backyard. The Adhene fairies are more a Dark Fae. And have a bit of a bite to them. 
In many folklore and legends of  these type of fairies, it is said they were fallen angels that were
exiled from heaven along with Satan who at one time himself was an angel too!
The legend goes-
"When they fell, they rained down from the heavens in a thick shower that lasted for three days and three nights. These fallen angels lived in the earth the air and the sea. They will continue to live in these places on the earth until Judgement Day.
They are not like the small English Fairies but are very shy; usually female. You can see them playing in waterfalls and dancing on mountain tops. Adhene Fairies are very beautiful, probably due to the fact they were once angels. But even though they may be angelic in their appearance, they are very mischievous too.
Overall the Adhene Fairies are mostly benevolent, however they are some who are more sinister who ten to go to the dark side of the Fae. 
The Adhene Fairy lives apart from all other types of fairies. The reason I say this is because of  their lifestyle and living quarters. For example: These fairies seem to like the dark deep caverns that have some of the most evil and scariest creatures within them, the heaviest fogs, and the darkest places they could find. They delight in causing misery to others. But it is believed that these fairies cannot harm a being on the earth, if one is on an errand of Mercy. (Since they were once angels) 
So if you ever find yourself walking along at night on the Isle of Man and you don't happen to be on an errand of Mercy. 
As the old legend tells, you must watch your step for the benevolent Adhene Fairy. 
So you might want to keep the old legends pray on hand-
It is always recommended to chant this prayer when you find yourself walking along at night on the Isle of Man-
"Saue Jee Mee Voish Cloan ny moyrn"
('God save me from the children of the pride')   

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