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Monday, June 2, 2014

Tennnin Japanese Female Fairies

Tennin Japanese Female Fairies-
Well my dears I think I've finally kicked the nasty chest cold. I still have a cough 
The Tennin Japanese Fairy/Angel
now and then but I am back to writing and finding different stories, legends, myths and a
little bit of myself to you all my wonderful friends and followers. I haven't forgotten the 
unicorn post and will be posting it very soon. I found this new and very interesting 
fairy/angel from Japan. Being that my husband is American Japanese I thought it would be
fun and interesting to do some of his cultural as well. 
The Tennin [tennyo] are spirits found in Japanese Culture and Buddhism that are similar to the 
western angels and fairies. It is said that these tiny spirits were imported from Chinese Buddhism which
was influenced by the concepts of the heavenly being found in Indian Buddhism and Chinese Taoism.
It is said that the 'Tennin live in the Buddhist heavens as the companions to the Buddhas and 
Bodhisattvas. There are some legends say that the Tennin are Solitary fairies which live alone on the 
mountain peaks. And the pilgrims sometimes will climb these mountains in order to meet the holy spirits/fairies and angels. These Tennin Fairies in fact are dressed in feathered colourful kimonos - called 
hagoromos' -'dress of feathers'- In some legends the Tennin fairies are unable to fly without kimonos thus cannot return to heaven. And even more rarely is the ones that have feathered wings! You should know
that it was very difficult to even find a image. The image that you see is the only one that I could find that was in my opinion that look tradition Japanese of  the Tennin Fairy.
The Story of these beautiful Tennins: 
They are a Japanese Buddhist, angel or fairy, that is a heavenly and very beautiful person who may
appear on the  peak of mountain in japan. To meet one, you must climb to the summit. 
These Tennin Fairies are usually depicted as unnaturally beautiful women dressed in ornate, kimonos
which is traditionally five colors, exquisite jewels  and flowing scarves that wrap loosely 
around their bodies. They are usually carry lotus blossoms as a symbol of enlightenment although they could
also could be seen playing a musical instrument like that of the biwa or flute.
I did find one legend/story about the Tennin which they say has similarities to the legend of the Swan Maiden.
So I thought you all might like a little story too. It is said that in the play Hagoromo,  Tennin Fairy/Angel comes to the earth and takes off her hagoromo. A fisherman was watching the Tennin while she was taking her hagoromo off and saw where she hid her clothes in order to find them later. Well the Fisherman finds the  
Tennin's hidden clothes in order to force her to marry him. After some year he tells his wife what he did and
she finds her hagoromo and returns to heaven. My guess is never to see the fisherman again. The legend says it did occur on the beach of Miyo - which is now a part of the city of Shizuoka.
Well now that I have thought the story thru. this story to me, doesn't remind me of the legend of the Swan Maiden of western culture. What it does remind me of is that of the Selkie who would leave her seal skin on the beach with her other Selkie female friends to dance in the moonlight and there would be a fisherman always watching to steal her seal skin so that she would have to marry him and she couldn't to back to her home in the sea. Until she finds one day and returns and never see the fisher man again. I have done a few post on the Selkie if you are interested the legend of the Selkie.
Love you all my dears friends and followers 
I hope that you all Enjoyed the Tennin Japanese Female Fairy
Western Style of the Tennin Fairy 
Have a Fantastic Week to you all 
And Thankyou so much for all your support 
Love and wishes :o) 
Your Wendy

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