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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Spirit Dragon

The Spirit Dragon
Although most legends originated that the Spirit dragon is either fact or Myth. It is entirely possible
that these creatures do exist and may even do today. 
Why! do you ask. There have been many stories that speak of these eight Spirit Dragons that still may be in existence today. And some say they are called the Guardians or keys to some secrets of the universe. Others have said they come from a strong spiritual and Magical Energy too. 
The origins of these amazing Dragons is unknown. However, It is believed that they came into existence when some of the people with the strongest souls were born, their energy's or orbs came into existence centuries ago, with the original people souls that the eight spirit dragons had inhabited in the being of time.
The appearance of the Spirit Dragons varies at times. In truth they have no true appearance in their true form. But in their manifested form they can appear in many different forms of beautiful dragons.
One form of the Spirit dragon that is most commonly seen is - (  A blue dragon  - when the dragon manifested into this form of the dragon he can appear to be a large dragon with brilliant blue scales. And on his underside or bellyside will be covered in a lighter shade color of blue scales. As for his wings - they too are a brilliant blue, same as their bodies for the exception of the outer rim of their wings which is a deep purple on some of these dragons. On the Crest of their head, brow, eyes and a  strip down their muzzles is a fiery red color that goes all the way down to the tip of their tail. And the last eight nails on their tails are a deep crimson red.) 
This is one version of the Spirit Dragon. Their eyes are Multitude of colours ranging from the darkest brown to the lightest blue you would ever see. They also so have very sharp teeth, but there is really no real use for them.
I found in my readings and research of the Spirit Dragon that there are quite a few different manifestation's of these special creatures. For one I have seem many Great Artist depicted the Spirit Dragon as a beautiful White Spiritual dragon.  
There was one that depicted the Spirit Dragon as a beautiful small yet powerful bright green dragon like in nature. And the last one that I found which i will share with you later in the post his images of these amazing artist is more of a Japanese style of a spirit dragon and the dragon is white and gold. 
The Spirit Dragon in its spiritual form or purest form appears as a small orb of light and energy if

you will just before he will manifest into his true form that he is most often seen just before he turns to the soul of the person he inhabits.
These creatures do not die as long as they inhabit a soul. However, if they remain outside of a person soul long enough they will die. 
This length of time varies but on average it is a period of supposedly one human year.
Special Abilities~
The Spirit Dragon has many different abilities that most of the other dragon kin do not. And that is what puts them in a whole new level. 
Some of these abilities were, being able to withstand  drastic temperatures changes and dangerous amounts of energy in their spiritual forms because in this form they are nothing but a heat, energy and light.
It is conceivable that one could actually survive outside a being,  if the spirit dragons were to live in a area with high amounts of pure energy. In  its manifested form, its hide will turn most any weapon making into a perfect ally in battle.
Note: Spirit Dragons not only will fight directly when it is for a cause such as the protection of the World, they live in. They also will grant the person they inhabit enhanced strength and speed along with the wisdom and knowledge that they have collected over their seemingly infinite life spam which could be centuries.
Spirit Dragons do not have any real territory. They live in the spirit of a person where they obtain the necessary energy to live when a person dies they move to a new spirit. 
Their diet is very much different than that of any of the other dragons, this is because these dragons don't eat. They are spiritual dragons and don't need food in a practical sense. They do food but not in away that you would think. 
These Grand Creatures feed off of energy. This is because they give off large amounts of energy
themselves which must be replaced in order to live.......
To get enough energy they inhabit the spirit of a living soul and draw on the souls energy. After they're done with the energy it is given back to the soul. This is a endless process which happens rapidly. 
There is an equilibrium, however a balance between the spirit and the dragon and it's 'victim' - if you want to call it that. I don't really think of it as a victim being that all the wonders that they receive being a host to the dragon for a period of time. The knowledge and and wisdom that the dragon passing onto each of his souls is a gift in my opinion. 
Its more like the spirit and the soul share each other's energy. This will only work in the soul due to the high amounts of energy it has.
It takes at least a year for them to run out of energy if they are not in a spirit- the dragons-. Not every spirit can support these amazing creatures. Some are less energetic than others. The people rarely ever know that they harbor one of these fantastic dragons too. 
Spirit Dragons do not mate. There are only eight to ever live as it is told in legend. If one was to die
which doesn't actually happen, because it is reborn when a new soul is created. 
It may lose all knowledge it gained, But it continues to inhabits the world and seeks those three questions that all Spirit Dragons do. 
The Three Questions Dragons Seek~
These are the 3 Questions that the Spirit Dragons always seek to find answers to questions of their lives they inhabit~
1) Why so some people treasure life so much?
2) Why do other creatures seek to destroy that life?
3) What is this life that these creatures treasure or destroy?
4) What do you think the spirit Dragon would want to know if he choose your body for that year? Interesting question...
I hope you all enjoy my installment of the Spirit Dragon - for my Love of the Dragon!
note; Please enjoy the amazing photo's of the amazing Artist who have painted them.
they aren't mind. but I love the way they have depicted the dragon.
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