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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Giant Skrymir~
Good afternoon, my dears & Welcome to my humble blog of creatures of the unseen! In this tale we are going to Scandinavia. The Norse mythology of the Scandinavia Giant of Skrymir. He is also known as an immense Frost Giant too. The tale of the Skrymir Frost Giant is thousands of years old & how it all began is on a cool night when the Gods, Thor, Loki & Thjalfi were traveling together through the woods. However, the Gods have made a few mistakes now & then. This happened to be one of those times. One of the Norse brothers of the Titans in Scandinavia. What happened is this; When the three Gods went looking for a place to sleep while in the high mountains, they mistook the Skrymir Giant's gloves as a cave. In my opinion, this is rather hard to believe that 3 Gods would make that kind mistake, but this is a very old story too. So on with the tale, it would seem that all three Gods lay down to sleep on the thumb part in one of the Giant Skrymir Gloves. In the morning Thor, Loki & Thjalfi were rudely awaken by the snoring of the Frost Giant Skrymir, who had snored so loud it shook the ground & forest that was all around them. To the Gods it felt like a huge earthquake. Thor attempted to stop the snoring by using his hammer on the skull of the giant, but he didn't even wake-up, he simply rolled over after brushing what he thought was a leaf on his head. The Skrymir Giant would in fact do this to protect himself during his slumbers  by placing an invisible mountain over his head, which of course is resisted to anything that might try to harm him. Well, this is the story, but interesting tale of the Giant
Skrymir and the three Gods - Thor,Loki & Thjalfi. I have found another

Versions of the tale, however, I hope you enjoy this one.
Your Friend Always 

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