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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Golden Dragons

The Golden Dragon
Although the Golden dragon isn't in any particular family group of the dragon. The Golden dragon is
History of the Golden Dragon~
The Golden dragon doesn't belong to any of the typical three three elements - Earth, Water and Fire. By nature he embraces all three. However the Golden Dragon does have an element of his own and that would be the element Air.
But either of the main elements will predominate in him alone. 
The Life of the Golden Dragon~
The Golden's are quite beautiful in comparison to any of the other dragons. This could be that their scales and wings are made of an scintillating burnished Gold! But even if he has all this beauty he is a  noble dragon and doesn't boast about his looks. 

There is another dragon called the Celestial Dragon that I will cover at some later point that has

some of the same qualities as the golden dragon.
The Celestial Dragon is from Ancient China and is a symbol of the Chinese people around the world.  They proudly proclaimed to be a
descendants of this dragon. The Ancient Chinese people feel that the Celestial dragon is refer as divine and will bring ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. 

Some say, that only three knights have actually set their eyes upon the Golden dragon and only one 

single man has even been a friend to a golden dragon. 
To understand something of this mysterious, there was supposedly a BOOK OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON. This book of all the secrets of the dragons was handed down from generations for centenaries but who knows what happened to the BOOK? 
Tradition says that the Golden dragon has never taken part in any aggressive action whatsoever. He
is pure and unsullied by any flaw. 
He has also been know as the keeper and defends and the enchanted castle where a pure hearted knight who devotedly helps guard what is know as the Sacred Chalice- 
The Sacred Chalice~ is said to have hidden font and quintessence of wisdom encompassed by a double principle. The meaning of of the Chalice is- 'Life Secrets lies In Comprehension rather than Knowledge' . 
This subtle, supernal message, has to be concealed from the minds of humans because they are not yet ready for this KNOWLEDGE! 

So it was said - when the two Companions, the pure-hearted knight and the Sacred Chalice were then Transported away by the Golden Dragon with a promise that they would return to the outside world when the dwellers of this world were worthy of the Sacred Chalice and its knowledge. 

The Castle of the Golden Dragon~
The Castle is made of pure Crystal and is hidden in the heart of a ancient Oakwood forest in a Enchanted world. In this Castle is where he is watching of the Guardian Knight until the illumination of the Sacred Chalice can be accepted onto the Earth.  
The Prophecy~
It is prophesied that when this happens every single dragon on the earth will take flight to meet the Golden dragon, to carry on their backs  the chosen men who will finally solve the enigmas of the Chalice-
The Prophecy states that once humankind is properly enlightened, humans, will eventually pay homage to the Golden Dragon.

It is said that through this Grand eventual revelation all nature will be cured of its terrible destruction,fear and hatred will be purged from the earth. 
Peace will gradually break out instead of War and a dawn emitted from the Sacred Chalice will bathe our weary world into the Golden-light of a New World.


This of course is either Myth, legend, or how much one wants to believe in Fae? Or it very well could be true who know! The legend of the Holy Grail and other Holy legends - That you can't explain or SEE?  
The question that I ask you is do you believe in the possibility that there may be a golden dragon, a sacred chalice that will purged the earth of our destructive ways we have done? Do you believe in the unseen world of the faerie world, elves, mermaids, and other creatures of the unseen world. Just because you can't see don't me they aren't there!
Note: None of the images are mine
But please do enjoy the artist that do draw
an paint these beautiful depictions of the Golden dragon
& the Celestial Dragon too.

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