Friday, May 19, 2017

A Dragons disappearing Tail

A Dragons
Disappearing Tail-

Far above a small village, high up in the mountains there was a

Cave. The cave was deep inside the high mountains in a dark lair of a dragon that known one knew lay asleep. There was a magic wand that lay upon a hard rock for many thousands of years. The owner of the wand was the last known man to ever enter the lair with the dragon as a friend. For century’s the wand land where it was left deep inside the cave. In the village it has been legend that a dragon lay asleep for century’s inside the cave. Some say at the light of the moon; the dragon comes towards the town creeping from the mountain top. He would bring mass destruction and endless death to the village. It was said that a yellow green in the dragon’s eyes meant he would scorch everything in sight with his fiery breath.

Well, as with many legends, there is some truth, fact & lies too! In this case, the Dragon on the high mountain top was indeed a dragon however, he wasn’t a fierce one. First he lacked the scorching breath.  This dragon could do many things, however when it came to fire all he could do at best was to blow smoke rings through his nose.

His eyes were not mean at all! Not at all yellow green fierce but green & somewhat kind and sad too! This all resulted from his loneliness & sleep of century’s in the cave. The dragon yawned as a mighty dragon would yawn, then slowly he rolled onto the hard floor. He flicked his tail & stretched his limbs, his body that were quite a bit sore being in the same position for so many thousands of years. To sleep a Thousand yeas whilst in the darkness and damp cave, it can leave your joints sore even a dragon. It can even leave you feeling groggy and crampy too.  The dragon made his way towards the daylight, rubbing his head. It was early morning outside and the sunlight was giving him a migraine. He kinda wished he’d stay in bed. However, it did feel good to get his legs moving again. As he reached the entrance of the cave, he saw a silken gown that was wrapped around some bones that lay upon the stony ground. A little farther over he saw a funny looking stick. It seemed to sparkle inside and out. The dragon rubbed his eyes to realize what he saw was truly captivating and he pondered on the next thing he should do. He slowly moved toward the sparkle stick as he called it. As he did the stick began to rise, it turned and pointed at him looking straight at the dragon between the eyes. Aware of what was happening, he then pulled away his stare. His nose began to twitch. A bolt of lightning flashed toward him, so he leaped across the floor, he turned to face a burning smell, from what he wasn’t sure. You see this wasn’t the brightest dragon. He then saw a sight that caused a fright, to him so very much. Being that he was an easily frightened dragon he started running around in a circle. And he found that his rear was smoking badly, and then his beautiful tail had completely disappeared. Then his big green eyes grew bigger & bigger as the truth began to come to him.

The poor old dragon discovered that he was left with only half of his body & a weird kinda funny smell surrounded him as well.  As the old dragon realized what had happened to him; he began to scream if dragons scream of course? It was a scream unheard of ever before. It was part pain but mostly fright. It could be heard all the way to the village and many villages beyond that. His howling is so enormous with sound and strength that it ripped the leaves of every tree in sight outside the cave. Then the cave in which his lair was started to shudder and the rocks inside began to fall inside. The much more sadden dragon whimpered to face what he had done to his home in the darken cave. As he looked back at his lair in the daylight more than half his roof had fallen or caved in to the floor. It was the magick that had done all the damage. However, it was the wizard that had died who had put a protected spell on the wand to protect the entrance to the cave to protect the dragon not knowing he would have come out. Sadly, it didn’t protect the dragon it harmed the wizard s dragon friend. By now, the magick wand had been crushed and buried by the rocks and half the cave that came done upon it. The entrance to the cave/lair was no more. The rocks and mountain had enclosed the dragon in a tomb that was his own lair. Across the small town that was down in the valley and other villages too, had heard the howling. But no one really knew quite what it was or where it was coming from.

It could be the fact that it didn’t sound much like a dragon, for dragons only Roar! And they do this very loudly in fact!  Sadly, for this dragon his sound was much more like that of a wail, which lacked the punch of terror that a dragon has. So no one took to look and investigate this as being a threat to the village. Then there the thought that no one has ever heard what a dragon would sound like when they lose their half their body and tail. It would be quite different of a sound then the usual Roar! For many years, that turned into centuries the dragon of the mountain top with the odd sound became a mystery even to this day!

Many stories were passed down through the centuries while other couldn’t say.

As to what the villagers heard that faithful day centuries ago? Well, the legend of the dragon is still very much alive today! He has many names too!

Some call him the monster from hell, a devil with no name and a very few a sad dragon. He is said too returned to the very back part of his lair, the part that wasn’t harmed. It had a small opening in which he found deep in the mountains. When he went into the area, it was just large enough for him to sleep and stretch his limbs, that were left as the cave closed in on him. He lays asleep, with his pride and fears kept in the depts. of the cave for centuries. However, when he wakes he hopes to find his body not in pain and renewed to his former glory. Mostly that his beautiful tail is grown back again/no magick waiting for him again.

Thing that the Dragon forgets is… He is the Magick!!!

And he will dream about this until the day he awakes. For this Dragon has forgotten his own Magick & it will take a long long sleep until he remembers…

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