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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fairies - Arabella Buckley


There are forces around us, and among us, which I shall ask you to 
allow me to call fairies, and these are ten thousand times more wonderful, 
more magical, and more beautiful in their world, than those of the
old fairy tales...
Just go out into the country, and sit down quietly

and watch nature at work. Listen to the wind
as it blows, look at the clouds rolling overhead,
and waves rippling on the pond at your feet.
Hearken to the brook as it flows by, 
watch the flower buds opening one by one, and
then ask yourself, "How all this is done?" Go out in
the evening and see the dew gather drop by drop
upon the grass, or trace the delicate hoar - frost
crystals which bespangle every blade on a winters morning. 
Look at the vivid flashes of lightning in a storm, and
 listen to the pealing thunder and then tell me, by 
what machinery is all this wonderful work done? Man does
none of it, neither could he stop it if he were to try; for 
it is all the work of the those invisible forces or fairies

whose acquaintance I wish you to make. Day and night,
summer and winter, storm or calm, these fairies are
at work and we may hear them and know them

and make friends of them if we will.
a Poem
by Arabella Buckley
posted by Wendy 
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