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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

True Story about B-Mary2016

True Story about B-Mary!

Good afternoon my dears, welcome to another scary story for Halloween. This is yet another of the famous B-Mary story in which some have had no bad experiences and others have had the most horrible nightmares kind. This is the experience of a girl named Nicole, that didn’t believe but then it turned out very, very terrifying and a true experience for her as bloody Mary goes. In her mind, she is very real!! This is her story:

This is a true story by Nicole. It’s about –B-Mary! One night when her parents were away, her older brother had dared her to do the ritual and summon B-Mary spirit you could say. She didn’t believe in all that superstition so she decided to do it thinking it would be a good laugh afterwards. And boy did she have a big surprise, afterward. She went into the bathroom alone, turned off all the lights and started the ritual. Which is if you don’t know is as follows; You turn around seven times while saying B-Mary on each turn. Then you stop, you face the mirror and wait in silence-in the dark for something to happen. Well, in Nicole case she was just about to leave when she heard a woman singing. So, she slowly started to turn back at the mirror and she saw her. She had long, dark brown hair that was soaked in blood. Her neck looked like someone had just slit her throat. I screamed. When her brother started banging on the bathroom door and turning the lock, the woman in the mirror became angry. She was smiling before but now she was frowning and reached out through the bathroom mirror with one of her bloody arms. As she did this her arm slapped & scratched her on the right side of her face. She felt her nails strike so hard that she was knocked to the floor, at a force that her head slammed against the side of the bathtub and was knocked unconscious. When Nicole woke-up she was in the hospital with bandages across the right side of her face. Her brother was whispering apologies in her ear that she could barely understand. Her parents were also there too. As soon as he had opened her eyes her family rushed to her side. She later discovered that her brother had told a story to cover the true story; that one of my many cats had scratched me and I had fallen. I’ve been scratched by my own cats before so their parents believe the story…On that same night, her brother had gotten a call from their Aunty. It would seem that their Uncle had died in the same hour that Nicole was attacked! In Nicole’s mind, she believes in her heart that even though it could have been a horrible coincidence, however she truly believes that B-Mary killed her Uncle that she loved very much. She has read many stories about the myth and also people who had personal experiences with B-Mary. She found in all those stories, that she [B-Mary] will attack only you and not your loved ones. It’s not true, she truly believes she killed her uncle! The attack was a year ago and to this day and she still cannot see out of her right eye and that side of her face is stuck in a permanent scream. No one should every try to summon B-Mary who had ruined her life. As Nicole, would say! Please read this and take it seriously …DO NOT SUMMON THE EVIL ENITY! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE! BELIEVE THAT I AM NOT TELLING A LIE. BY NICOLE….


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