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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Flowers For 2014

New Spring Flowers For 2014

Zone 1-4
The Hardiness of zones 1 through 4 range from an average annual minimum of less
than minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 20 F. In addition to the Majority of Canada, States in
these zones include Alaska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Iowa and Nebraska. Plants
that grow in these zones are considered as fully hardy to hardy and generally woody, self-seeding
plants such as birches, junipers and privets.

Zones 5 to 8 are in the range of minus 20F to 20 F. Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma,
Arkansas and Georgia lie within these zones and provide adequate growing conditions for a wide
variety of flowers and plants including roses, azalea, holly and orange trees Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Georgia lie within these zones and provide adequate growing conditions for a wide  variety of flowers and plants including roses, azalea, holly and orange trees.

Zones 9 through 11 have an average minimum temperature of 20F and above , with zone 11 being 40F and
above. States that lie in zones 9 through 11 include Texas, Florida California and Hawaii; most of Mexico
contains a mixture of these zones. Plants and flowers that thrive in this environment include citrus trees
such as orange, lemon and lime and hardy plants such as gum trees, palms and rubber plants 
If you have a weakness for sweet smelling blooms, you might consider adding some of 
these Flowering planting to your gardens when spring comes! I have done a few posts on flowers and 
different Zones area's for the best time of the year and areas for you to plant you favorite 
flowering plants and even for you all that would like to try a few new ones. 
As Spring is suppose to be just around the corner even though in most part of the 
county US and other counties we are all still dealing with the cold of winter with 
either lots of rain and flooding like myself and their is other that are
in freezing weather of snow an icy of below -0 degrees. But I am an 
optimist, I am still hoping that even though we are all in the rain, 
and cold of icy and snow that spring will come!
So this is my post to start my spring hoping that we all will see warmer 
days and sunshine. I do enjoy those warm summer nights 
that will last with light up to almost 10pm here in Washington State and the
sweet smell of honeysuckle, apple blossoms and many other flowers that
are around the area during the months of April June,July, Aug, Sept...
So I thought I would do yet another post on some great flowering planting 
for you all!
All over the World can get started with your own piece of spring in your gardens.
Of course these flowers may of may not work in some area's of the counties, so 
you all will have to have a look on your own Zones maps. I am going to include 
Two different zoning maps One for the US and other for the World Map.
If they are to difficult to see I am sure you can find these to Maps 
if you just Google, Bing etc [Zone 1-11 Planets maps]. 
 Now everyone can have a map to compare with their own country that 
they live so we all can Enjoy the Spring together...

Oriental Lilies - Zones 5 to 10

These huge beautiful Lilies are Quite the showstoppers and have the most 
intoxicating scent too. I must say to that I had these beauties in my wedding almost 18years ago
And Yes they were beautiful. They deep Orange Oriental Lily. The Oriental Lily can
be heavy and sweet with its scent at the same time, that you can almost taste the 
lilies in the Air. To some, the fragrance can be a bit to much. So if you need to
you might think about planting these blooms either in the middle or in the back part of 
your garden. Note: you could use Pots to which I do happy planting!

Dianthus - Zones 3 to 9
Theses beauties have a spicy clove scent to them. The flowers are many times 
refer as the "Pinks" which is legendary I am told. And you would agree with the 
beautiful image that I will include in this post. Some say that, the 'Pink" don't actually have any
scent at all! So it is advised to always sniff the Dianthus before you buy your flowering
plant , so that you won't be disappointed and loose the spicy clove scent in your garden. These 
blooms have been a favorite since Victorian Times.
Heliotrope - Zones 10 to 11

These beauties were first grown in Europe for perfumes, probably for their 
beloved and delicious vanilla scent. There is also hints of sweet almond and cherry in these blooms.
I would guess that's why the Europeans would love this flower for making their prize 
perfumes. But you don't have to live in Europe to have these beauties, you can have them in your
own gardens too. They come in either a deep purple or a elegant white.
I would go with one of these for sure!
Garden phlox- Zones 3 to 9

The Garden phlox will reward you with an abundance of beautiful-pink, purple or 
white blooms that will continue for at least two months. These blooms have a slightly spicy aroma
every time you walk by the flowers. So these beauties would be a great choice if you love the scent
of spicy in your garden. I hint for these beautiful flowers, to minimize the mildew on these
blooms which can be a big problem, you need to thin out half of the new stems
for better air circulation throughout the plant. This way 
you will not get the powdery mildew on the stems. 
 [ I have shown how to get rid of it in an older post]
Lily of the Valley- Zone 3 to 8

These dainty stems of danging bells have a sweet, heavy scent that is 
so unique that in France it is a signature perfume that is called 'Muguet'. Lily of the Valley loves
the shade and it can multiple to form thick 
colonies of many tiny white bell flowers. Mind you that this flower can be
aggressive, so I would plant it where it can be contained.
Maybe a large Pot could be good too.
Common Lilac- Zone 3 to 7

This happens to be one of my Favorites! Its a Beautiful flower.
That blooms in May with an armload of lilacs in deep wine red, blue lilac, pure white,
and even pink blooms. There are even Purple blooms throughout the summer.
These common Lilacs have been known to live longer than most home owner.
They tend to out live the home owner and continue to live on to the next. 
They are easy care care too.
Mock Orange- Zone 4 to 8

These beautiful blooms with their pristine white flowers have the most wondrous 
orange scent. They are sometimes called the citrus blooms. They are sometimes called the 
"old fashioned shrub that almost passes as perfume". 
But be sure to get the single flowering blooms not the double flowering mock orange blooms. 
The reason for this is because the single flowering blooms have a much stronger scent 
then the double flowers. 

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