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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jokao Giant

Jokao Giant-
An Iroquois Native Indians before they
turned to the Jokao stone Giants
Good Evening my dear Friends and Followers and welcome to the Jokao Giant of the Iroquois Seneca Native American people.  This Giant was named after the classic cannibal giant in the Traditions and beliefs of the Iroquois Native American Indians.
The Jokao are also known as the Stone coats as theses  enormous humanoids are entirely covered in stone plates for their skin, which holds the secret of their power. They were said to have been engendered  by winter itself or during a particularly severe winter when famine wracked the earth; the people of the northern villages started to eat their neighbors and finally their own families. Some escaped in the end and went to the warm south across the river, however those who remained soon turned into the monsters Jokao Giants of stones that developed the stone coats. One who realized that had gotten as far as the river, but was too frighten to the water. He called for help to a man in a canoe, who gave him hot deer fat to warm him and as soon as he drank it the stone coat fell away and he was free. There are many ceremonies and legends where the Jokao Giant lived in Native American culture. 
I hope that you all Enjoyed the legend of the 
Jokao Gaint of the Iroquois Native American People 
Love you all my dear Friends and Followers 

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