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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Well, Again, Honor Our Friend
Robin Williams on his passing2yrs 2014
At the tender age of 63~
Robin's Birthday was on July 21 so he's had two birthdays since his passing. This last birthday, he would have been 65years old. That in my mind is so young. And he would have so much to live for....
To this day I still miss Robin very much as the world does. Everyone shows their lost in their own way too. It is truly a testament to his vibrancy that even 2years after his death, he still remains a cultural touchstone & the psychic shock that some of us will never quite get over that he is gone. However, is he really gone. In my heart, I feel him in some way he is still here. How? Well, in our hearts and souls that keep him with us and alive today. It is quite amazing to think of all the acting he did and movies he did in such a short lifetime. Also the comedy gigs that he would do for all of us. Not to mention the Comedy relives with Whoopi and Billy... Yes, those were some good times.
Robin was and still is in my heart an amazing man. Yet when I have done these post of my beloved
Robin I have never had the guts or I don't know what it is in my heart of hearts to put the message
that I remember Robin doing a few years before he die. I have thought about it but
I just wanted to remember the happy times however in this post I have written a lot more about his struggles and given you a lot more about my own struggles. And it really did help at the time. I
just wish it would have help Robin himself.
I just hope you all don't hate me for putting up on my post. I any of you don't like I do understand, but
understand being just like Robin I will not be able to comment on those kinda sorry...Wendy...

The Oscar winner & stared of the Movie 'Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and
Mrs. Doubfire too. That is just a few of his Movies lists...for which I will put in this post pictures of as many as I could find for you all. Even at the age of 60 with all the stuff going on in his head, he made one more movie for us called Boulevard.. At the end of this post I will try to find it and put a
trailer of it for you all...

Yet privately with addictions that he had conquered before his late 50's he still had to deal with many illnesses which included a form of dementia; depression and Anxiety too. These I wish that in some way I could have talk to him personally. For I myself have dealt with Depression and Anxiety  to the point that I had to retire early because it effected my whole personally. I am not the same person that I was 20 years ago. So I truly understand... And I wish that all the people that love you and will always love you... That understand you pain.. could have got to you sooner before you took the only action that you felt that would stop the pain... More needs to be done to help folks like us all with Dementia Depression and Anxiety ... It is only slowly becoming out in the public eye. It just missed YOU MY DEAR FRIEND..
Robin You were amazing man, actor too! The Oscar winner and star of so many modern classics like that of GOOD MORING VIETNAM, DEAD POETS SOCIETY AND MRS. DOUBTFIRE ARE JUST A FEW... We all know how he died- What we need to focus on is the joyful moments, memories, that he beat his addictions & illness, that he was a father, husband, Is still and always will be vivid presence to the public and his family and fans. His family focus only on the happy times as do I. William's son Zak, 32 recently told the magazine People; even though it would have been his father's 64th birthday on July 21, they are going to be moving through the process of healing and recovering. Zak continued to say that he relies on the wonderful family and friends to help with the grief. Also in honor of his father who always gave generously his money, time and influence to various causes - most famously the homelessness charity Comic Relief, Also he was invariably upbeat in public and with his friends and colleagues, and was known for his philanthropic efforts and support for U.S. Troops and veterans. Zak now gives back just like his father. He also teaches financial literacy to inmates in San Quentin State Prison, providing his students with invaluable budgeting and investing skills.
There have been many books written about the death of Robin and the reasons why he probably took his life. The only reason that I am touching on this a bit is the fact that we lost yet another beautiful man to a illness that is mostly hidden in our society. I am just lucky that I have a lovely and loving family just like Robin. It is that, I guess that Robin had more demons than I. I just wish that we could have saved him.. He put this happy face on the outside/yet on the inside he was slowly sinking into a deep depression that he just couldn't escape from even with all the family and the world around him that loved him so very much. I was at that point two times in my live- One time in my 20's and probably 4years ago. I just wish with all my heart and soul that we all could have saved are ROBIN!
An quote from Haig'
'Its worth remembering that suicide is a symptom of a illness. The illness is called depression. People die from other illnesses and it is not called selfish. Also, depression is one of those illnesses that don't care about your bank balance or your nice house or the Oscar you keep in your bathroom. Depression is not a movie. It is not always 'about something. Its also something that can be invisible. A depressive will very often pretend to be something else.' In reading Haig words about our dearest friend Robin I see much of myself. We do need to make this more of a public illness so that we don't loose anymore wonderful people. We need to encourage greater empathy for everyone, even if we don't know if they are struggling...
You know my dear friends and followers I truly didn't mean for this post to be as deep as it has become but sometimes my thoughts get ahead of me when I do this post...
I don't know if you all knew this too about our dear Robin but on top of all the other struggles that he was going through, In a statement from his beloved wife Susan Schneider- Robin was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease at the time of his death.. Susan had also said during that time, her husband Robin was struggling very had with depression, anxiety and the knew news of Parkinson's diagnosis ...Even though he had his sobriety intact, which he was so brave to end, he still had more struggles to face and the Parkinson's might of just been to much  at this stage in his life....
[Parkinson's disease is a long term disorder of the central nerves system that mainly affects the
motor system. The symptoms generally come on slowly over time. Early in the disease, the most obvious are shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking. Thinking and behavioral problems may also occur too. Sadly it is an incurable nervous system disorder that involves a loss of brain cells, controlling movement. Tremors, sometimes starting out in just one hand in the early symptoms .It can also cause rigid, halting walking, slowed speech and sometimes dementia. Symptoms will worsen over time and can often be treated with drugs.] 
Actor Michael J. Fox-
Pop star Linda Ronstadt -
Boxer Muhammad Ali-
Radio Personality Casey Kasem
Late Pope John Paul ll -
These are just a few well-known figures diagnosed with the disease.
It must have been very difficult for Robin and his family learning about the
diagnose however, I know that if he would have let them help he would have been
find.. So many love and still love the man. With so much heart...
He was and still is a very loving soul and very much missed on this 2yr of his passing
and all I can say is I

hope his has found peace in heaven and I know in my heart that there is a lot of laughter now in the heavens above...

Well, as Robin says goodbye it really isn't because he will always
be with us in spirit...
I hope that you enjoy the post my dears

I love you all Wendy...

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