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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Short Stories-2016

Halloween Short Stories-
Good afternoon my dears. I thought you might enjoy a few more stories for Halloween. I am working on another post that is taking a little longer than I thought but I hope to have it done for you all before Monday 31…These are a few good ones I think I hope you like my dears and happy Halloween. My dears:
The Factory-
It’s about a middle school in Dallas Texas, that has a factory behind it. One day there was four girls from the middle school, who were walking home from the movie theatre, that used to be there before the school. When the girls were in the middle of the field, two girls of the girls had to use the bathroom. They didn’t want to go all the way back to the theatre, so they decided to climb over the fence and use the restroom at the factory. The two girls went while the other two stayed to help them over the fence. After about twenty minutes or so, the two remaining girls heard terrible deadly screams coming from their friends. They ran and their friends that went over the fence to the factory were never seen again. Today, the factory still remains and it is said if you cross the fence border, you too will never be seen again…. The first short story by Laura
The Graveyard-
This story is about three football players on Halloween night in 1976. It is said to be a legend but in my opinion it’s a legend that gone terribly wrong! This is the story:
The legend is that if you sit in three of the graveyard chairs from midnight until one minute after Midnight, you will have the ability to see ghosts, but you will pay with your life. This however did not apply to three high school football players on Halloween Night in 1976. They pulled into the graveyard, in the middle of a large open area. They had heard of the legend and decided to give it a try. But one of them refused to do it. He sat down and watched the other boys run from one chair to the other. Then he sensed that something was wrong. They were leaning over the side with their eyes rolled back, rasping. The boy began frantically screaming for help as his friends kneeled over and grabbed his leg. It is said that the boy also saw spirts for an instant. The boys died and the one that survived never spoke a word again. Of course, there were people mourning their loved ones nearby. They witnessed the event and filed a police report detailing what happened. No one really knows what those chairs are, except that they have been there since the town was founded. Story by Kyle …
The Bridge-
The last Story is about a bridge called ‘Covert’s Crossing’. Interesting name? The story Is about a young couple that married on Halloween. Then around Midnight they were riding in a horse drawn carriage across the bridge at the same time as a car was. As you can guess there is not enough room for both. The bridge was only a one lane, so by the time each saw each other the car and the drawn carriage it was too late. Story has it they all crashed and the hubcap of the car flew off and decapitated the young bride. The police were never able to find her head or the body of the groom. It has been said that if you sit on the bridge on Halloween night around midnight you can see the headless bride standing on some rocks in the river. However, they don’t know if she is looking for her head or for her lost love…Story by Courtnie….  

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