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Monday, November 17, 2014

Obba Goddess of Africa-

Obba Goddess of Africa- 
Obba Goddess
 Hello my dears I hop you all are doing well, I have found another beautiful Goddess and she is from Nigeria & Santaria. The Goddess of River in those parts... There is a interesting story to the beautiful Goddess of the river that I would love to share with you all. It seems that Obba Goddess of the River of Nigerian and Santaria is the daughter of Yemaja -Mother Goddess of all Rivers of Africa. She was Married to Sango -God of Thunder. Now do loose me here! The tale goes like this; bothe her sister were also married to Sango God of Thunder - Oya and Oshun. So a little bit of rivalry existed between the three of them. It seems according to the legend, Obba was the first wife and her children were set to be the heir to Sango's (God of Thunder) kingdom. However, Sango loved Oshun more than the  rest of his wives because she was the best cook of them all. (So it does say something for being a good cook in any century Eh!)
However, the beautiful Goddess Obba was desperate to please her husband God Sango and had once asked Oshun how she succeeded in making Sango so happy all the time. This is when the tale gets interesting ... Now Oshun her sister was not pleased with the idea of sharing her secrets with Obba, after all Obba was the first wife and the only one be able to bare children for the King Sango. So Obba stood to gain the most from Sangos kingdom. So its seems her sister grew a blank at first and refused to tell Obba anything, however after much begging and pleading on the part of Obba Oshun had come up with an idea. Grizzly idea I might add. So when Oshun was ready to tell her sister Obba the reason why the King Sango loved her so much - it was because she would cut a piece of her ear and would add it to his food as part of the ingredients to her grand food he loved so! Sneaky and Cunning was her sister Oshun.
Obba Goddess of Africa
However would it work? or would it back-fire right in her face! We will see... So Oshun went on to tell Obba the reason why Sango loved her so much was because she had cut a small piece of her ear and added it into all his Food as part of the ingredients. And of course Obba believed her sister. Why? I would guess because she so much wanted his love. As the tale goes Obba was quite pleased that her sister would tell her the secret to why Sango loved her so much. It being in her cooking and an very secret ingredient. So as the legend she decided to do over the top of what her sister Oshun had said, by cutting off her whole ear off, instead of just 'a little piece'. This would be Obba doom.. For the very next day she cut one ear off and put it in a well garnished food she had prepared, for her King Sango. She was all smiles as she presented it to Sango encouraging him to eat as much as he could. It didn't take long for Sango to discover the piece of Ear floating in the Soup after he started eating; Once he did see the ear his face burned with rage as he threw the pot of soup on the floor  and then accused Obba of trying to poison him and he
Obba Goddess In good Times
banished her from the kingdom. Obba had cried so much that her heavy sobs began to turn into a river and the more she cried the more she  the tears formed a pool around her. The pool of water that formed around her began to grow and grow up to her waist until she eventually turned into the River Obba which intersects with the Osun river at turbulent rapids to show the rivalry between the two wives. To this day the people of Africa still worshipped there today...

As you probably know there is always two different versions to every legend in all cultures. And that goes for the Beautiful Obba Goddess of Africa too. I felt it was important to explore bothe view in this post.. Also I found Obba to be one of the most beautiful of the Goddess of Africa too.
As the second tale of her live begins, Obba is said to be the legitimate wife of Chango in Cuba. She is considered the Orisha of the home and marriage. She represents the devoted wife who waits at home for her husband. I might add, that Obba was one of the few female Orishas that exhibits this type of behavior. Perhaps one of the reason for her behavior, could be related to the fact that she lost her ear due to the trickery of her sister Ochun. In Africa, Obba was considered like Ochun to be a Goddess of the River. Also some have said that where ever the River Ochun meets the River Obba, the waters become very agitated and perhaps they are fighting over Chango. The story takes an reverence look toward the Goddess Obba.Rather in Cuba than in Africa (Well at least in this version of the tale). It goes on to tell about the story of how Obba lost her ear and why Chango( an completely different king name )spent so much time with Ochun and Oya; Obba other sisters at St. Catherine of Sienna which is sometimes the Catholic Saint that represents the Goddess Obba. Now I'm confessed. The reasons for this is not clear, but perhaps as in some of the images of the
Obba Goddess in the act
of cutting off her Ear
Goddess Obba, it is due to the fact that her head is either clearly wrapped very beautifully I might add or they only show one side of her face - never full face or if so her hair is always covering the one side of her ear. This might relate to Obba's fateful day when she cut off her ear to make a soup for Chango that she thought might please him. And with both versions of the tale it goes because of Ochun Jealous of Obba and her ability to attract Chango even though her sister is a better cook. Ochun gives Obba a secret ingredient to a soup so to attract Chango - which of course back-fired - By saying to her sister a man's heart is through his stomach. Ochun had told her sister Obba that she had made a wonderful soup for Chango with her ear as the principal ingredient and that this soup had bewitched Chango so that he could think of no one  else. Obba, being an African woman knew that, of course, there were ways to enchant men using female body parts, but she had never heard of this one before....Nevertheless, Obba decided to try this with Chango, So she dutifully cut off one of her ears to make the special soup for him. When Chango returned home from one of his wars, he had asked the beautiful Obba why she had her head covered she of course made-up an excuse and served the special soup. When Chango sat down to eat and saw the ear floating in his soup, he was horrified and then he ripped off her beautiful wrap that was covering her head and saw what she had done. At this point in the tale Chango was even more furious with Obba. And he could never be with such a disfigured women and left the room. Obba went off into the woods screaming in outraged at the trickery of her sister Ochun and ashamed and humiliated by her disfigured looks. Apparently Obba was the most beautiful woman before removing her ear. Well that is the tale of Obba of Africa and Cube which is sad I must say. She was still is a beautiful woman I believe and just because she doesn't have one ear doesn't make less of a beautiful woman I 
would hope she would find that later on in her life.. But of course I don't know the
 history,legends of the African people so I can't say... just my opinion.

I did find an Interesting bit of info about the African Cultures:
The problem is I can't remember where I found this... I find it very enlighting to the
African People Culture and I wanted to included it to this post but I must say Its not mind and  
I tried very hard to try to find where I found it.. so I have to say .. its Unknown...
It seems that if not all but most African Cultures believe in a Supreme Creator in one 
form or another. A God behind the Gods, a Supreme God who created everything. 
The Creator is though to have once live on Earth, but left it for his Kingdom in the Sky because of human infractions. Because he was no longer in direct contact with the people, 
Lesser Gods were created directly from His power to do certain jobs that were given to them.
These Lesser Gods are the Gods of Earth, the Rains, Water, The Winds, Fire, etc.
The Deities are capable of answering human prayers by use of their own power and 
can intercede on man's behalf with the Creator Himself.
Although The Supreme Creator is usually referred to by him etc. It is beyond sex, 
being both male and female. It has no form and is thought of in an abstract way. 
It is available to any human, regardless of their position. A breath of Its Divine Being is 
within all animate and inanimate things.
It is known as Mulungu (East Africa), Leza (Central Africa), Nyambe (West Tropica), 
Nyame (Ghana), the Molder, Giver of Breath and Souls, God of  Destiny, 
One Who Exists of Himself, God of Pity and Comfort, the Inexplicable, 
Ancient of Days, the One Who Bends Even Kings, the One You Meet Everywhere, etc. 
Among many tribes, the creation of the Earth took four days. 
The fifth day was reserved for worshipping the Orisha Nia (Chief of the Deities),
who actually created the Earth with the Instruction and aid of the 
Supreme Creator. 
The Orisha Nia was also given the task of creating bodies out of clay.
When this was complete the Supreme Creator secretly placed the spark 
of life within the forms. These newly created humans were then placed on 
the Earth to live.

S€ŇĐƗŇG' ¥ØỮ ŦĦƗŞ ĦỮǤ.•-:¦:-`•.¸ŦØ Ş€€ ¥ØỮ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ¥ØỮŘ ĐΔ¥*`'`« ҉ »~"˜ `.¸Ɨ HOPE ITŴƗŁŁ β€ ŞỮŘ€ ŦØ Ř€ΔĆĦ ¥ØỮ
*☆*°°﹒☆҉☆¸ \( °‿°)/ ☆҉☆¸.✿¸¸.•´¨¯`'•⋆❥⋆❀´¸ ✿ღڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪے❤
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