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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Violet-ear Hummingbird

The Green Violet-Ear Hummingbird
 The Green Violet-Ear hummingbird is also known as the Colibri thalassinus. Also Chupaflor orejivioleta verde which is Spanish- 
These hummers are origins are the Highlands of Mexico south of Bolivia; Although they have been know to wander into south or central Texas almost every year and hummers have also gone as far east as North Carolina and North as Northern states and Canada too. 
There are few other hummingbirds that are as wide-ranging as these beautiful green/blue violet-ears. Unlike most tropical hummingbirds, which are more localized, this hummer can be found in the mountains from Mexico all the way to Bolivia in South America.

It is not surprising that the Green Violet-Ear with its wide range of
movement around the planet would be found straying into the North America. And many of these beauty's are making it their permitted home. 
These beautiful hummers are glittering green,blue, an hint of yellow & gold and deep purple. They are a very elegant-looking hummingbird. Their name 'Green
Violet-ear' is of a patch of purple feathers that extends from below
the eye to the nape of his neck. When the hummer is agitated, the Green Violet-Ear often will fan his/her sparkling purple feathers. You can see a patch of viotet-blue also shows on the breast of the tiny hummer
The females are similar, but they have a duller color than the male

and are much smaller in size. The color of the patch of the violet-blue patch is absent- so that would be another way of telling if it was a male or female. But both have the blue with a black band near the tip on their tails. In nature the hummingbird really shows how the male unfortunately has the beautiful colors more so then the female. 
The Male of the hummingbirds do not seem to participate in
stylized courtship displays like some of the other hummer do. Instead they just form loose groups, perch up high up in the trees, and sing endlessly. Their song, which is characterized by some as one of the most monotonous songs of the tropics, is an unchanging series of dry notes to lure the female up to the Male high up in these trees. 
Females will build deep, bulky nests using small leaves, mosses, grass blades and spider webbing. Most hummers will lay only two white eggs. 
This is one of my favorite's of the hummers. Althought they don't
come up this far in northern Washington that I have notice. And I have lived here for over 17years. I am guessing it is to cold in the
winter for them being that their origins are mexico. A much warmer climate. I have seen them when I've visited my parents in northern Ca. in the Redwood. and there were quite a lot of them there. They are a beautiful
hummingbird I do wish they would come up here. 
I hope you Enjoy my first of many of my hummingbird posts that I am going to do.. Wendy..

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