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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Real Ghost Story of the Goddess Pele

Real Ghost Story of the Goddess Pele-
Hi, my name is Marissa and this is what happened on the big Island of Hawaii.
My parents and I were looking for our hotel late at night and were getting frustrated.
Then we saw this old lady sticking her thumb out on the side of the road. She
looked Innocent with her long gray hair and wrinkled face so we picked her up.
We asked her where she was going?
And she said,"Kona", which is a city on the island. Now you have to imagine this!
We were in Hilo which is about 100miles form the Kona coast. I secretly knew that
my parents were hesitating about taking her to her destination because it was so far
and it was about 9pm at night.
Kona can be pretty dangerous at night too!
So I looked at her and she was just gazing out the window, although the way to Kona it was
pitch black because the city doesn't have much streetlights. She asked my parents for
a cigarette and they didn't smoke so they offered to drive her to get some. She said, "Mahalo"
and patiently waited. About 5mins later when I checked on the woman she was GONE!
She couldn't have got out of the car so fast! We had a van with locked doors and she
simply disappeared.
I asked my mom and dad if they let her get out and they said," they didn't? What what do you think?"
I think it was Pele in her old woman form!
Well that is my True story that I found many years ago.
I hope you like and find it interesting...
I have been to Hawaii many times, because I have my family there. And I myself truly
believe in the traditions and legends of Pele and other gods and goddess of the Islands
That you must respect the island. or you will have good fortune or very bad luck for me
I have love and good luck .
love you all my dear Friends and Followers Your Wendy :o)

"(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●c Celibate life´Magic Surrounds Us ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... ☾ ❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕
) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ƸӜƷ•❤❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕)¸.•*""*•.¸ 

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