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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Real Cinnamon Bark/or sticks
If you think you've had cinnamon, there's a very good chance that you've had Cassia instead. You see Cassia actually tastes very much like cinnamon, however it is the cheaper spice or product of
Cinnamon. Sadly the US allows both products in the country, plus they also allow Cassia & Cinnamon to both appear labeled as being Cinnamon in all the stores in the US.
I don't know why they allow this but in my opinion this is very wrong! So when I found this article I thought you all should know the differences between Cinnamon - Cassia so that you can make your own choices between the spices. First you should know the true name of Cinnamon...
[Ceylon Cinnamon-Cinnamonmumverum]
It has many different other names too... It is sometimes called 'Sir Lankan Cinnamon,which is the inner layer of the bark of the Tropical Evergreen Tree related to the Bay.
Cassia Sticks
The Cassia Tree is similar to the Tropical Evergreen Tree as it relative produces bark similar to cinnamon. Although they are not quite the true Bark cinnamon sticks. There are still many varieties that are harvested for consumpition of the Cassia sticks. There are also a host of names for all of these type of Cassia sticks too.
1-C. burmannii-labeled, 'Korintje',Padang or Indonesian Cassia.
2-C. loureiroi-labeled, Saigon Cinnamon, Vietnamese Cassia.
3-Vietnamese Cinnamon-labeled C. Cassia which is labeled 'Chinese Cinnamon'
The trick to telling the true cinnamon Bark/Stick apart from a Cassia Stick is actually not that difficult. This is how you tell the two spices apart.. First Cinnamon is much more fragrance plus it has a much sweet, warm and woodsy smell. Its not a pungent as that of the spice Cassia which has a slightly bittersweet flavor.
As for the difference in appearce in the two- Cinnamon is light brown or tan. Cassia is a darker reddish-brown. Cinnamon bark sticks are sometimes called 'Quills' and usually three-quarters of an inch thick. They have many concentric paper thin rings within the cinnamon bark sticks.
Now the Cassia spice is also rolled into quills, however, the individual layers are noticeably thicker and usually fewer. Cinnamons sweetness and warming qualities makes it a perfect fit for many types of foods. It can be in desserts of all kinds, especially during the winter time, with the use of many fruits. You can use cinnamon sticks to infuse liquids such as milk for puddings and sauces.
Some great examples are-
You can add a pinch of ground Cinnamon to your coffee grounds during the brewing for a hint of flavor or more directly in your cup for a bigger boost make herbal tea with cinnamon sticks or add the sticks to black tea with milk and other spices for a soothing fragrant spiced beverage. You can also sprinkle Cinnamon on your oatmeal for a more tasty breakfast. The smell of cinnamon in the oven warm up cinnamon rolls can be very intoxicating too! Besides puddings, sauces, liquids and desserts you can also use it on your vegetables and meats too. Cinnamon is a very important ingredient in Moroccan tagines stews, Indian curries and potato dishes too.
Cinnamon should smell sweet. If it doesn't toss it.






Stocks both Cinnamon and ground. The Sticks can last up to a few years and the ground cinnamon will last about six months. Here is a great link for more info.
I hope that you find this to be interesting . love you all my dears your friend always

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