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Monday, February 23, 2015

Kelpie Sea Horses

Kelpie Sea Monster Horse
Of Ireland and Scotland
These Kelpie Sea Horses in the Celtic World are known to be a Sea Monster. Why? Well these creatures can take on multiple shapes, however usually it will appear in the form of a horse. The Kelpie horses gallop around Ireland, looking like a lost pony, attempting to trick women and children into riding on them. There is one thing that you can tell that might safe you life from the Kelpie horse; these creatures always have a mane that will be dripping or soaking wet with water. Unlike that of regular pony's or horse's this should be a huge clue for you to Not! get on this creature!  How if a child or women doesn't see the signs of the wet man and hop on the
Kelpie Sea Horse trying to lure two
Young girls
monster Kelpie, well they are doom to drown. For the Kelpie Sea horse will then run with speeds unearthly into the water, drowning its victim as planned then it will take them to its lair to eat them; THE IRISH DEMON.

Sometimes the Kelpie will transform into a handsome man to lure women into his trap, of a watery grave, however there is another clue if the women can look pass the spell of the Kelpie. It is said that even thought he may be a very handsome man shift-shaper of
The Kelpie Sea horse
with his victim, taken down
to the depths of the sea
sorts, but if there is kelp or seaweed in the man's hair she should run. The Kelpie water horse can be vary in 

temperament from shy, to mischievous to downright evil. Like the Scottish Kelpie; many will suddenly appear at the bank-sides of the highlands and encourage or even force weary travellers onto their backs. Then they would suddenly charge at alarming speed/pace into the nearest body of water and dive into the water deep within then dumping the human there with no escape. 
The Irish Aughisky Sea Horse 
Then there is the Irish Aughisky which are particularly nasty and evil of all the Sea Horses. These take their victims down into the depths of the water with one thought in mind - to feed upon their victims; it doesn't matter whether it be man, woman or child. 
The Welsh Ceffgl Dwr tend to buck the trend, then will often jump onto the backs of the weary human travellers themselves. 
Some Water Horses are also thought able to assume
humanoid forms, usually either as a small hairy man or as
Kelpie in his True humanoid form
young youths who initially seem very handsome, however the closer one gets they may have sea-weed-encrusted in their hair, a musty smell about them and hooves instead of feet. 

His true form is that of a black horse, while his human form is
His True Form is that of the Black horse 
that of an attractive young man with dark hair and eyes - well his pupils are white swirls. Kelpies when wounded can heal themselves fast when they are in the water and can purify the water by removing all the toxins from their bodies.

The Manz Water Horses are known as Glashans have gained a reputation for attempting to abduct or molest women too.
Young Humanoids Kelpies that would work for
food on farms sometimes.
Sometimes the Glashans will adopt the form of a dapple foals of lambs or a more humanoid appearance and on occasions will assist farmers with manual labour in exchange for food. 

There are many different local names for the Water Horse/Kelpie Sea Horse. Theses creatures can vary somewhat in their habits and their appearances depending on specific breed and location on where they live.
Well I hope that you Enjoyed the legend and Myth of the Kelpie Horse of Ireland. I will included a few more images for 
you all my dear Friends & Followers so you can
see the many different appearances of the

~Kelpie Sea Water Horse~
Love You all very much 

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