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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Vila Fairy

The Vila Fairy
The Vila is a Eastern Europe Fairy, who are often depicted a beautiful winged tiny women. They are often naked or dressed in white thin cloth with very long flowing hair which is usually white or silver. 
The Vila is also a shapeshifter and can appear as swans, horses, falcons and snakes. They can 
also shapeshift into Natural Phenomena such as a whirlwind, Thunderstorms, and earthmoving. 
The Vila live deep in the ancient forest and are fierce protectors of the forest in which they live.  They are also very protective of the trees, plants and animals that live within her forest. 
They are revered for their deep knowledge of herbal healing, and will use their knowledge of healing powers in the forest if the human or elf is worthy.
Now if any human were to do any harm to the Vila Fairy's forest or her Creatures she might lure them into a magic fairy circle. Once the human is been lured inside the circle they are joyed with other fairies to dance and they will dance to their deaths. 
Another's have been  killed by a natural landslide or drowning in a lake in the Vila Fairy's forest. 
Various stories are told about the origin of the Vila. Some have said that they are the spirits of women who are caught between this world and the afterlife because of their frivolous habits on earth. 
Others say they are spirits of betrothed young girls who died before the wedding night and were unable to rest quietly in peace on either worlds, so they became the Vila. 
This is a interesting fairy, I only found one image that was I thought was good for this blog. It was very difficult to find any in numbers like that of the original fairy. But I feel that's because it doesn't want to be seen or discover. I hope that you find this wonderful ting fairy as interesting and mysterious and fun as I did. 
I hope that you also enjoyed the one photo that I found.
The Artist - Ado Ceric 

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