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Monday, April 21, 2014

Jenny Greenteeth the Water Fairy

Jenny Greenteeth the Water Fairy-
Jenny Greenteeth is a well known figure that is part of the English folklore
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
The tradition says it lived in Yorkshire, and that it was a very bad spirit of rivers.
As I told you I would do a post On Jenny Greenteeth the Fairy  in my Water Fairies around 
the World. The story tells that sometime ago there was a family with a mother, father, son, daughter
and a grandmother who was crazy. The mother and children were engaged to collect the 
vegetables from the fields, the father took care of the wood, traps and collecting any prey to 
take to the water from the well and the grandmother had the task of tidying up the house 
and cooking. During the summer the family could get along without much trouble, but in the 
winter the food was scarce and all went hungry. And that is the time when the family had their problems
between each other. 
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
One day the son asked why it was not possible to fish from the river. That way they would have
more food and a that moment his grandmother slapped him across his face and replied that he was
crazy and that nobody ever went into the river because of Jenny Greenteeth. 
So the boy asked who this Jenny Greenteeth was and his grandmother laughed at the 
ignorance of her grandson and told him it was a creature that lived in the lake. This creature that would
seize anyone that would be looking near the lake/rivers. Once caught by the evil creature, you are killed and
not always completely dead are eaten alive to the bone. The young boy just laughed and denigrated his 
grandmother, how is even more angry and told him go be careful because Jenny Greenteeth was ready 
at all times. Its skin was completely green, long hair, razor-sharp teeth and very large eyes. It's favorites
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy 
preys were the young people and children because more tender and tasty to eat
Well course the boy paid no attention to what his grandmother had told him, partly because they they
all thought she was crazy too.And also as the winter continued to advance the food was being getting 
to get very scarce and all was getting very hungry, he decided to take care of everything himself. So he 
took a net and went to the river in order to catch some fish. He remained for sometime on the shoreline,
but strangely did not see any fish pass so while he was searching the waters for fish he saw one stranded in 
some green algae. He tried to take a hold of the piece of green algae, but the more he pulled it out of the water, it seemed to anchored to the seabed, so he pulled harder and harder until he managed  to detach the algae and the fish escaped. He looked at his hands and noticed that the algae 
was very strange looking. He had a better look at the algae and he discovered that there was no algae at all
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
that was around his hands and arms, but long green arms with long nails and that they were attached to a body underwater. He also saw a grinning  face and was pulled into the river where he drowned... So He should have listened to his crazy Grandmother

and her tales.Eh!
This is the legend Jenny Greenteeth, an evil that drives especially children into the water to drown,
where they are eaten. Kinda like Hansel and Gretel story in the states . This legend I found is from England, Britain and the Creature Jenny Greenteeth has a couple other names; Ginny, Jenny Wicken o'Nell & Peg. Still today mother tell their children the story of Jenny Greenteeth to persuade them to stay away from rivers in England.

'If your path takes you near a riverbed or across a stream, you'd best look out for Jenny Greenteeth. A water witch of greenish tinge with frog-like, yellow as big as two lamps, Jenny dwells beneath the river's suface, darting like a fish across the mudding bottoms, and feeding upon the misfortunate who stumble and drown in her waters.'  

I did find there was a legend in Ireland and Germany about the Jenny Greenteeth Fairy. Although her name
Irish Legend of the deadly
Jenny Greenteeth Fairy
and her appearance is a bit different, the legend seems very similar. In these to countries Ireland and Germany the Greenteeth Fairy will appear as a beautiful woman in a white gown and is called respectively Bean-Fionn. And Die Weisse Frau. Although her visage is change she is still the same dreaded Jenny Greenteeth, that haunts the river banks and drags her victims to their untimely deaths. 

Jenny Green mermaid Fairy 
I tried to find the origins of what happen to the spirit of the woman that change her soul to the dark side of evil, but it was a bit tricky to find. But I think I have found it. Of all the Moral Jenny Greenteeth stories, it is said to stay away from rivers and lakes, and it is thought that the original girl/woman was the imagined creation of mothers who wanted to warn their children away from the waters edge with frightening tales. Her stories may have also derived from duckweed, an aqueous plant that wraps its tendrils around one's leg and traps them underwater. 
I think it just depends where you read the legend. In so places the stories or most are described and painted
Jenny Green Water Fairy
as a morbid creature such as unredeemed tones of dark greens and red. And Nasty sharp teeth. Other tales will show the Greenteeth Fairy as somewhat tender - albeit mislleading kinda Jenny Green Fairy . as side to the Greentooth Woman. In these accounts she uses her long bony arms to emabrace her victims stroking them with her sharp fingernails until they fall into a deep sleep where upon she devours them. It is said that some Sailors of the past called the Jenny Greenteeth of the Ocean- The Sea Hag and believed that she sang as she got closer to her victims.

Maybe the Venal  Spirit
Young girl named jenny who drowned
in 1870 near the rivers of Birmingham England
Jenny Greenteeth was a water fairy and was also associated with Lancashire area.  Ok my dears I think I found the origins In England at least... or this is as close as I am going to get... Jenny was overwhelmingly as a  Lancashire bogie, but there are some referees form further afield that might suggest she once had a wider kingdom. In 1870 weed in Birmingham was sometimes called 'Jenny' or Jenny Greenteeth'  the wording is ambiguous. There is also an east Riding legend about a young girl who drowned in that are who was called Jenny that sounds as if it may be Jenny Greenteeth or a close cousin dwells in the rivers of parts of England. 
Well I really don't know if Jenny the Water fairy of the river is a legend made up to keep children away or was actually a legend of a spirit of a young girl .. I couldn't find the lot on the legend, but that's how these legends go. Its really how much you believe.. I hope you found this one interesting I sure did..
I hope to find more interesting tales and stories
Before I left this post I did find a few images of what the Russian and 
German folklore call their Greenteeth Fairy and that happens to be the 



for you all! I love you All my dear Friends and Followers So very much!
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