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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ancient Wisdom of Faeries~2013

Ancient Wisdom of Faeries~
Faeries are very old beings. Many of their cultures range from Celtic to the Sidhe, people of the mounds.
To their realm called, 'Pathworking of Astral Travel in other Traditions, it is a oneself, one's environment one's spiritual beliefs. Some see this world of faeries as projection. Still other see it as a journey through space /time /Sidhe/Elven Realm/ parallel worlds or even worm holes thought something as simple as a enormous tree as an enchanted forest. The Questions is...You must decide for yourself what your believe. 

Faeries are great spiritual creatures of the natural world. They have been known to the Nordic, they were the alfar or elves. A vision quest is a great journey into a quest to the unknown reaching to the other worlds in order to learn about merely the Subconscious Realm of their World.

The faerie folk have inhabited the hills, valleys, and deep forests of the earth since the very beginning of time - Shamanism is an old and as Vast as the night sky - The buildings of the fist village. To even some paganism religion that belief in the faerie folk of the ancient, they to belief that these small beings have a respect for the earth, water, air and fire. All environment consciousness which runs so deep in the faerie connections with knowledge and wisdom which are gained from the tees, lakes, rivers, & streams. Protection comes from the rocks and the fire worlds which is important for they to believe in mother nature, who nurtures the planet. From all this they get their magick from the earth. 

Mystical realm which mirrors the astral planes and other portal holes in which they are able to come through both worlds is a way of protecting their children whether they are faerie, in the form of an animal (shape shifting), or anything that is one with this planet, that they have come to love.

The Faeries are acknowledged  in every aspect of life. Along with this comes a respect for all any shape - size of life ... from a tiny lady bug, to the rare spirit bear, to a giant redwood tree or a spring mist.
 Science is causing change in ones environment in conformity with ones will, is only possible to what you believe, in knowledge of human body soul and mind are able to see the most beautiful and powerful divine things in life. Its with the gift of choice that human beings do not answer the laws of the ancient world. The Gods and Goddesses, heroes, heroines of the Earth from the stars were known to the Celts as the Tuadha De Dannan that in habit the Earth, The Tuadha Da Dannan moved into the Realm of the faie or when they cross over into reality of another realm. 

It is wondrous beauty, enchantment and magic of the Earth, the Sea, the Sky and the Faerie Realm is Real...

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