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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yuki Onna- The Snow Vampire-
Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers I have a much lighter post for you all
This is my on going legends of the Yuki Onna of Japan. For today I am going to
explore the Yuki Onna - the Snow Vampire- I hope you enjoy the post-Wendy.
The Yuki Onna -Snow Vampire Is from Aomori,
Nigata & Miyagi. This Yuki Onna may look nice at first but don't be deceived by her looks. She is the most terrifying of all the Yuki-Yokai, This is why my dears. I show you a nice drawing first but I will show her true form too! The Snow Vampire - Yuki Onna haunts the snowy forests looking to feed. Yes, just like any over Vampire, however she is a little different. She lives by sucking-seiki-精気, the vital energy of the human body. She extracts the seiki by first freezing her victims to death, then sucking their souls out through their mouths. This type of the Yuki Onna is particularly nasty in Nigata, where it is said  these monsters prefer the soul-seiki of young children. So it is very wise if you happen to live or visit Japan it the areas of heavy winters, beware of the legend of the Yuki Onna the Snow Vampire. The legends of Japan my self I very much listen to being that my husband is full 3th generation Japanese. Well, I hope you found the legend to be interesting my dears, I have a few images for you too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too

Your friend always

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