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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Faceless Ghost!

The Faceless Ghost

The Noppera-bo- Faceless Ghost! Is a JAPANESE LEGENDARY CREATURE! It appears to be ordinary an human but, they are actually shape-shifters. They usually appear to the victim as someone they will know before erasing their facial features to scare them. They are also known as a 'No-face' & 'Faceless-ghost' that are known to be mischievous rather than malevolent. A favorite game of the Noppera-bo is to work in teams. What they do is one of them scares a victim who then flees and finds another person walking late at night.. The victim frantically relates their story to the stranger until they reveal that they too are a

Noppera-bo. Yikess!!! Although theses Shape-shifter – Noppera-bo is also considered a yokai due to it's long history in Japanese culture, there are modern
reports of sighting, including in Hawaii which has cultural links to Japan. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a mujina which is a Old Japanese world for a badger & or raccoon dog. Although the mujina can assume the form of the other, meaning the Noppera-bo's are usually humans! Such creatures were thought to sometimes transform themselves into Noppera-bo in order to frighten humans. Lafcadio Hearn used the animals name as the title of his story about faceless monsters- It was resulting in the misused the terminology and the legend. The Noppera-bo are known to scare humans, but overall are usually harmless. They appear at first as a ordinary human – sometimes impersonating someone familiar to the victim, before causing their features to disappear & leaving a smooth blank skin where their face once was!They are physically harmless but, they do delight in putting terror into their victims. They are a breed of faceless-ghosts – shape-shifters. Usually they are mistaken for a normal person when standing with their back toward the witness. Then when they turn around, it will reveal his ghostly faceless features. A flat sheet of skin on a face of hair Creepy Eh!
The Noppera-bo and the Koi Pond
  This Tale recounts a lazy fisherman who decided to fish in the imperial KOI Ponds near
the Heian-kyo Palace. Despite being warned by his wife about the pond being sacred and near a graveyard, the fisherman went anyway. On his way to the pond, he is warned by another fisherman not to go there, but he again ignores the warnings. Once at the spot, he is met by a most beautiful young woman who pleads with him to not fish in the sacred Koi pond. He again ignores her and , to his horror , she wipes her face off! Rushing home to hide, he is confronted by what seems to be his beloved wife, who chastises him for his wickedness before wiping off her facial features as well.
The Faceless-ghost is able to appear to other like any other normal person, it is just all an illusion to them. The Nopperabou really lacks eyes, a nose or a mouth. Instead of normal human features, these Nopperabou have only smooth skin on their face. People who encounter the Nopperabou usually don't immediately realize that they are talking to something that is otherworldly , as the creatures are able to create the illusion that they have a normal human face.

It seems that these creatures will wait for the right moment before causing their features to disappear, then will scare the pants of people right when they are even talking in front of them, suddenly change their face. Creepy.. These creatures usually live I rural area's in lonely night spots or anywhere as long as its deserted.
The Mujina of the Akasaka Road
On the Akasaka Rock, in Tokyo, there is a slope called Kii-no-kuni-zaka, which
means the slope of the Province of Kii. I do not know why it is called the slope of the Province of Kii. On one side of this slope you see an ancient moat, deep and very wide, with high green banks rising up to some place of gardens; and on the other side of the road it extended the long and lofty walls of an imperial palace. Before the era of the street-lamps and Jinrikishas – rickshaws, this neighborhood was very lonesome after dark; and belated pedestrians would go miles out of their way rather that mount the Kii-no-kuni-zaka, alone, after sunset. All because of a Mujina that used to walk around there. The last known man who saw the Mujina was an old merchant of the Kyobashi quarter, who died about thirty years ago. This is the story, as he told it...
One night, at a late hour, he was hurrying up the Kii-no-kuni-zaka, when he perceived a woman crouching by the moat, all alone, and weeping bitterly. Fearing that she intended to drown herself, he stopped to ofter her any assistance or consolation in his power. She appeared to be a slight and graceful person, handsomely dressed; and her hair was arranged like that of a young girl of a good family.
O-jochu [young girl],” he exclaimed, approaching her, “O-jochu, do not cry like that!...Tell me what the trouble is;and if there be any way to help you, I shall be glad to help you.” (He really meant what he said; for he was a very kind man.)

But she continued to weep, hiding her face from him with one of her long sleeves. “O-jochu,” he said again, as gently as he could, “please, please listen to me!... This is no place for a young lady at night! Do not cry, I implore you! - only tell me how I may be of some help to you!” Slowly she rose up, but turned her back to him, and continued to moan and sob behind her sleeve. He laid his hand lightly upon her shoulder, and pleaded: “O-jochu! O-jochu! O-jochu!..Listen to me, just for one little moment!... O-jochu! O-jochu!” Then that O-jochu turned around, and dropped her sleeve, and stroked her face with her hand; - and the man saw that she had no eyes or nose or mouth, - and he screamed and ran away. Up Kii-no-kuni-zaka he ran and ran; and all was black and empty before him. On and on he ran, never daring to look back; and at last he saw a lantern, so far away that it looked like the gleam of a firefly ; and he made for it. It proved to be only the lantern of an itinerant soba-seller who had set down his stand by the road-side; but any light and any human companionship was good after that experience; and he flung himself down at the feet of the soba-seller, crying out, “Ah! - aa!! - aa!!!”... “Kore! Kore! [Here, here]” roughly exclaimed the soba-man. “Here! What is the matter with you? Anybody hurt you?” “No - nobody hurt me,” panted the other, “only ...Ah! - aa!” “Only scared you?” queried the peddler, unsympathetically. “Robbers?” “Not robbers, not robbers,” gasped the terrified man... “I saw... I saw a woman – by the moat; - ans she showed me ...Ah! I cannot tell you what she showed me!” “Ha! Was it anything like THIS that she showed you?” cried the soba-man, stroking his own face – which there with became like unto an EGG! ….AND , simultaneously, the light went out. 

So what did you all think of that story? Creepy!!!!
Happy Halloween...


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