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Friday, February 1, 2013

'Ghost Elves'-2013

Ghost Elves ~ are a sub-race of the elves, that has perhaps had the most tragic of all pasts...
Centuries ago, before the Dark Elves were banished from Toril, they viciously attacked a High Elf City.

Unable to stand up to the Military might of the Drow, they sent out a call for help. But none of their elven allies came to their aid - in fact that's the one thing that the ghost elves have never forgotten. Eventually, help came in the form of a man named Thule.
~Thule offered to save them from the Dark elves in return for their service. The leaders of the city, appalled by the slaughter of their people, agreed without a second thought.
~Thule then revealed himself to be a pit friend of almost God - like powers & whisked the elves to his home in the Nine Hell of Baator. For centuries, the ghost elves served as slaves to the devils - working or fighting in cruel arena's battles. Their time in a foreign plane, cut off from the elf bond with the land, and almost completely destroyed their spirits -
~Their appearance also change giving them a glowing white skin and their eyes turned almost mirror- like. Eventually a ghost elf leader struck a deal with some demons of the hells, and there was a which the ghost elves made their escape through a series of portals, eventually ending backup in the material plane.
Their connection with the planes has replaced their connection with nature. The Ghost Elves are loosely affiliated with the united Galactic Alliance, but do not hold official membership - they avoid diplomacy with other Elves when ever possible, not being hostile but merely avoiding them.
They have made enemies of the devils of the planes though, who seek out and hunt Ghost Elves whenever the opportunity is there-
Currently, Ghost Elves have no known home. 

There is some speculation that they may live in a hidden Ethereal plane. 
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