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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mysterious of Gardens & Mazes

Mysterious Gardens for the people who love the Gothic way of life:
Did you ever wondered how it feels to be lost in a deep dark forest where you are so turned around that you don't know where North~South~West~and East are. or even how high up is? What if you got lost in a gothic garden that someone created for you? For example : what if you got lost in Harry Potters maze in the movie the Goblet of fire? It was a very magical garden that harry had to go into in the last game. But as the head master of the school said " this is a very different kind of garden. It is mythical and magical, but what you have to do to get out is how you look at  yourself. These mazes have away of taking over your mind. You must stay focus at all times of the maze can take you mind and you may never get out".
As I said its not only about getting lost! its also about finding yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to navigate your life. Risks are all around you when you walk in the labyrinth, and there are lots of life and death choices behind every turn as the unknown as you get deeper in the maze. Your unknown future is spread all over the mythical garden as you get in deeper and deeper.

In the last thousands years, labyrinths and mazes had a Big impact on the world of Gothic gardening themes and designs. Those maze gardens can be made by heavy rocks or high plants and trees, but one thing is certain they are beautiful and mysterious at the same time.

In the middle ages walking in a maze garden had a religious meaning. If you got the chance to evaluate  your life, by a  voyage and choices through the maze garden. Also going in the dark in order to find your spiritual enlightenment is another thing people would do in the middle ages with maze gardens. The dark and light themes are also associated with death and life creation. It was believed that ghost and evil spirits lived in the trees and plants that forged the amazing labyrinths. As the winds blows through the maze and dangerous animals are all around you possessed by those spirits who control the mysterious fields with their supernatural powers.

Gothic gardens that are designed as mazes have a special usage for hide and seek games. These games can serve the need to protect the castle against thief's and other vandals by mils and mils of dead end mazes. Think that you are a stranger that wants to enter the remote castle, not only that you don't know the area, you can also get lost and even die in the labyrinths paths. On the other hand, hide and seek games are well known as love games. Mazes are the perfect place of forbidden love affairs. A location where you can release your sins without anyone to know about it, only you know these remote spaces between the plants. 
As garden activities such picnics, field games and other social gathering became more popular, the height of the maze components reduced and was no longer than the height of your knees, in order to give the people a chance to socialize, communicate and see each others. The maze garden is so fun that you don't only interact with other people but also with the animal kingdom and the beautiful nature. Every tunnel has its unique plants and grass paths there for a reason and of different colours and shapes of nature is unfold every step you take.

Create your own maze garden in your backyard:
First you must draw the maze on a piece of paper. Pay attention to the maze style as the paths can be rounds of sharps, big or small, and the number of the dead ends can be also vary, all these factor determine the design of your garden labyrinth.

Where do you want to put your Gothic garden maze? if you are constrained by garden space its suggested that use choose a flat area, of a hill so you will be able to distinguish your maze from the other parts of your garden. You  should also be aware that use should reserve a part of your garden to a non- maze area, so it wont be difficult to enter and get out from your house. Gardening components: turf labyrinth, you can plant your own or you can buy  mowed turn in different shapes of circles and lines that you can combine. And of course you can do it all by mowing your grass in the shape of the maze, by cutting parts of it and let other parts of the grass to grow high.

Other nature beautify, you can add a stepping stones as a directions inside your maze. You can also create special areas in your maze. In each area you can grow a different vegetables or fruits and plant colorful flowers. Put big rocks or big trees in order to hide the rest of the paths of the Gothic garden mazes  and  to prevent people to cheat and cross the maze in the middle but going in a straight line and killing all your flowers. 

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