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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Legend of the Christmas Stocking-

The Legend of the Christmas Stocking-
I thought I would also do a post on the History of the Christmas
Stocking too. It is also so much part of the holiday season too. When I first started looking for the legend or history about the first Christmas Stockings what I found - was the most common story of the most influential figure in the shape of today's Santa Claus, or St Nicholas of Myra a fourth-century bishop who was known for his charity and wisdom.
According to legend, a poor ITALIAN father was faced with selling one of his three daughters into slavery in order to afford the dowries needed for others to marry. One night the daughters had washed out their stockings and hung them over the fireplace to dry. Having heard of the family's misfortune, the good saint decided to pay them a visit. Late that night, in the darkness riding on his faithful white steed he stopped by their house and saw the stockings through the window. HE SECRETLY TOSSED THREE BAGS FILLED WITH GOLD COINS DOWN THE CHIMNEY. The bags fell into the stockings that were hanging by the fire. His kindhearted gift made it possible for all three maidens to marry. 
There are many different variations of the story, but this one seems to be

the one of first legend of St.Nicholas of Myra and of the one that is believed to be the inspiration of the Santa Claus legend. From this legend after the young women live happily ever after, from the rejoiced marriages and telling of the account. It spreads through the town. Children began to hang their stockings by  their fireplaces in hope that they too would receive gifts from St. Nicholas. So the tradition begins. 
There is another Christmas Stocking Tradition that may be found in Dutch lore. In Holland, Called 'Sinterklaas' arrives on a ship from Spain with his assistant 'Zwarte Piet' or Black Pete. Upon disembarking, they travel the country with Sinterklaas upon his noble white steed and Zwarte Piet riding a mule. 
Dutch children would leave treats of carrots and hay in their clogs, or wooden shoes, for the horse and mule and Sinterklaas would in turn fill the shoes with small gifts for the children after the horse and mule had enjoyed the treats.
When the Dutch settlers immigrated to America, they brought many of their traditions with them. Over time. Sinterklaas came to be known as Santa Claus, and it is quite possible that wooden clogs were eventually replaced by stockings too.
These are just a few legends and traditions that I found on the Christmas
Stockings with the legend of St. Nicholas 'Santa Claus'. Its up to you and your family and friends to see if you believe in the SPIRIT OF THE LEGEND AND TRADITION THAT KEEPS IT ALIVE IN ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD.
I hope you Enjoyed this fun tale of the Legend of the Christmas Stockings and St.Nicholas - Santa Claus-
Merry Christmas too your all my dear Readers and Followers
Your Wendy with love. oooooxxxx-)

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