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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shur-Drow's - Gods in their own Eyes!

 Shur-Drow ~ Gods in their own Eyes!
Shur -Drow
The shur-drow are a deadly crossbreed of a drow & a demon. They are commanders and magicians of the highest order. They hold no drow as their master. They consider only the Gods to be their equal or better. Shur-Drows are considered by surface dwellers, Yet few elves, faeries, pixes or even human have survived an encounter with an Shur-Drow. To be touched by one is like the Assimar  & its demon usually means death- The reason I thought I would Re-blog the Shur-Drow is that I had 
an Goggle Follower ask about it just about a week ago and I hadn't posted the 
Shur-Drow since early Feb 2, 2013. And secondly It seems that when I looked at the numbers
of viewers it got quite alot of Interested! This could be a few things in my opinion - that everyone 
at some point in there lives are curious about the dark path whether it be in 
the human world or the Fae. Also I thing that You all might be interested in their Culture as a whole.
The Shur-Drow is very much different than that of the faeries, pixes, all the Elves folks, and the Drows. This group is very independent, compare to any of the Fae groups. The main pull would be is
Male Shur-Drow
that the Shur-Drow has no master of higher power that they have to abide too. I believe this is 
Male Shur-Drow
because they are a cross breed of a Drow & a Demon. And they all! consider only the Gods above to be their equal or even better. So In this way they have really no know other than themselves to do what ever they please. And everyone is equal in their eyes. The shur-drow are beyond the word vain, even more so than Ye - random - Drow. They are ambitious & will not let anything stand in their way to achieve what they want. The shur-drow is much more variable than that of the Drow. Though most shur-drow's sport the obsidian/darkgray skin of their cousins  -Drow's. Though really & fancy combination between a shur -drow and demon is possible. Often resulting in monstrously tall humanoids with wings, horns,fangs &claws. Their hair & eye color is variable, though it is most likely to be that of one of their parents or a combination of both.
 They considered themselves as their own race - As Gods themselves - equal or better than their

 counter parts.  This is with both the female race and the male race. It really doesn't 
matter. What matter is who is the strongest of mind, body, sometimes 
appearance but that is always the way to power in the world of the 
Shur-Drow. It also is who you know and who you can get to 
back you up.......
I hope that you find this Re-blog of the most interesting and very
independent Shur-Drow to be a little more informative.  I have added a bit more

to my old post and a few more different images too. 
I am doing much better from my fall too.  I love you all 
my dear friends and followers . You are the ones that keep my humble 
blog going and for that I thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
Your Wendy
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