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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Creepy Contaminations-Finger by Dry Cleaner
Good morning my dearest friends, followers, supporters and readers. As to my many posts on urban legends & to how much it seems you all find them to be fascinating to read. I do try to find the very best ones. I hope this is another fun one to read too.
The tale starts...With a man eating at a Chinese restaurant and had bitten into something to hard to chew or shallow. Being a kind soul & rather not causing a scene, he decided to get his napkin and removed the offensive morsel of food wrapped in the napkin. After that he quietly put it into his jacket pocket, finished the rest of his dinner & the tough morsel that was put in his jacket was all but forgotten. Well, this was until one afternoon when his friendly neighborhood Dry cleaner, who was accompanied by two police officers came to his door. They produced his Jacket that he had dry clean at his friendly dry cleaner a couple day a go. The police asked him to identify his jacket. He easily did so, then he asked, 'What seems to be the problem Officer?' One of the police officers showed the man the evidence bag in which was the shriveled first two joints of a human forefinger. The Officer then told the man it had been found wrapped in a napkin in your jacket pocket.
At this point the man was very concern and a bit sick knowing that that was in his mouth a few weeks ago. Also that he was in trouble with the law too! At that moment the officer demanded, 'Where's the rest of the Body?' All the man could do is take his to the Restaurant where he ended up with that first two joints of a human forefinger on his plate and gave them also directions to the Chinese Restaurant.
(note: this is could happen to any type of restaurant it just happen to be Chinese and its just a urban legend...)
As they got closer the man asked if he should be concern about his health, but the police didn't say anything till they got to the place. As the tale ends;
There is Good news/Bad news...
The Good News was the cook at the restaurant had only lost the finger, that ended up on the gentleman plate.
The Bad News was an Pathologists had already did a report on the finger, that ended up on the gentleman plate then in his mouth chewing on it a bit. HAD LEPROUS!
Moral of the story- Never keep chewing on something too hard or that taste yuck. And always tell the owners of what ever restaurant you happen to be in. It could cost your life!
Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the tale I love you all very much
Your friend Always

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