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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Animal Quotes-
Good Day my dearest friends and followers. I know I haven't been around this summer much and for that I am truly sorry. My life has been much more busy these last two summers with my son getting closer to graduation from High School. And this coming year we have 3 college classes with one high school class. So I do apologize for I have been so good at keeping up... However I do have quite a backlog of post for you all to look at. I had a look and it looks like there are close to 885 of them. And come fall and winter is when I do my best work because the rain comes...I do have a couple of post that I have written and a few idea's hidden away that I am going to get together at some point.
But for today I thought you would like these amazing photo's a dear friend sent me from eastern Canada. I have found that you have always enjoyed my Animal post so Enjoy my dears
Much love to you all 😄😛😄😄❤💝🎶🎶🌞🌟

Your Friend Wendy💖

 I hope that you all Enjoy the photo's
I know that I sure did ... Much love to you all

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