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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Dryads & Oreides were the beautiful Nymphs of the trees, groves, woods and mountain forests. They
were the ladies of the Oaks, Pines Poplar and Ash trees. Also the Apple and Laurel trees. These  dryades would spring up from the earth at their birth, their lives would be very closely tied to each and every tree that was born in the times of the Greek Gods. While these Dryads Nymphs were alive the tree that they were connected to would flourish, and bloom with no disease or fire. but when the tree did passed away, So did the beauty Nymph. This is how it was in the days of the Greek gods and their Beautiful Dryads Nymphs. 
There are many different kinds of Nymphs In Greek Mythology. In that time period, many of them were water, lake, rivers, marsh, ponds fountains, waterfalls, earth, fire, blue nymphs, wood, underworld and even air Nymphs.
 Dryads Nymphs are just as beautiful and cunning as those above.  The Dryads Nymphs are the
beautiful ladies of the forest and woods who live in their trees and there around them. They are born in their tree and will died with their tree, but there is so much more to these ancient deities than meets the eye.
For one there are several classes of the Dryads with a particular type of tree.
I will give you a couple of examples of these amazing ancient deities that roamed our earth centuries ago.
1) The Meliai were the Nymphs of the ash-trees. They sprang up from Gaia the Earth she was impregnated by the blood of the castrated Ouranos. The men of the Silver Age married these Nymphas - [in the time before women were created and from them all of mankind was descended]. 
2) The Oreiades were the Nymphs of the mountain conifers. The first of these were offspring of the five Daktyloi and the five Hekaterides. Note: These are the descendants of the elder Oreiades and their brothers the Satyroi's. 
Also, The old forests of the ancient Greece were primarily found high in the mountains since the majority of the lowlands forest had been cleared for farming. It was, therefore, natural for the Greeks to think of the Dryades as mountain dwelling at the time.
3) The Hamadryades were the Nymphs of the Oak and the Poplar Trees. These were usually associated with riverside trees and sacred groves.  (most of the most beautiful of all Nymphs were found in these places.)

4)The Maliades, Meliades, or Epimelides were Nymphs of the Apple and other fruit trees. They were also protectors of the sheep.
5)The Daphnaie were the Nymphs of the Laurel trees. 
Dryads Nymphs~
The Greek gods put them into these different groups-  1) Nymphs of mountains and grottoes which were called - Orodemniades and Oreiades at the times of the ancients. 2) Nymphs of forests, groves and glens were believed sometimes to appear to and frighten solitary travellers. 3) Nymphs to trees were believed to die together with the trees which had been their abode, and with which they had come into existence. They were called Dryades, Hamadruades or Hadryades.
The Dryades of the Ancient times of The Greek Gods~ 
These are a few of the Dryades of The Great Zeus & Hera of the Greek Gods-
DAPHNIS   An Oreiad of Mount Parnassos in Phokis who was appointed by the Goddess Gaia as the prophetess at the oracle at Delphoi in the time before it passed into the hands of Apollon. 
DRYOPE  A Hamadryad nymph of Mount Othrys in Malis. She was a princess of the Dryopes who was transformed into a poplar-tree nymph by her Hamadryad sister-in-laws.

EKHO  A Oreiad nymph of Helikon in Boiotia, and a handmaiden of the goddess HeraShe was cursed to only repeat  the words of others by her mistress. When she fell in love with the self-obsessed youth Narkissos, he spurned her advances, and she faded away in her grief.
HELIADES Daughters of the sun-god Helios, the Heliades were transformed into amber-teared poplar trees. They were probably regarded as a typed of Hamadryad.
HESPERIDES The three guardians of the golden apples were sometimes regarded as Hamadryad or Hamameliad (apple-tree) nymphs.
KHELONE  An Arkadian Oreiad nymph who ignored the summons to attend the wedding of Zeus and Hera and as punishment was transformed into a tortoise.
KYLLENE An Arkadian Oreiad who was the eponym of Mt. Kyllene in Arkadia. She was the wife of Pelasgos the very first King of Arkadia.
PENELOPEIA   An Oreiad or Epimellid nymph of Mount Kyllene in Arkadia. She was the mother of the God Pan by Hermes. 
PHIGALIA A Libyan Hamadryad nymph who was the mother of several of the Danaides by King Danaus.
PITYS An Oreiad nymph loved by Pan. She fled his advances and was transformed into a pine-tree.
SYKE  A Hamadryad nymph of the fig-tree.
OTHREIS An Oreiad of Mount Othrys in Malis. She was loved by the Gods Apollon and Zeus. 
These are few of the Dryads of the Greek Gods and brief descriptions of each. At some point, I might decide to add to this post. By adding a more details to the different Dryads I have shown you here or maybe different ones. I hope yu enjoy the Magic of the Dryads
I hope you also like the great images

that I have left for you dearest 
friends & followers love you all
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the images are note mind 
they are incredible artist that have depicted the dryads so elegantly.  
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