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Friday, October 3, 2014

AnnaBelle - The Haunted Doll

AnnaBelle - The Haunted Doll-
Today the Real Annabelle
Haunted Doll Remains locked in
this Glass case. Where it still
reported that weekly, the Doll still
manges to turn up in the strangest of
places in the Museum...
In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would bring my post that I did many years back on the
Haunted Doll Annabelle. I had first posted this when I was doing sites before I even had a blog and so I had to look for my re-write of the haunted doll since the haunted movie is out this week. I must say that I don't remember the doll looking like what they have her in
the movie. I guess they had to make it look more scarier for the movie goers Eh!
So basically the story of the haunted doll Annabelle was actually a terrifying case of a over-sized Raggedy Ann doll. Which is interesting to me because this dolls; the Raggedy Ann dolls were very popular when my mum was a little girl. I can't really remember that year? But I could tell you a bit about their history... of the Raggedy Ann doll. Its a character that was created by an American writer Johnny Gruelle [1880-1938]. Apparently he also wrote a series of books and illustrated the books for young children with his Raggedy Ann character which was not really scary at all.. She was an Rag doll with red yarn for hair and has a triangle nose. It seems that the writer johnny Gruelle even received an US Patent for his Raggedy Ann doll in the year 1915 on Sept 7. He actually created Raggedy Ann
Raggedy Ann doll and Andy doll
In the Year 1915 -1918
the doll in 1915 and then in 1918 is when he introduce his books stories about the doll, with quite a bit of success at the time in the 1900's. It was such a great concept the writer Johnny decided to bring in the brother Raggedy Andy that was dressed in a sailor suit and hat.  This is what I remember my mum having and this is what the ANNABELLE HAUNTED DOLL IS! NOT THE MORE CREEPY LOOKING ONE THAT THEY HAVE PUT ON THE MOVIE THAT IS IN THEATERS NOW!
So now for the  tale of the Raggedy Ann Doll - Haunted Annabelle. Briefly it was a case that happened in the 1970's. It was even highlighted in a book in the 70's called The Demonologist. It happened when Ed and Lorraine Warren began to have such creepy terrifying problems in their home after the purchased of a over-sized Raggedy-Anne doll as a present for the daughter birthday it was believed. After that is when the horror began. Its seems that one their daughters friends was attacked physically and the list went on to the point that they had to call upon a Episcopal priest. So now I will go more in detail of the scary tale of the
Annabelle Haunted Raggedy Ann Doll-
How this tale began was just like any other ordinary day in the 70's with a mum walking along looking for the perfect birthday gift for her daughter who's gone to college. And this mother found this perfect gift so she thought in a hobby store thinking that the over-sized Raggedy-Anne doll to be that perfect gift; little did she know that it would bring terror to her family to an height that no one could have predicted. And that the doll would end up locked inside a protective glass case in an occult museum to keep her at bay to this day of 2014... And even today in the 21th century the doll is still reported that while it is even under lock and key, weekly Annabelle still manages to turn up in the strangest of places in the Museum. After Lorraine Warren had brought the doll home to her daughter for her birthday things were find for a while, but it seems that the weird disturbances started, when her daugher donna and roommate discovered a piece of chocolate mysteriously left in the living room stereo. What made it so disturbing, was the fact that, no one had bought the chocolate and they were all perplexed to how on earth did it get there on its own! Then the strange messages started. And they were found in a child's handwriting on parchment paper too! What was so odd about that was! Is the fact that there was no! parchment paper in the house and there was no children that young in the house to write that young of writing. Plus the writing was note of 'Help me' and other types of note of
 The Original Annabelle Haunted Doll
that nature which was very odd and creepy too. It seemed that more and more objects were being moved about the home, never being found where they had originally been left before. The family started to truly believe that somebody or something was inside their house and it was creepy them out. So it seems that after a month of these strange almost paranormal happenings and occurrences the girl finally decided that they need some help. note I wouldn't have waited that long or even stayed in that House! But that is just me.. Anyways back to the story. The girls got an investigator to get the history of the properly to see if there was any paranormal activity or ghosts, and they also contacted a local medium too. What the girls found out was before the apartments had been built there, a young girl by the name of  'AnnaBelle' had died on the property. It seems that the spirit of the child Annabelle had loved to play in the field there at the property... those were the happy times for her and her spirit had never left there. The medium told the girls that the little girl Annabelle's spirit was still there and was responsible for all the occurrences that had happen in their home. It was found that the notes on the parchment paper were, her asking if she could stay with them, by moving into the Raggedy Ann Doll that Donna's mum had bought for her birthday. At that point not knowing what to do? the girls had said yes, with the Medium there and they even renamed the doll to what we all now know to be 'AnnaBelle'. Of course the girls had no idea what they let into their home by letting the spirit of the dead child of Annabelle come into the doll and then into their lives.. do they creepy Eh!
The girls thought of the Doll Annabelle as a harmless mascot of sorts and they often left her on their bed in the mornings or perched on the living room sofa. The girls going to work/school each day and on returning from work things started again.
Upon returning from work, they would notice that the Annabelle had repositioned herself on her own from where she had been left that morning. It was only little movements at first, like the arms and legs of the doll were in a different position, but over time AnnaBelle was changing into different ROOMS! all by herself! The Girls would come at night to find the AnnaBelle sitting in a chair by the front door or even kneeling on the floor. Other times they would find her sitting on the sofa, even though she was left in Donna's room that morning.
The Girls were starting to get nervous and scared. And things got even worst before they decided they should do something. It apparently it was one night when everything hit the fan you could say when they were home... It was one  scary night when loud noises were heard coming from the girls bedroom apt. Thinking someone had broken into their apt, one of the tenants, decided to quietly walk inside the bedroom door. Bad move; The Doll wasn't a nice little girl spirit anymore it was something quite different. After the Tenant went in the girls room to see what it was; he/she was physically attacked by an unseen entity and ran from the AnneBelle .. that was lying roughly tossed in one corner of the room. This was the the breaking point; finally it seems somebody does something knowing that there is something very wrong with this DOLL! It took Ed and Lorraine Warren to do this when they heard of the girls scary attack with this Doll that wasn't a doll child anymore it seemed to be an much more evil entity now.. So the two invited a priest to come over to give the home a blessing.
bedroom with slashes and deep cuts. Nothing out of the ordinary was found in the bedroom of the girls apt not except for the Doll. At this point they all thought some sort of demonic or evil entity was affecting either the house or/and the doll its self. And what to do! Finally it seems that after the priest was called to the home to perform a blessing to the house/apts the doll was removed at Donna's request.
Well I guess the doll was at Ed Warren desk in a small chair for  the next three days. And during that time Ed was able to watch to see if the doll AnnaBelle was in fact a Evil entity. And of course it did. It moved and even when he had locked up for the day. Upon returning the next day, found that it had moved into his favorite chair up stairs abode his office, in his easy chair. Ed Warren had said that AnnaBelle would also emit horrific growls in response to visiting the clergyman too. At this point Ed and Lorraine Warren believed everything that has happened to the girls and wanted to know everything that has happened to them in their home and not to left out any details. So infact they had some folks that belived...
The story continues on where I found this incredible storie on this link.
Starting with this Quote '' There are two stories, "Donna said. One that began earlier in the week with Lou. The other one's about Annabele. But I suppose they're both about Annabelle.'' ''Who's Annabelle?" Ed promptly asked. "She belongs to Donna, she moves, she acts alive, but no, I don't think she's alive. She's in the living room" said Angie, pointing across the table. There, sitting on the sofa.
So from this quote you should beable to find the rest of the story on the link. It was truly to long for me to re-word for you all. I will put a few videos' that I think that you all will like and they will also explain a bit more on this scary and creepy tale on these doll.. too.
Happy Halloween Heheheheh....

The Real AnnaBelle on the Right
The Movie AnneBelle on the Left
Question? Why did they have to change the DOLL?

Here is a Trailer to the New Movie that is
Out Today October 3, 2014
Happy Creepy Halloween


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