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Monday, February 25, 2013

'Faeries, Elves, Pixie's & Tree Spirits' 2013

'Faeries, Elves, Pixie's & Tree Spirits'
Contacting fairies~
Fairies are little beings that live on an astral plane. They came over between planes but it is much easier to contact them though the astral plane. 
Meditation is one way to contact fairies, to do this you should go to a place where  your can relax without any disturbance. Take the phone off the hook and if necessary lock the door. Another place would be is a special place in your garden or the forest if you have one near by. I find that my garden is a great place for this. Yet when my son gets home from school, then its not so good. I do love the forest but like everyone else it is not close by for me to get too. Once you do find that special place, get into a comfortable position, preferably sitting because when you lay down you might fall asleep(usually on those warm sunny days you just might fall asleep) 
Anyway so close your eyes and start breathing in and out very slowly. Imagine your body relaxing - starting with your toes and going through your entire body until your reach your head. spend extra time on your back, arms and neck as they have the most built up tension in you're body. Now picture yourself  walking down the stairs, but these stairs could be white fluffy soft clouds for your stairs. This would make each step that much more relaxing. At least it works for me.
Once you're relaxed & your body feels like its either light as a feather or heavy as if you were under the tall trees in your favorite forest. You can decided where you want to be -Meadow, Garden,Redwoods,or  a riverbank anything that would relax your.

At this point when you are completely relaxed, ask for the fairies to show themselves and ask them that you mean them no harm. You only want to learn from them & talk to them. This may take some time, so be patient. Fairies are very cautious creatures by nature and very guarded when it comes to the humans & their world. 

Once an fairy does trust you, they'll come out - But always be careful & cautious yourself too when you are around them too. Faeries can be wary at first. Be careful when you have your first contact & carry a charm of protection with you always! You don't want to bump into a violet fairy when you have nothing to protect yourself. Not all fairies are nice little pixies that we would think or would hope they are all are; Just like humans we too are all not the best kinda of people, too. 

What kind of fairy and tell them that you mean them no harm, you are only there to meet in peace - note there are many different kinds of fairies ~
Once you fine a place which you think is fine, sit down on a rock or stump and talk to the fairies. Show them that you have only good intentions. They should come,if they believe you . They also will only really come if you truly believe in faeries too. 

The fairy Call
A Spell for Summoning the Fairies
Sit where the cat sits. Cross your toes,
Close your eyes and smell a rose
Then say under your breathe; 
"I believe in fairies, sure as death"
Gadflykins! Gadflykins! Gadflykins!
Gutterpuss an Cass!
Come to me Fairily
Each lad and lass!
Fairy Offering in your home:
If you want to attract fairies to your home 

If you want to attract fairies to your home you should leave food offering. This will give the fairies something they want and it will lead them to trust you. Try leaving small cakes, candies, ginger,barley, icing like for a birthday cake~ 

They also love gardens, so leave some of these offering there in a bowl of basket. Planting rose bluebells, thyme, will also help attract fairies too~
Don't look for the offering to disappear, because the fairies don't  physically eat them. Fairies are capable of taking the energy from the offering's; rather than taking the offering-the food itself. In a few days, the cake may still be there but it may look a bit plastic or unreal looking! Of course if an animal comes along and eats the offering- this is a good sign too. Don't sent it away - it may be the fairy in a animal form coming for a present. 
So the one thing that I could tell you that would help you come one with the faeries is ~ TO BELIEVE! 
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