Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Ugadi Day

Happy Ugadi Day-
I wish to all a Happy
Ugadi Day who Celibrate
this special day...
with love Wendy:o)

Love you All! Yur Wendy!
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Korea - Fox Gumiho

Korea-Fox Gumiho-
In Korea, they also have a Nine tail fox too which is called an
Gumiho. It has been known to be a malevolent being . It would transform into a human men so he can seduce men to lower their guard. Once the fox finds an opening on the human, it will strike and devourer the
victim's being either female or man's liver. In one Korean Myth a farmer has tried many times with wife to produce a daughter. When they finally produced one, she was the perfect little girl. However, when she went into the woods one day, she was found and killed by a Gumiho. The gumiho went "home" in the daughters image.However, since she returned, cattle began dying due to having their livers being ripped out. (apparently these Fox-Gumiho enjoy the liver's of his victims) The father hires men to investigate, but
they are fired due to the fathers pride in his daughter. When the son reports they same things, that
his sister is the one who is killing their cattle, the father disowns his own son.
When the son learns the truth, he returns home to warn his home to warn his parents, to
find that the fox already ate his parents too.
When the brother was next, he tricks the gumiho and drowns her in a river.
In earlier gumiho myths, the gumiho was a benevolent entitiy and sometimes naive.
In Korean myths, the gumiho needed only one millenia to grow nine tails compare to the
9,000 years in Japanese mythology. The gumiho also had the ability to become a true human,
through various ways. The most common is to fast from eating meat for a certain amount of
time. The Gumiho is a popular nine tailed fox from the myths of Korea too. Its name
literally translates as 'fox with nine tails'.
It is believed that an ordinary fox that lives for 1,000 year years will transform into the Gumiho.
As a Gumiho the creature can transform into a most attractive young woman to seduce men.
Once a man is captivated by her beauty and is usually most often defenceless to the Gumihos who will
tear their hear or liver. And sometimes both killing them.
Some say that the Gumiho has to eat the heart of others just to
survive. A Gumiho can also Trnsform into a young woman for up to 1,000 days after which it is
believed that they will starve to death for not eating a liver or heart that they will lose theri evil
composition and remain as human forever. If a human sees the fox transform into a
woman and is ale to keep the secret to themselves for 10 days, then the Gumiho will be
cursed to remain as a human forever. If they do remain a human forever and have children,
the could often pass the Gumiho - Fox to their children and  their
children will inherited their extraordinory powers too.
I found that they have even made a movie in Koren I think it was on the Gumiho fox. I believe it was a love story about a young couple when the young girl is taken by the Gumiho.
It seems to have good reviews and I'll but a link for you all to read a bit about it too.
I found this creature to be very interesteing I hope you Enjoyed the legend of the Gumiho Fox and the Nine-Fox tail too. 

Love You! Your Wendy!
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Happy Mothers Day UK

Happy Mother Day UK-
Wishing all you wonderful Mothers
In the UK an Happy and Glorious Day
on Your Special Day..
In the United Kingdom England!

Happy Mothers Day!
Love You All! Your Wendy!
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Friday, March 28, 2014

AlP-German Elf Creature

Alp is an originated from German folklore and is supposedly an elf-like creature. It is said that these creatures are small and what they will do is climb up on the chest of a sleeping human, turn into mist and
enter the body of that particular human through their nose, mouth or even vagina if it is a woman. They then have the ability to control the persons dreams. They can cause the victim to have nightmares and apparently the victims would wake up breathless.
An alp is typically a male creature, [while its counter-part is called a mara is to appear more feminine of the same creature].  Anyway the alp whom attacks during the night only, controlling the dreams of usually females dreams and while doing so creating quite horrible nightmares in fact. Giving the Alp the name hence 'Elf dream' or in German Alpdrucke - meaning a nightmare. These alp's well attack when the person is asleep. Then it will astride upon a sleeper's chest as she/he is sleeping It will feel like your chest will become heavier until the crushing weight wakens the terrified and breathless dreamer. The victim once awake will be unable to move under the alp's weight. This may have been an early explanation for sleep apnea and sleep
paralysis. as well as night terrors. There are know sexual attacks by the alps too.
Alp in his true form
Besides causing nightmares the alp is often associated with the vampire because this Creatures will often
drink from the nipples of men and women. The women victim is often more preferred by the male Alp because it favors the taste of the breast milk. So pregnant women must beware!
An Alp's Characteristics are best known for its shapeshifing abilities, they are quite similar to that of the wolf-shift to human or werewolf lore. It can even can change into a cat, pig, dog, snake or as small as a white butterfly. The Alp has been said that it can fly like a bird and ride a horse. The alp always wears a hat, giving it an almost comical appearance.
The hat that the Alp wares is known as the Tarnkappe. The translation is 'camouflage cap' or cap of concealment'. I think the last of the two makes more sense of these foul evil little creatures.. Of course this is only my opinion. Anyway this cap give the Alp his magick powers and the ability to turn invisible while it is worn. Like an cloak of invisibility. [I wasn't able to find a image with the creature, with a cap an cloak].
Anyway the hat is visible no mater what shape the Alp takes. Which could be almost anything!
Now if an alp has lost his hat, he will offer a great reward for its safe return, but be warned once he gets it back you could be in great danger even if you gave him the great service of finding it for him.
The Alp Creature Creating the
Mist to his victim . I this case the
Human did wake-up in time!
The True Form of the Alp
The alp also possesses an 'Evil Eye' whose gaze will inflict illness and misfortune. It is said in legend if one can get close to remove or damaged  the alps eye, it can remove the malicious intent within it, but it is almost impossible to do so. There are different ways of Protection against this fouled creatures Alps' including laying a broomstick under a pillow, hang iron horseshoes from your bedpost, placing your shoes against the bed with yur toes pointing toward the doorway and lastly placing a mirror on the chest of chores where you keep your clothes. These are just a few that I found that people would use in the day of the alp. They would also use Steel and crosses too. If you are awoken by the alp and find him sitting there just about to crawl up your chest, one can address him by asking him to return in the morning to borrow something or even to have coffee with him. OK, this does sounded very strange but bare with me; they is more to this tale. Once you have awoke and seen the alp and asked him to have coffee the next morning lets just say; the alp will dash away at once, but true to his word arriving in the next morning either in his 'true' form or 'else' in the form of a human with eyebrows that meet to receive his gifts.
The Alp in digest 
Now the creature can be convinced to leave the victim alone at this time, but the alp will beg pitifully and at great lengths not to be turned away. So the key to this, is to not having to face the creature alp again. So make sure that you plug up any holes, specifically yur keyholes or any other ways of getting into your home by means of shapeshifting into a very small creature like that of a bug. If you do all this before the visitation it should keep the Alp out. Plugging them during a visitation will invariably seal it inside the room, as they can leave only through their original entrance. [ although I didn't get away on how to get ride of the alp once you have them trapped in room, but I am sure there are ways.]. A light kept constantly on during the night will also be very effective to ward off an alp too. A sentry may also be employed to wait and watch for the alp to attack the helpless sleepers, the alp may be driven away if caught by someone not under the alps influence.  I found a way to get ride of them if you trap them in a room in your room, just be very careful to not have eye connect. Alps are said to be weakened or even immobilized by shoving a fresh lemon in its mouth should it be caught resting during the day. The Alp appears all but impossible to kill and sometimes even after being turned away it may reappear years later in a worse mood.
Alps history and origins are in the mountainous regions of Germany and Austria.
The alp in many cases is considered a demon, but there have been some instances in which the alp is
a created from the spirits of recently dead relatives, more akin to a spirit or ghost. Children may become an
alp if a woman bites a horse collar to ease the pain during an extremely long and tortuous childbirth.
also a child born with a caul or hair on the palms may become a Alp.
 If a woman who becomes pregnant is frightened by an animal, the child may be born an alp. Stillborn infants are also suspected to return form the grave as Alps and will torment their family. People who have eyebrows that meet at the middle are suspected to be Alps. As with the case of werewolves too. Sometimes a normal human or animal may become an Alp during the night.
These creatures are typically unaware of their nocturnal activities and are invariably in disguise while doing so. Finding an Alp while it is not active simply requites injuring or otherwise marking it during on of its attacks, and seeking out the being with a similar mark during the day.
Now all of the above activities may or may not be true. It just depends on how much you believe in legend of the Alp Elf Creature and its power. Lots of these legends and Myths are very much true in a sense of time and that time could be the past or present it just depend on what you believe when you read these different posts that I give to you read and decide for yourselves.
I did find a bit more about the Alp that happens which says it is a spirit which can be summoned by a witch,
and other ways of summoning the demon or evil spirit out of the Alp. But in my opinion these Alp creatures that I have discovered are quite the nasty and foul creatures. And in my opinion Witches are good are good people. And I really don't see them dealing with something like this creature.  I myself don't practic the pagan  religion but I do believe in there ways of being a very peaseful and loveing group of women who are very wise when it comes to earth and herbs and so much more.
When I first started his post I didn't realize how much the alp german creature was more of an evil demon creature which i really didn't plan on doing any on my post but i got thinking they are good /Bad faires and dragons too. so i guess I have to do both to show the balance of mother Earth.
I hope that you find the post at least interesting..
Your Wendy always with love!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wood Sprite Creature

Wood Sprite Creature-
Wood sprite's or for that matter all types of Sprite creatures is a generic term for an Elf, Fairy,
Gnome or even a Goblin in some cases. Sprites are all small beings that are usually mischievous by nature.
They like to play around and torment butterflies or any other small insects that are smaller that them. They usually don't bother bees because they bite back. Sprites each have their own specific habitat of a wood,
forest, marshlands, lakes or other types of water based land. These habitats are quiet and very serene
environments. They have important job these tiny creatures too. Even so small they are very important to our delicate balance to Nature.  These jobs are in helping the changes of the seasons such as changing the colours of the leaves to orange and yellow and to green for the spring. They are benign that that seems unless but very important to the balance to Nature and are becoming threatened as are many of our Magick Creatures are in the 21th century.
A sprite is a kinda like a fairy, but much smaller. The word Sprite comes from the Latin word spiritus or spirit which once meant 'soul' or ghost'.  Sprites are used in most every Cultures' folktale. They love either the woods or the water. If you are so lucky to see one, you must be very still and quite, for they love the most serene and cool place in the world. Besides playing with or tormented butterflies (note the butterflies really don't mind, the Sprites don't really hurt them), they also love to play with nymphs too. Sprites are very
creative creatures. They are muses, artists and poets too. Some are the most creative even then some of the fairies. Sprites sometimes will marry a human or even a elf and stay with them their whole lives. This is only if they have decide to make that magick bond. Besides being caretakers of nature, they are supernatural creatures - who can be either elf, fairies and even ghost like too. They all have different  appearance. Some sprites have green completion and wings. Others look very much like small fairy's or elf's. You must remember these creatures are by nature mischievous and love to play tricks on humans. They know the ways of the Supernature magick world too. So I would use caution if you do come across one too.
Your Wendy! 

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The images below are different interpretations
Of the FAIRY Art. All are in the forms of either 
paintings, Animation art, photographic - photoshop, digital painting,
and other Media.
Many of the are from Talented Artist. Thank you to all the Talented 
Artist, who have created all these beautiful images, for all of US! ENJOY...  
Love YOU All!! Your Wendy:o)

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