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Friday, September 26, 2014


Mother trying to retrieve her baby
from the Changelings 
She never had so sweet a changeling;
And jealous Oberon would have the child
knight of his train, to trace the forest wild;
But she perforce witholds the loved boy,
Crowns him with flowers and makes him 
all her joy;
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

For today's post I'm going to bring you through the tale and legend of the Changelings...
Changeling Infant
It seems that the tale of the Changelings started in Europe, Ireland and I think Scotland too? And from what I understand from the legend of the Changeling is that 'You should never! leave your newborn baby alone even for a instant.' From what I have learn of the legend of the Changeling is, if an mother of any part of the world turns their back on their new born sleeping in their cribs, for just a few seconds they will not find their precious baby in the crib, but a different baby much different and sometimes sickly and ugly too. They could also be misshaped and often even elderly looking too - 'Fairy Child - Changelings'. There are other accounts when the human mothers find these fairy baby's dead in their cribs; badly shaped log or even a block of white/brown or black wax with a baby blanket on it.
While all this is happening, the tiny mortal baby has been spirited away by the Faeries, Elves, Trolls & other underground Fae creatures. Of course there is the most notorious of all child abductors and that would be, Titania Queen of the Fairies. The risk of an changeling coming into your home are particularly strong during the first three days of your baby's life. [This is when a human infant must be watched day & night 24-7hours a day]. And to a lesser degree for the first six weeks of the human baby's life. It is said that the human infant isn't safe at all until it is baptized or the church baptism. Another way to protect your infant is you must always have a burning light/candle near them, even in broad daylight. Why? because the underground Fae creatures are afraid of the light!
Human Mother with her Changeling infant
There are other tales of Changelings that I found ~ A bit on the grisly side than the others I though in my opinion. In Germany the changelings are quite sickly, wizened, they are commonly known to have shrunken legs and a abnormally large head for a baby. Plus these changeling Fae baby's will never gain the power of speech or displaying frighting precocious language skills. There's more! The changeling baby will also howl incessantly and feed ravenously; meaning these Fae babies will suckle so greedily says one tale that they will
empty the human mother of breast milk and move onto the nurse maids - up to five to satisfy the changeling hunger. A Scottish tale is a bit more grisly. In Scotland a changeling if hungry for the human mother's milk it would bite and tare the human mothers breast so insatiable for its hunger that the mother would bleed from its suckling so hard. It seems that these Fairy Changelings would in turn make most of their human mothers bleed at every feeding and after most would howl inhumanly day and nightly, so these changelings were a threat to the entree human family and their existence too. Another interesting note about these infant changelings is that they never grow-up! So Changeling the baby of the Fae interesting! Well now I thought I would put my opinion on this legend... I am sure that 110% of the legend is true, but I can't believe that all the baby infants of the Fae, meaning the fairies,Elves,Pixes, dwarfs, and all the different races of the elves and faeries too would have these grisly 'Fairy Infants' that they would give-up for a Human Infant! I could see this in the trolls, and other unearthly creatures that live in the darkest deepest caves but then again not all still would give up their Fae Baby's. Like the Drows and the Dark Elves! They too are a very proud race of Elves. So of course there were some that did steal human baby's for their own and then put their changeling Fae baby's in return. But in my opinion it wasn't always the case.
Bridget Cleary & Michael Cheary 
I did find a case that was documented that you might find interesting. On the bottom of these post is the two links too the storeys that I found...
The Story that I found was about an Irish woman by the name of Bridget Cleary.  Briefly the tale of Bridget was about a young Irish woman that was killed by her husband for peculiar reasons. The motive of her husband was, he believed that his wife had been abducted by faeries and left a changeling fae in her place. He had claimed to have killed only the changeling not his wife. It stated that Bridget was burned to death alive. Bridget was born around the year 1870 in Ballyvadlea in Ireland. She had married Michael Cheary in August of 1887 and  the couple had met in a small town of Ireland called Clonmel in August of 1887 where he had worked as a cooper and she served as a dressmakers apprentice.  After the two love birds married, she had returned to her hometown of Ballyvadlea to live with her parents, while Micheal continued to work as a cooper in the town of Clonmel Ireland. Note it didn't really say why they lived apart in their first part of their marriage, but maybe that's how they did things in those days? Anyways, during those days apart, Bridget became more independent by keeping her own flock of chickens and even selling eggs to her neighbours for a little income. Of course this was somewhat unusual for that era and the location in Ireland, being a professional woman. It seems that Bridget even obtained a sewing machine and was well known as a dressmaker and hat-maker too. The couple seemed to have been married eight years and had no children by the time of Bridget's grisly death. And it doesn't say how long they were apart in their marriage either too. It seemed that  the after most of the family members had died  no know wanted to live at the house where Bridget once had lived. Why? Well because it was on the site of a fairy ring of course. Do you want more to this tale? Well I have more..Bridget was reported missing in March of 1895. Appallingly she had been ill for several days, although her specific diagnosis was never discovered. It seems that here mysterious illness lasted for more than a week and than March 13, 1895 - a doctor came to call her at her home. It seems that Bridget condition was considered sufficiently worst, so bad that they had a priest stop by the next day to administer her last rites. Now this is very odd to me what could have made her so sick? So I guess several of her friends and her family came by to see Bridget over the next couple of days thinking it was her last days before she was before she would die. There were a few home remedies that were used hoping to safe her from dieing, but of course things got weird. Instead of being sad of the last rites from the priest and seeing their daughter and wife peacefully slip away into the divine heavenly way.. No didn't happen that way Bridget's father and her husband Michael accused her of being a Changeling sent to take over Bridget's body. Why? Well these were some of their reasons; She was in her very ill condition mind you! Carried before the fireplace to cast-out the Changeling and Urine was thrown on her. These were only two weird things that I could find that her FATHER & HUSBAND HAD DONE TO HERE IN HER VERY VERY ILL STATE OF MIND, SOUL AND SEEMS CLOSE TO DEATH.
Then on March 16, the small town in which she had lived was beginning to wonder what happened to Bridget even the local police began looking for her. Of course her husband still hold to his guns claiming that his wife was taken be the faeries, and he appeared to be vigil about his statement, but we all know what happen don't we. Because on March 22, Even with the witness statement that were gathered over the week before - Bridget Cleary's burnt copse was finally found in a shallow grave on March 22. And there were 9people evolved and charged in her death and disappearance; which included her husband Micheal. She had died a painful death by burning to death by the hands of nine NINE!!!PEOPLE... Well I have had about enough of this. I just can't believe that 10people would do such a thing... Don't people believe in the good faeries what is happening here? Anyway there it is if you want to read more the links are on the bottom of the page. I will be including some images of bothe the happy and not so happy legend of Changeling

I hope that you found this legend and storey intersting..
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