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Friday, October 17, 2014

Winged Elves-

Winged Elves-
Winged Elves/Avariels
For today's Post I thought I would bring you back to the World of the Elves. I have Always
loved this subject and Its seems when I have done posts on the World of the Elves in the past You all have Enjoyed them. I had a look back to see which of the  races of the elves that I have already written about and it seems I have done; The Wild Elves, Fire Elves, High Elves, Shadow Elves, Shur-Drows, Silver Elves, Snow Elves, Star Elves, Sun Elves, Unuri Elves, Moon Elves and Drows. So for today I am going to bring you into the World of the Avariels/Winged Elves. These Winged Elves were the most recursive and least numerous of all their  Elfin races in Ancient times. Some have thought they were long gone centuries ago. However,  small groups of the winged elves still dwell in their cities amongst the clouds floating in remote regions of Earth and parallel world between our world. The more that I research about these beautiful Winged Elves/Avariels the more I learned how dangerously
close they had came to extinction centuries ago and it has taken them thousands of years to recover to the point where they don't have to worry about that fate every again about their Elfin race again. After looking into their history it seems within this century that the Winged Elves began venturing back our Earth by sending scouts from their world. It seems that among the clouds high in the sky's these Avariels Elves have evolved again from their world into ours in their high kingdom's in the sky's scattered about probably in the high mountain rages to for protection. These Winged Elves exist even now in modern day only because of their wit and because of the small groups that are no more that 12 if that in a kingdom in the sky's. Also they almost always avoid any contact with civilization areas of the humans of today too. Today as to where the Winged Elves live, they were though to be gone like the sands of time. I also discovered that these beautiful Winged Elves were forced from their homes of the sky's to all corners of the worlds -parallel worlds ages ago by ancient dragon evil dragon and also hunted by non-elfin evil folks that wanted their magick. It seemed that even some of their own race felt that their were too superior for their Elfin race cousins of the land-bond races elves so this could be another reason they took to the sky's.
The Winged Elves/Avariels 
These Avariels/Winged Elves are a very free spirited race of elves and would like nothing better that to simply soar the on the currents winds of the sky's above the mountains and oceans below. They love to spread their almost always very large beautiful wings and soar above the couds just before the space/earth. As Elves they can go into space if they wanted too because it is much like their home land. However, they love the views of our earth or at least the beautiful parts. These Elves love life, even in their darkest hour of times over the centuries that they have endured. These were as most of the Elves had their Dark and desperate times, but for the Winged Elves they always seem to find  away to  remain cheerful even in their darkest hours in all the centuries of their race. As to their Culture it seems that even though they are quite friendly to their equals being other groups of winged elves.
Princess Winged Elf in her
Sky floating Crystal Castle
However it seems that they aren't so much to their cousin race elfin that are land-bound which they tend to be very rude it is said. These Winged Elves live today in what is known as the
Avariel Sky Castles. These are floating crystal and solid-cloud citaded kingdoms, which are hidden atop the most remote peaks of Mountains around the world. And their own World too.
If one was to ever try to find the exact location of the Sky Castle of the Winged Elves/Avariels, it would be a lost cause. You see the location of the Sky Castle is a closely guarded secret and only a few of the highest ranking Winged Elves know of its locations. This is another one of their secrets of their Sky Castle, it moves on a regularly basis's. And it has been doing this for centuries to safe-guarded its locations from humans and the land-elfin race too.
Like every Elfin race even the winged elves have their own form of culture and society too. For the Winged Elfie's it seems that they have 2 groups within their society in the sky Castle. There is the; 1-fighters/soldiers/ 2- thinkers and scholars. As for the Winged Elves in Wartime times, this was a hard one to find, however I did find some history on their complex code and honor of war. In the possibility of War, they do spend a good amount of their lives defending
Female Winged Elf At War
their kin by learning special military training high up in the sky. It seems which I would never have guessed with the Winged Elves that they have geared most of their lives for war and power as well as sharing the responsibilities for ruling the society with their religious leaders. To live in a peaceful kingdom up in the Clouded Cities .. They seem to be a very proud people, Yet they will do what they have to do to protect their culture and way of live. Winged Elves growing up in these communities, have to earn/learn the respect and trust from their elders. Which isn't far off .. Because I have read this in many of the Elfin Cultures/Societies of the land-elves too. And it all is about the same rules. How what do these beautiful Elfin Winged Elves do during peaceful times, which is most of their days? This is the part that I think that you all will find most interesting.. The Winged Elves during these times will relax in their Crystal Castles high in the Clouds to focus on the Arts, elfs, on to getting older to what they're purpose is in the society of the winged elves is: It kinda goes like this-
Male Winged Elf Wizard powerful Magick
intellectual abilities and their most powerful magic. They have many artists philosophers and even their own researchers that go around the worlds to gather history to help their own ways of live. How as far as their culture and how they teach their young winged
It seems that they teach the young winged elfs first - the learning of warriors and priests. This may last for a couple decades or longer before they are allowed to learn the next skill. When ready they are taught the tradition of vigilance and skill of arms of war with a joyous reverence for the sheer peaks and open skies of their homelands. After all their traing most winged elfs will become fighters, rangers, or wizards.  The Study of Wizardry is lastly which is a divine study which all excel in the power magick .
As for the appearance of these winged Elves they are quite beautiful. I think what is most striking about these Elves is their beautiful very soft feathery wings! These wings have spans of anywhere form 12f to 16feet in weight and are usually white, however this is not always the case. As you see they can be gray, brown, black and also different colors too! like blues, purples, pinks, reds, yellows, golds and much more.... As You will see with the images that I Elfs took great care and pride in the grooming of their wings too.  Their skin is a pale almost porcelain white with tinges of blue or faint silver tones. They have silver-white or black hair, however there are others that have other shades of hair colors too which isn't heard off. As for the Wing Elf eyes they are rather large and much more expressive than their cousin kin land-Elfin and are  much more brilliant of in color of either blue/green. There are a few that have a violet eye color and these are said to be the pure Winded Elfs.
Winged Elf
am going to included in this post... I also discovered that the Winged
Couple Winged Elves
These Elfs usually stand about 5'9" tall and are thin, with graceful limbs and a angular facial features. It seems that the Winged Elves are one of the most beautiful and more striking of the Elfin races. I think I have meant this before how the winged Elfs have been said to be more delicate in their body than their land-Elfs cousins. There is a reason for this - And that is for the flying movements which are very quick, calculating and very graceful too. They have to be much more lighter than their cousins elfs too, because of this. And they ware much more delicate clothing/which is also quite loose fitting that will catch the wind in fight. As for their Armor the only time that it is worn is during war times because of its weight and how it will hinder their flight. However, the Winged Elves that have been trained in this armor probably wouldn't have any problem with the armor. I found that these Elfs love the giant Eagles and are great friends with them. Most of these Winged Elves stay with their own kind, however like all races there are always a few that may true to the dark side. And like any race this has happened even with the Winged Elves too. I hope that you all Enjoyed this 

land-post on the Winged Elves. I found them to be quite beautiful and strong myself.
I hope to do another Elfin race very soon....
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