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Friday, March 6, 2015

Yallery Brown Faery of England~

Yallery Brown Faery of England~
Yallery Brown Faery 
For this Evening's Post, I thought I would bring you another Faery 
from England called the Yallery Brown Faery. These faery's got their names because they are mostly a malicious faerie in England. The appearance of these Yallery Male faery's are, of the size of a year old child. They are said to be extremely ugly and wrinkly, with long hair and a beard hence that they are male faeries. According to the legend, in England lore, a farm worker by the name of Tom Tiver heard a baby's cry from beneath a large rock. Upon lifting the rock, Tom Tiver discovered the Yallery Brown Faery who was caught and tangled under this rock by his long hair and beard. As payment, for helping him as the legend goes, the Yallery Brown agreed to help Tom with his farm work. So after the farmer help untangled he Yallery Brown faery which has also been described as a goblin with long golden hair. That would also would play his evil tricks on the farmer too.
Sleeping Yallery Brown Faery
 Well the tale goes the Yallery Brown/Goblin with long golden hair and a beard agreed to help Tom Tiver with his farm work, but warned never to thank him for the help on, the farmer or it would cease. 
So every day, when Tom Tiver the Farmer would go to his farm, he would discover that his work was already done. The Farmer also discovered that the work of all the other farmers had been destroyed at the same time, so he went to his Yallery Brown and kindly thanked him for his help, but he would prefer to do his own work on his farmer from now on. Well that was the biggest mistake the
Farmer Tom Tiver could have ever done. Remember  early in the post I had told you that these Yallery Brown Faery's are   malicious fairies in England. The Faery had warned the Farmer to never,  thank him for his help or there would be trouble. This is something in which the farmer didn't know about this malicious Yallery Brown Faery's.
So instead of being dismissed, the Yallery, stayed on, causing Tom Tiver bad fortune for the rest of his years. He would also play his evil tricks on Tom Tiver and the farmers in the surrounding area's. 
These Yallery Brown Faery's would even curse the local farmers and make his work useless. You can argue both sides with these bogles, They are usually very evil, but only mean to the wrongdoers - Liars, Murderers others...  They say these Mischievous - malicious fairy - like nature spirit are from an old Lincolnshire folktale in England.
Upon finding this fairy that was trapped under a flat stone, the creature was like a ragged little man with yellow-brown skin, the colour of dark mustard and long yellow hair and a beard in some cases. In some case the creature begged to be freed from the stone others he deceived others with the cry of a baby. That is how these Faery's are able to trick humans to take pity upon them. By promising the wishes. The story goes that he grants the human farmer help with his daily chores being shy faery. So the Yallery-Brown clapped his hands and all would be done. But warned never to thanked or dire consequences would follow.
Well problems did come, people would see things happen do all by their selfs like the sweeping of the broom all by its self. So after many days people would whisper that the farmer was a witch or warlock. 
So Tom the farmer began to worry that he would be labeled and they would come after him. And that is how he became cursed by the Yallery Brown Faery.
Before the little man vanished the words that he spoke were;
'Wokk's tha will,
tha'll nivver do well,
Wokk's tha mowt,
tha'll nivver gain owt,
For harm an' mischance an 'Yallery-Bro-wun,
Tha's let out theesen form unner the sto-wun!"
"Work as you will,
you'll never do well, 
Work as you might, 
you'll never get anything,
For harm and mischance and Yallery-Brown,
You've let out yourself from under the stone!

hope that you all Enjoyed the tale of the
Yallery Brown Faery of England
I love you all very much my dear
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