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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Huldra~

The Huldra~
The Huldra is said to be many different Legends/Myths the first one that I came across is the beautiful human looking troll from Norse folklore. These female Huldra trolls usually have long blonde hair and some were a crow feather around their body as flowers. The only thing that separates her from humans is the tail of a cow which is why most men flee when they see her. 
She was known to seduce young unmarried men and take them into the thick mountains, where she wouldn't let them go unless they would marry her.
However, if a man did marry her in a church - In the name of God as the tales were told, she would then suddenly turn into a ugly woman,but return she would and gain the strength of ten men if not more.  She would lose her tail too. 

Another Tale of this same Female Huldra Troll~
It is said that the Huldra is much smaller than that of the Jaette Troll. The

Huldra trolls are usually very beautiful blonde women and often
naked, most of the time. They look very human like - The only thing  that would show that they are a Magick Creature or Troll is their tail which they will hide. These beautiful women troll - like humans will use the environment of nature in which they live and protect to make clothes to hide their tails. So that they can lure men as a human female. 
Their species have been known to untreated human males by their beautiful voices and their love appearance too.
Sometimes even naked to do their bidding or simply as mates or pets.
These Huldras will hold the poor males under a spell for many
many years. Sometimes males are released or some manage to escape and they can be often found wandering in the deep wildness, not remembering what had happened to them or the time that has laps by.If you are adventurous and want to hear the huldra's song, then you need to travel to a place called  Myrdal, located nearby Voss in western Norway. Then take the Flamsbana railway train. Remember to fasten yourself to a rope to the train, because somewhere in the
middle of your travels down the emerald waters of Sognefjord you will hear the song of the Huldra or even get a glimpse of one of these naked beauty's who will be calling upon you to come them. And you won't be able to stop yourself.. Sometimes the rope don't even save you.

In the legends of the Scandinavia, there is another type of
Huldra called
a Slattenpat or a Jotun Huldra troll. It was also called the Wild Hunt for these female trollkin. These Huldra Trolls are not beautiful human-like, in the above  described, of  the first legend of these Magick Creatures Trolls. The Slattenpat Trolls are best described as massive in size, hideous looks, with breasts so long and shaggy that she slings them over her shoulder to run faster. She has large pointed ears, brown spots all over her body, quite hairy all over and two horns protruding from her forehead.

Another Type of  Huldra; is the Scandinavian Elf Huldra. These Magick Creatures inhabit the Woods, Bogs and Hills. They are also known as

Skogsra mainly in Sweden and Ellefolk -Danish. These
Huldra's are young women and are described as stunning and very beautiful. Almost to strikingly beautiful, but they have a hollow-tree  trunks as their backs. Inside their hollow-tree trunk back is where twigs, dead leaves of even worms and maggots might live. You can even see the skeleton spinal cord right through their backs. This would make sense to me, why they are the Elfin Huldra; I believe that no other Creature could live with an opening like that.. Of course, this is only my opinion  These I believe these are the most beautiful of all the Huldra trolls..  
It is also said that these Elfin Huldras seduce and enthrall men with their dance. There are legends of men joining these beautiful Elfin Hudras in dance, then losing their sense of time [this could be a day; two a year; two hundred years] And the dance is death. Being that they are Elves and of the Fae World; they always leave a faiy-rings of mushrooms growing wherever they have danced.

Finally the last Huldra that I found Is a Humanoid with fox ears and fox tails, and sometimes Not always as the legends goes, their backs can resemble an old tree bark. Now this could be either hollow or not. She too is the Keeper and Protector of the Woods and Forests. As all beautiful Huldra's, the Fox Huldra will lure men out into the forest just as the others.. I found this one fascinating. I hope you all do to my Dears.
I found it interesting that there were many different types of this Magick Creature if you will. 
I hope all is well with all of you much love -ooooo)
Your Wendy 

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