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Friday, April 17, 2015


Tree nymphs whose life is bound to many different 
kinda of trees~mostly Oaks & Hawthorne. These tree nymphs
are called either Hamadryads or Dryads.
The Hamadryads are bound to the tree, whose life they
share with the tree. In Greek Mythology times these
Hamadryads Trees Nymphs would be an, beautiful
female at the upper part of the Oak tree or Hawthorne, while
the lower would usually be the trunks and roots of the tree that

bound them into the earth.
So if there were ever a fire, the tree was damaged by illness or 
even cut down, the tree nymph~hamadryad would die with the tree. 

These are the guardians and the tree spirits of the trees
in both Greek Mythic Times and Modern times too.
The Dryads are able to leave their tree and wonder or dance
in the groves of the forest near by their tree. They are often
described as companions to the Moon Goddess Artemis
and they will also sometimes accompany the God of Wine Dionysus.
These Tree Dryads Nymphs are considered unlucky to see them
or to remain in their company.

Why? because they are very bewitching and luring 
nymphs. Also, they are very protective of the forest.
 I have a poem for you all called...
Twisting, twined, tangled & tumbling towards the 
yearning skies,
Like lovers locked in a long embrace, their

leaves draw rustling sighs as hundreds
of thousands of years have marked their journey on the rings

that have spiraled out from the mingled heartwood in the 
song that they sing.
Dryad, allow your spindly arms to embrace,
crystal pearls
A lovely, frighted maiden rests
guard her with twisted curls ,
soothing mists with twisted creats
recall lost fleet of spawn;
the winged race, reptilians pests sing, lullaby's into dawn.
Time soon forgets, the hour swirls
upon a shimmering lawn
Freckled by mushrooms of the rainbow hiding till
all mortals faces are gone.
I hope that You all like the poem and 
post of the Hamadryads~dryads I love you all
very much my dear friends and followers 

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