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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Spatuletail Hummingbird of Peru-

A Marvelous Hummingbird-
The spatuletail hummingbird is among the rarest and most 

striking of the hummingbirds.
These hummingbirds live in just a few locations in Peru, and are
Unusually not just because of its rarity, but also because of their
Extreme mating behaviors during these times of breeding.
Unusually among these hummingbirds, the bird has just four tail feathers.
The males, have two of these feathers and grows three to four times the bird's size on each end in a large violet-blue like disc or spatula if you will;
In an amazing display, the male hummingbird then will advertise its

qualities as a mate to a female by hovering in front of her while
furiously waving his feather spatula's about in front of the female hummingbird.  
As part of his dance for the female dance for the mating, he'll jump 
backward and forwards in the air over a branch, and then make a 

snapping sound in the air. It was thought that these male Spatuletail
Hummingbirds actually snapped those spatule feather discs together
to generate the sound.
The are are called the Marvelous Spatuletail hummingbird or Loddigesia mirabilis, the hummingirds are very unique in that they sport just four fail feathers. 
The mini-males -just three inches long to make up for their size with that tail  of feathers that extend to twice the length of their bodies. 

Two of the feathers are tipped with "spatulas' that glow an
iridescent purple.
An estimated 250 to 1,000 of these hummingbirds remain in the in the wild and the population is declining, according to BIRD-LIFE-INTERNATION-
Deforestation of the mountain slopes where these hummingbirds live and conversion of remaining forest habitat to cash crops are major threats to these beautiful hummingbirds- 

It is said that an agreement was made to help these amazing hummingbirds meanings that some land was set aside for the birds,
so there is some hope. I hope that you all will Enjoy the two most beautiful video's that seem to beable to stay on my blog. they will show you even more about these wonderful and very rare hummingbirds and the fact that they are endangerd species too. I hope that now that I have the images back you will enjoy the post even more my dear Friends and Followers love you all so very much...YOur Wendy.. love and Joy to you all.-ooo)

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