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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Porcelain Doll

Porcelain Doll~

It would seem that humans love a good scary story and ones about cursed dolls are the most common of them all. There is two that I have done over the years (AnneBelle the Haunted Doll; The Japanses Haunted Doll two you all can have a look and you will find that they are just as creepy as the Porcelain Doll.
Well it would seem that unfortunately, the folks that came in contact with this Porcelain Doll, had accidentally triggered some kinda course for which there is really no real explanation. As for the
AnneBelle Haunted Doll & the Japanses Haunted Doll too! Well, it would seem that Orange County California has the norm to set horror films it would seem. I haven't lived in the sunshine state in over 20+ years so I don't remember that being the norm when I lived in the area of Riverside Ca. which wasn't that far from Orange County. However this tale of the Sinister Porcelain Doll comes from the good people of San Clemente residents when they started to notice porcelain dolls appearing on their doorsteps for no apparent reason.
It would seem that the most terrifying part was not the dated period clothing, but the soulless eyes that were on the dolls or even the fact that some of the residents noticed a passing resemblance between the dolls and their daughters. This of course scared them even more. Also the appearance of the dolls was totally random where they would end-up on the folks porches in the town. It would also would span over a large area and in multiple neighborhoods over the course of a week. They people of the neighborhoods were left no notes or clues only a vague feeling that something terrifying was about to happen. The neighborhood had narrowed it down to a Restless 19th century ghost...or at least they thought so.. So at that point they began to call the police before they minds got running to fast with scary idea's. Well, as I read on you will find this isn't what you might think. it isn't as bad as my two above 'AnneBelle haunted Doll and the Japanese Haunted doll. So after some top-notch detective work, the police announced that their search had lead to the culprit; who was a sweet innocent old woman who went to church with many of them on Sunday morning. Wes Craven himself could not have scripted a creepier setup.

Fortunately the dolls were not an omen of death so much as they were an omen of Old Lady trying to Interact with her Neighbors. The police found that the dolls were being dropped off out of goodwill and that the woman intended it as a kind gesture, and it seems she hadn't seen enough horror films to realize the terrifying nature of magically appearing porcelain dolls. So the neighbors hope that next time she will stick to bake goods the next time she wants to do something nice for the neighborhood.
I hope you enjoyed this one it wasn't as scary as you might have thought it was just a nice story hehehe. love you all and have a lovely evening
Your friend always

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